Human (Revised)

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Two angels complain to a human about her failure to install basic morality into the animals, mostly a rabbit.

Submitted: April 08, 2017

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Submitted: April 08, 2017





Once there were two Angels playing a friendly game of catch in the now legendary ‘First forest.’ The age and height differences between the two Angels made it easy to tell the kind of relationship they shared with each other. The tallest one was clearly much older, probably in his late thirties. He was a well-groomed male with short, thick, brown hair and a short beard. As for the shorter Angel, he was a child version of his father, clearly his son. He had short, brown hair that seemed to be styled in the fashion of a bowl flipped upside down. Attire wise, both Angels wore a long, white cloth that stopped near their knees.

The red plastic ball they used for their game repeatedly past through the open space between the two many times without hitting the ground. However, like almost everything that uses repetition it wasn’t meant to go forever.  After thirty, successful passes to his son, the father final made a miss pass. The ball went over the young Angels bowl shaped head, landing a few paces away.

 “Sorry,” Apologized the father, “I threw it a little too far.”

 After accepting his father’s apology, the little Angel went after the ball.

 As the young Angel approached the ball, a fluffy white rabbit jumped between him and the ball. Forgetting about the ball for a moment, the young Angel grabbed, lifted, and stroked its fur. After about twenty-seconds of focusing his attention on the rabbit, the young Angel remembered the small red ball in front of him. He gently sat the rabbit down before going for the ball again. However, before he could retrieve it the rabbit he held in his arms moments ago, jumped quickly in front of him, grabbed the ball and hopped away, like a robber trying to escape the scene of a crime.

 The father, who watched the events from afar, ran over to his son.

 “It stole our ball” The young Angel yelled repeatedly.

“I know son. I saw it happen.”

 “Why did it steal our ball?” asked the young Angel.

“I don’t know”, replied the older Angel. “However, we should report it to a human: it’s their responsibility.”

 “They must have forgotten to train that rabbit, said the son.

 “I saw a human nearing the lake earlier today” said the father.

 “I saw it too” said the son. “I think it was female.”

  “It doesn’t matter its gender, we can still complaint to the humans for not training that rabbit properly.”

“I know we can,” replied the young angel. “I just wanted to say I remembered it’s gender.”

 The two Angels power walked (speed walked) towards the lake, hoping the human hadn’t left yet. They walked for around half an hour past familiar trees, shrubs and routes until they arrived at an isolated lake where they hoped to see the human they had spotted earlier that day. As they looked down at the lake they spotted a human child swimming in it.

“Hello!” yelled the young Angel from the bank above the lake.

Hi!” the Human child yelled back. Of course, if she could avoid yelling at beings such as Angels she would.

“We need your help.”

“With what?”

“A rabbit stole our ball and hopped away!”

Shocked by what she’d was being told the girl made her way to shore on the other side of the lake; she then waited for the Angels to make their way around to her.

Before asking the Angels to repeat the events to her, she honored them with a graceful bow, like the ballerina those after giving a wonderful performance.

“A rabbit stole your ball? Why would it do that?”

The two Angels told the girl what happened in great detail: the location they were in, the size and color of the rabbit, and even the size and color of the ball it had stolen. Hearing the details made the girl very distressed, for animals are the sole responsibility of the Humans and ever thing they do reflect poorly on them. “Have we not taught the rabbits not to steal,” she thought to herself. The girl accompanied the two Angels back to the scene of the crime.

 Once there, the girl made a loud, strange sound with her mouth. She only did these for about five seconds. A few minutes later, a crowd of different colored rabbits surrounded the girl and Angels. Before all the rabbits could arrive, the girl began to speak:

 “Who stole a little red ball from the Angels?”  Asked the girl in a calm tone. (of course, she spoke in rabbit tongue).

One little white rabbit hopped forward and replied, “I took the red ball from them. It reminded me of the ball you use to play with us with.”

“Ours was blue you dummy!” shouted the girl. “Now, bring it here before I get really angry.”

The little white rabbit quickly hopped away to retrieve the ball it had stolen earlier.

Less than five minutes later, the rabbit returned with the ball in its mouth. It dropped it in front of the girl. “sorry,” said the rabbit hoping she would no longer be angry. However, she still looked very sour.

“Dumb rabbit, I should throw you in a fire for stealing it.”

“Why don’t you play catch with us any more, like you use to.” Whined the rabbit.

“I don’t have time to play catch with you rabbits anymore. I’ve got better things to do with my time, like paint my toe nails.”

The girl picked up the ball, turned to the younger angel and placed the ball in his hand.

“I’m sorry for all the trouble that rabbit caused you,” said the girl.

“Don’t worry we don’t blame the rabbit,” said the older angel. “We blame you.”

“Me! What did I do?” Asked the girl.

Both angels left without giving the girl a reply.

The little Human wept. “I have the toughest job in the world.”

“Do you have time to play catch with use now?” Asked the little white rabbit.

“Yes, let’s play rabbit stew,” said the human.

The rabbit gasped and ran away.


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