Flowers Belong To The Dead (2017 Rage Summit)

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First song from rage summit

Submitted: April 08, 2017

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Submitted: April 08, 2017



 all ways thought there was more to live then what meets the eye. Lies and false intentions. Is what decieves lives.

But im not going to fall, ive been down this path before. I get so happy then boom. I wanna cut the cord.

Thats why. Flowers belong. To the ones who are dead and gone. Work no love. Makes me dull. But it is a path of false. Work no love. Makes me cry. People want love. I just want to die. Work no hate. Is a lie. Come on apocalypse hurry up and make nuclear sunshine.

I have. Lost all my faith. No church. Just burn down this place.

Love is a lie. It makes people cry. Hurts more then a knife. One minute yiur in love. Next time you think. Youre all alone and wanting to die.

" Sir. Please remain calm its under control. I am here to help you with the devil but sometimes there just so beneficial,"

Father please. Awaken me from this nightmare  that seemed like a dream. God come here to help me. But instead abandoned me.

Only people that want flowers are dead. So give then to me. Cos im dead inside Only people who want to live. Are those who never felt alive. And i wanna die.

So kill me. Now and let the rest of the world sigh.

"I am here to help you with the devil"

God! I have no one. cos the devil is famous for his own, and the death place . Is where i wont to die. Kill me father. For i want to die!

At first i glanced at death. Then looked away. Now i close my eyes. Aim my gun at my head And yell Blow me away.

I AM HERE TO HELP. GOD! you dont understand. No ones wants flowers when there dead. They are travelling through a void. Locked into a world that onky disappoints. I am trying to fly. All my thoughts wishing i would just die.

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