Room 29.

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Chapter 12 (v.1) - The Police investigation begins.

Submitted: April 11, 2017

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Submitted: April 11, 2017



At 3.37am the message by radio, came into the Gawler Police station, that constable Bert Langemann, had been found deceased, with a bullet wound to the head, he was found, just past the small town of Rhymie, some 60 km's south of Clare, on the Main North Road, the body of the constable, after forensic investigation, of the murder site, had been finished, was now on the way back, in an ambulance to Gawler.

By 4.10am, the dispatcher at the Elizabeth Police Station, was frantically calling, Senior Constable First Class Frank Kowalsky, at 4.18am, the dispatcher , ordered two patrol cars, to try to find the constable and his cruiser.

At 4.26am the dispatcher was informed by one of the patrol cars, they had found Kowalsky, but that he had been shot between the eyes, and that they needed an ambulance, plus some detectives, and a forensic crew, because this was now a murder case.

That same afternoon at around about 3 pm, Commissioner Black picked up the phone on his desk, and called, what he still called (his off-sider) Inspector Peter Haven, to come his office ASAP, he did this, in his normal gruff no nonsense tone.

A couple of minutes later, there was a soft knock on his door , and Black yelled as usual, “come”!

To him still young, Inspector Peter Haven entered, with his usual smile on his face, Black with his arm straight, and his finger pointing, in the direction of a chair, in front of his desk, said:

Sit Peter”!

Haven shook his head, and said to himself, “the old bugger still thinks of me, like a kid”, softly smiling to himself, he continued with his thoughts, “A well, he has always been good to me, so let him have his illusions, every one and his dog, likes him”!

Black appeared to be in a relaxed mood, and with a clonk, put his feet on his desk, this was a habit of Black, which as usual made Haven almost close his eyes, not wanting to see an accident, knowing that the chair Black insisted on using, was only the illegal 4 pointed leg chair, banned for many years, as unsafe by the South Australian Government, not the five pointed chair, as he was suppose to use, as stated by the South Australian Safety Standards, as Haven had told Black, over and over, at the same time, pointing out, that he Black would not get compensation, if the chair collapsed, and he did his back in, or something like that, but always received the same comment, “I love this chair”, and that was always the end, of the conversation.

Black looked at Haven, and said whilst shaking his head:

Okay Peter, we have been stuck, with that business in Clare, where those three girls got butchered, with a knife early last night, and also the killing of Gawler constable Bert Langemann, and Elizabeth Frank Kowalsky, both as you know, shot between the eyes at close quarters, and forensics’ suggests, that they where shot, through the open window of a car, they are checking tyre markings”, he gave Haven a deep look into his eyes, shook his head sadly before he stated:

These two murders, of our own people, who where doing their jobs, where committed between Clare, and Adelaide ”, he dropped his head slightly, but kept his eyes on the young Inspector, “which we, the Minister, and myself”, he pointed his right hand index finger at his chest, “after the two of us, had a talk about an hour ago, we believe to have been committed, by one and the same person”.

He looked Haven in the eye, before he continued slowly with: “It appears so-far, that this person, may have been driving, a late model Mercedes sports type vehicle”, he looked up again, “The Gawler car, going to Rhymie, an the Ambulance that was following the police car, both noticed, and mentioned that they saw a Mercedes sports model, speeding in the opposite direction, towards the Gawler turnoff, when they went to find their man who had been killed.

And now my young friend, the minister and myself want, who-ever is responsible, for killing two of our own, found quickly”, his eye-brows went upwards, and whilst nodding his head up and down continued with, “ and we don’t care how, or in what condition, when he or she is brought in”!

He rolled his shoulders ,and shook his head sadly before he said: “And looking at the injuries, as I have been informed, and which I have seen on the photo's, of these girls received”, he lifted the left side of his mouth upwards, “the person that committed these crimes, must be insane, or an absolute sadist, to inflict that sort of injury, on those girls”, he looked Haven deep into his eyes, ”so Peter, whatever you do, do not take any risk, when you catch him, and he makes any moves, to get a gun or knife, take him down, I will defend you, or any one that backs you up’s right, to take him down”, he again looked the younger inspector straight in the eyes, and continued with:

I myself, cannot go for the rest of the week, so the Minister asked for my best man”, Black smirked , his eyes lit up at the same time, whilst looking at the young inspector, “ So I want you to go, and interview any-one in the hotel, club, resort or whatever the place is called, and any-one else in that town of Clare, that may have some idea, who this could have been”, he drummed his fingers briskly on his desk,anyhow this will be good for you, it will make you stand on your own two feet”, he softly chuckled, grinned at Haven and continued with, “sorry Pete, you have been doing that for years now”, he looked up at Haven with a large smile on his face, “no insult intended”, he dropped his head towards some papers on his desk, but lifted it again and said:

and take one,” his hand with an open palm went upwards”, or two of the young blokes, from sergeant Hillier's with you, they have been quite a bit of a help to us, several times before, you know the ones you want, I leave that up to you”!

He waived young Haven out of his office, in his usual manner, with his right hand, saying at the same time, “have fun youngster, but don’t spent too much, of the Police budget”!.

There was not much, the three of them found out, in Clare, except that a person, by the name of Tony Catalino, had stayed overnight in room 29, and was driving a 2015 Mercedes E400 coupe, and he, this Catalino, had disappeared some-time during the night of the murders, whilst having paid ahead for two nights, and the killings of constables Bert Langemann, and Frank Kowalsky, which happened around the same time, this Catalino disappeared.

Whilst Haven and his off-siders, were in Clare, the murder of de Villiers came to light, with Catalino's Mercedes, parked in the garage, and apparently a Holden Caprice missing.

Black told Haven, after he brought his Clare report to him, about the killing of de Villiers, and told him to go and see, if this was, as it looked like, also involved with this Catalino case, as they appeared to know each other, and it would be a long time, as usual, before they received any forensic evidence, he also stated:

There is another person you should interview, he, this Catalino has an fiancé, by the name of Elane Cremonisi, she may or may not know where he is”!



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