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A young lonely boy sits onto the school roof relaxing, But one day someone comes to visit, his total opposite. How will it unfold.

Submitted: April 08, 2017

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Submitted: April 08, 2017



What would you think about a person that you or everyone else knows nothing about. Would you see this person as a weirdo, would you make fun of the person and if you do then, how would you? You know nothing about them so then what would you say about them. Have you ever met a person like this, no well that’s because that person doesn’t exist?


Muffled gunshots travel through the newly looking house. No light shines out the windows, like the rest of the houses around it. The time is 2:00am and only a little number of cars are going up and down the street. The sun is slowly rising and the birds have started to chirp. In one room of the newly looking house, a dim light shines from under the gap in the door. Inside the room is piles of cup noodles and dirty clothes. The bed didn’t look like it had been changed in weeks, the blankets and sheets were all piled up in a ball like shape at the end of the bed. Showing out from under that thing that shouldn’t even be classified as a bed stuck out piles of magazines. All you could read off them were two things “VR Gaming”, the rest was covered over by a rogue sheet that didn’t want to be with the rest of its kind. Sitting at a large desk at the end of the room was a young boy, he looked like he was that of only 15 years old. The boys pitch black hair was getting pushed down by the headset covering his normally large ears. From the dim light shining from the screen he was facing, you could see he had bright ocean blue eyes, something you wouldn’t see from someone with hair the color of the night sky. The boy that’s staring at the computer screen was named Damian. He was 17 years old and was in his fourth year of high school. From the big bags under his eyes you could tell he has not gone to sleep, but from the expression on his face he didn’t even look tired at all. At 4:30 the young boy had dozed off, blinking on the screen was big beating green letters that spelt out “You Win”, the winning theme of the game was blasting in Damian ears. Three hours past and his alarm lets out and loud BEEP! The sound travels in all directions of the room. Damian rubs his eyes and sluggishly walks over to his alarm. The beeping stops and Damian grabs the white button up shirt from the floor and puts it on slowly. A small logo is on the right side of the chest and his school shorts were already on. He walks around the house getting ready for school that started in 29 minutes, he didn’t care if he was late so he was just doing what he normally would do every day. He steps outside locking the door behind him, he faces the foot path and slowly walks over as he puts blue headphones into his ears.


Damian rests on the roof of the school letting the sun that he hates so much gaze on him. He did this just about every day, some days it was just to get away from people, other days it was so he could catch some sleep. All Damian could hear from up there were students playing football and other games that he could hardly hear anyway, the other thing was the whistling of the wind, something that calmed him down and made him relaxed, he didn’t know why but it just did.  After an hour, Damian opens his eyes to see the sun covered by some horribly dark clouds, “It's gonna rain soon” he says to himself. Damian goes to reach for his phone to check the time, but just before he could someone interrupts him. “You skipped period 3 and 4 again” a feminine voice says. Damian quickly springs up from of his back and rests his hands on the ground behind him. He looks around in surprise until he saw blonde strips on hair waving in the wind. Damian calms down straight away and lies back down, “Oh, it’s just you” he says while closing his eyes slowly, “Why are you here”. She walks over to him and asks him a question that most people their age would take as a joke “Why do people have phones, all they are good for are to call other people, you could just talk to them in person” the girl says in a questionable voice. This question tics Damian off and didn’t make him want to respond to the question she just asked. Damian lets out a long sigh and gets on to his feet, he walks to the door so he can get inside before it started to rain, “The class president shouldn’t be late to class, so you better hurry”. the girl rests her head on her left shoulder in confusion and begins to speak “But lunch just started, didn’t you know that?” The boy stops in his tracks and turns around quickly “You didn’t let me check the time, I didn’t know that!” the boy yells in frustration. Damian goes and sits back down in his normal spot and the girl sits next to him and stares. Damian turns his head and glares at her “Your still here” he says in disgust, “Ahuh, I need to make sure you go to your last two periods, and any way I think we could be friends” “I hate you and I don’t need friends, they slow you down” Damian says with a serious tone in his voices. The girl doesn’t know how to react, but she slowly begins to laugh. The laughter starts to disappear and she follows it up with a conversation starter, “You don’t even know me that much about me, how could you hate me”, Damian answers the question with an obvious answered “We are total opponents” “In what why” she replies. “Everyone loves you, your most likely the most popular person in school and to top it off, you have no technology or no experience of using it” he says in a monotone voice. The girl starts to think. She lifts her face to the sky and thinks hard, “What’s my name”, Damian replies with a quick “Excuse me?” the girl begins to grin, “I said what’s my name” Damian thinks hard but nothing pops up, “I don’t know” the girl’s grin becomes a smile and she jumps up. She walks in front of him and bends over so both their eyes meet. She spells out letters in the air, using her finger as a pen, ‘A’ comes first then quickly get followed up by three more letter ‘L’, ‘E’ and ‘X’, Damian’s face had a weirded-out expression that made him look disgusted, “Alex, my name is Alex” she says while standing up straight again. Alex looked so happy like as if she was finally talking to her crush for the first time. Damian goes to speak but gets interrupted straight away, “And since you have no friends I have a perfect plan, want to hear it”, Damian finally gets to speak since she last interrupted him “No, not real-“but his sentence gets cut off and she starts to talk “Great! So here it comes” everything goes quiet for about 10 seconds, the only noise is the whistling of the wind. Alex tilts her head to the side, closes her eyes and begins to speak “Let’s go on a date”, in just a few seconds Damian’s face changes for a disgusted look to a surprised one, his cheeks begin to turn bright red and he begins to stumble on his words “huh?”.


