The Bloody Cross

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Words of one of the last true Celts of Europe. 1100 A.D

Submitted: April 08, 2017

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Submitted: April 08, 2017



They come one day they did, into our village. First off they called us 'pagans' and 'godless'.

What ever it was.

Then they begun with their proclamin' that the source of the stars and the ground we both walk

upon, chose a man to enter to come to earth to be known.

These men of the kurch, then wrapped our living vine, the one of our faith, in continuin' and time,

around their blood staind cross, callin' it the 'tree of eternal life.'

Ta' say and speak that creation and forever in spirit can come from vile acts.

And we of the livin' tree of reality, knew that thier cross was of naught,

but of torture and unnatural death.

Take the vine away from the splinter of deadwood and decay,

and bring to it what ya' might of what we say when we meet,

upon the paths crossin' along the way.

'May you go right well and true to the tree in the heart of the forest,

which is there always before you.

It will crack the sod man trods upon, and daily.

through a simple seed of forever life known in eternity.

And may you know also the force which is the energy  in the way of creation,

that which is the same, within you and me.

And may you be right well done with that day.

The one of the bloody cross'.

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