The Easter Egg Heist

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A curious and chatty owl, and a very hurried Easter Bunny, lend themselves to this children's Easter story.

Submitted: April 08, 2017

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Submitted: April 08, 2017




"Whooo are you," said the Owl to the stalking figure that was hopping along the underbrush.

"Shush, you may wake the children in the house," said the long eared stealthy figure. The figure was crossing the freshly mowed grass at the Baxter house.

"You are the Easter Bunny, I bet. My excellent night vision has seen that basket of colored eggs that you have with you.

Hum, I am kind of hungry. Can I have one?"

"No, these eggs are for the children and I do not give a Hoot if you are hungry or not." said the bunny, "Besides, if I gave one of these eggs to everyone who asked for one, well, I would not have any left. --- Would I?

Now leave me alone so I can concentrate on placing these eggs all around the yard."

The Owl replied, "Whooo is going to help you? This a very big yard and you do not have a lot of time before sun-up.

"I do not need help. Haven't you heard how fast Easter Bunnies are?

"Not really, how fast are. ... Hay where did you go?" questioned the Owl

"I am over here, on the other side of the garden," the bunny said as it chuckled to itself.

The Owl swooped from the nest and glided down to the top of the small wishing well that was standing between the flowers.

"Here you are, Mr. Bunny, on the other side of the garden. You are very fast," said the Owl.

"OK, now that you have seen how fast I am and that I do not need help with the eggs, please go away so I can finish what I am doing," the bunny remarked with a grumpy sound in his voice.

Owl replied, "Well, I am not one to split hairs so I guess I will just silently fly back up into the tree and watch quietly for a while. Is that alright with you?

"Oh yes, that would be wonderful. And please do not talk to me again until I am finished, if you do not mind. I have serious business to attend to," said the busy Mr. Bunny.

After a time the eggs were all placed in the yard and ready for the children to search for them. And, as always, the Easter Bunny made a last minute check before he left the area.

"Hay, where did my eggs go?" the Easter Bunny questioned.

"Are you talking to me?" Owl asked. "I'm not supposed to talk to you until you are all finished."

"Yes, I am talking to you Mr. Owl."

The Owl asked, "What is the matter, did you lose something?"

"My eggs, they are all gone! Did you take them?"

"I am an honorable Owl. I would not take your eggs no matter how good they look."

Then the Easter Bunny asked, "Well then, where did they go?

"I might know, but then again I might not feel like talking to a rude and uppity bunny. I might just keep that information to myself," replied the Owl.

Bunny replied, "I was not being rude, I was in a hurry. Now, do you know where my eggs went or not?

"I am a Owl, so it goes without saying that my excellent hearing detected someone following you around the yard as you hid each egg; and my perfect night vision allowed me to see who it was that was taking your eggs; so the answer for your question is yes, I know who took the eggs.

"Well who was it, Owl, who took my eggs?

The Owl replied, "You have been so rude to me that I do not think that I want to tell you. So just put that in your Easter Bonnet and see how it fits.

"I am sorry," said the bunny, "I was not trying to be rude.

Will you at least tell me what your favorite colors are?"

The Owl looked surprised and then answered, "What kind of Hare-brained question is that?"

"Oh, I was just wondering," replied the Easter Bunny.

"They are Blue and Red," the Owl said, "if you really must know.

Then the Bunny said, "I will give you a blue and red egg if you tell me who took my eggs. So what do you say, is it a deal?"

The Owl thought for a moment and replied, "I would like a blue egg and a red egg, two eggs."

"You drive a hard bargain Mr. Owl, but you have a deal for two eggs, one red and one blue."

Well, the Owl told the Easter Bunny what he wanted to know, "The Ground Squirrel took the eggs and hid them under that pile of dried leaves over by the Ficus Tree.

Then she ran back to her hole to hide when she saw me watching her."

"And where is her hole at, Mr. Owl?"

"Right under the little wishing well, in the flower garden."

The Easter Bunny hopped over to the Squirrel hole and sprinkled sparking dust on the hole, and then he took the eggs from the pile of leaves and put them back in the yard at lightning speed.

"What did you sprinkle on the Squirrel hole?" questioned the Owl.

"It is sleeping dust, little miss egg stealer, the squirrel, will sleep all day. She will not be taking my eggs again today, and by the time she wakes up the children will have found them all," the bunny said as he laughed a little.

"Did you remember to save me a blue egg and a red one?" asked the Owl.

"Yes I did, they are in your Owl's nest."

"Why, they are in my nest, but I never saw you come up into my tree."

The Easter Bunny started to reply, "That is because ...

"I know," replied the Owl, "because you are a really fast bunny. ... Hay, where did you go?"



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