Damian leans back on the brick wall waiting for Alex to arrive. The first thing he does is pull out his phone to check if anything new has happened on social media, “how did I get myself into this mess” it was the only thing he really wanted to know. Damian looks up toward the sun and glares at it with hatred. He started to think about what the girl did that got him to do this, and he couldn’t find out why he just doesn’t stand her up. While thinking of this Alex turns the corner with a sharp turn. She stops and leans over to catch her breath, “Sorry I’m late” she says in one foul swoop. She controls her breathing, she stands straight up in a flash and started to giggle “I thought you would have stood me up” she says with relief, Damian turns to her and walks past slowly “I’m not that type of person. come on let’s go”, Alex runs to his side and wraps her body around his arm, Damian freaks out and pulls his arm away, his faces started beating red and his heart won’t stop pounding. Alex looks at Damian with a smile “Then what type of person are you”, she turns to the direction they were originally going and starts to walk. Damian sits down at a bench and takes two huge breaths, “You buy way too much” he says with a stressed voice, “And you should be carrying my stuff but you just sit back and watch” Damian turns his head to her and starts to complain, “It’s way too hot to carry that stuff, I’m just scorching sitting here”, Alex stares at Damian and looks up and down his body, she lets out a sigh, “That’s probably because you wearing a jumper and jeans, what were you thinking”, Damian stands up and stares at her in silence for three seconds, he reaches his arm out to her, she smiles the biggest he has seen and drops her bags onto his hand. Damian’s hand gets repelled down from the sky and his face goes from annoyed to surprise in a second. Alex walks with a skip. Damian watches her walk further and further, until she turns around and yells to him “come”, Damian looks down at his feet for a couple of seconds, Alex wonders what’s wrong and she goes to take a step to him, but out of nowhere Damian springs his head up and smiles, “I’m coming” he says in a charming voice. Alex’s face turns red and she was surprised to see him smile, but she couldn’t understand what just happened. Through the whole date, Damian acted like this, he would get a slight laugh from most of her jokes and would make fun of her in a delightful way, which wasn’t normal for him at all. Alex wondered what happened but she didn’t think he was acting. She could tell from the way he laughed and the way he smiles that he wasn’t just being nice because he wanted to. This might sound nice to normal people, but to her it felt concerning and made her worried. Damian and Alex gets ready to say good bye and head home, but first Alex wanted to know what was happening. With a concerning look she begins to speak, “What happened to you?” Damian stands there with a grin, he looks down and chuckles “So you noticed that I was acting different” Damian looks up at her with a smile, it makes her feel more concerned and makes her answer him straight away “Of course I noticed. A sudden change like that doesn’t go without being notice, especially if it’s from someone like you” her voice gets louder and louder when she speaks. Drips of rain start coming down slowly, followed by a down pour in just a few seconds. “Damian” she says with sadness in her voice “Were you acting this whole time” Damian’s face turns into a caring but surprised expression once he realizes the tears are running down her face “No! I really did like the date, it was fun” but before he could continue she interrupts him, “I’m not talking about the date, I’m talking about since you started school”, Damian’s eyes get wider once he realizes something. Damian realizes that since he started high school she has been watching him from the start. She found him interesting, she wanted to know the real him. Damian runs over to her and wraps his arms around her. He catches her by surprise and her sobbing stops, “I’m sorry, I didn’t realize, not one bit, I’m so stupid that I didn’t even think about it, I’m insecure about everything about myself and I don’t know how to talk to people. I even dyed my hair because of it” Damian says while holding her tight in his arms. From that last bit he said, it gets a giggle out of Alex and makes her smile a bit, “Did you really” she says with tears in her eyes and comfort in her voice, “Did I really what?” he replied in confusion, “Dye your hair” she says. This surprises Damian but makes him chuckle “Obviously. Blue eyes and black hair isn’t normal”. They laugh what just happened off and stay there in each other’s arms while rain pours down on them, “I couldn’t keep this act up around you. You are the only person who can see through my trick. Your always happy and cheerful and it made me kind of jealous, it made me want to be me and because of that thank you” He says in a calming voice. The rain continues to fall and it doesn’t look like it is going to let up any time soon.


A week after that day Damian finds out why she came and talked to him out of nowhere. She was leaving town and moving school with her family. This didn’t make Damian happy, but it also didn’t make Damian sad. He was just glad he could talk with her that day because without her, he wouldn’t have changed back to his normal self. A year passes, Damian Lies on the roof of the school with a graduation paper in his left hand. His blond, short hair waves in the wind. He lays there letting the sun he loves so much gaze on him. Damian reaches for his phone to check the time, but just before he can touch it, he gets interrupted, “I never understood why people have phones, all they are used for are to call people, you could just talk to them in person” a familiar voice says.

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