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Chapter 16 (v.1) - On the road again.

Submitted: April 13, 2017

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Submitted: April 13, 2017



The next morning, Tony felt good, he had had a good breakfast, and a shower, he needed a shave, his hair was dark after he shampooed with a colour shampoo, and he had a two day stubble, which stood out like a sore thumb, he grinned knowing, that he started to look, like most young blokes these days, most of them appeared to only to shave once in a blue moon”!

He had decided, after a pretty close scrutiny, of page 114, of the road map book, the evening before, whilst he had had, a couple of glasses of Hennessey VSOP cognac, which he had bought, with one of the credit cards he had not yet used, and liked, in a wine-shop, which was almost next to the motel/hotel, that he would go North again, he would amble along the Olympic Highway, up towards the town of Temora, a town with a Gaelic name, and this township, had only a small population of about 4,000 souls, and as the book explained, Temora, was a little place, and just only some 418km's, South West of Sydney, which was only about 100km’s, from where he was now, he decided that from there, he needed to turn East, towards Young, which was a slightly larger place, and which had a population of about 7,000 souls, the bookhad told him, that this was the largest town, in the so-called Hilltop council area, Tony had no idea, nor did he care, what the Hilltop Council Area was, all he knew was, after looking and noting, that he could have follo- wed the Olympic Highway, all the way to Young, but he had quietly decided, it was better to wander away, from Highways, as much as was possible, to make it more difficult, for people, if he was being followed, especially if he had tobuy some petrol or food, where he may be recognised, he nodded his head to himself, he decided to keep topped up with petrol, and food, away from the garages, if at all possible, from the main highways, his attention returned back to the map, and than next, following it with his finger, he decided, that he would turn North /East again, back on to the Olympic Highway, he frowned when he realised, that he had to do that, on to Cowra, which had a small, to medium population of some 9,000 or so people.

He had nodded to himself, when looking at the map, he had decided, that this would be a good place to stop, for where he should be able, to get a full meal, and a possibly a drink, he hoped, that this place would store half a bottle, or else some glasses of St.Hallett Blackwell Shiraz, one of his favourites, he loved the slight oak taste, of this wine, but he would be happy, with Australian bubbly, plus something like an hour and a half rest, in a park, or some place like that, near a riverbank, where he could stretch out, he knew that he was going to need as much rest, as possible over the next few days.

From there, he decided, that he would turn towards Orange, a decent sized town, with something like 35 to 40,000 souls, which made it easier to disappear in, but he would have to turn, of the main highway again, onto a smaller road near a place, with an unpronounceable name, called Canowindra, once in Orange, he would probably need to think again, about changing cars once more.

Half way to Temora, his fevered mind, again started to think about Elena, his eyes rolled wildly, in his head,who was she with now”, his mind almost exploded, with this thought, foam appeared on his lips, his eyes started closing and opening quickly, his blood pressure started to lift, his mind star- ted to race, he shook his shoulders and hissed to himself: ”The Bitch”! He struggled, and with dif- ficulty, he got his mind under control, saying out loud, “Don’t, you’ll have a car accident, you will, if you keep this up, for heavens sakejust relax”!

Tony really had to force his mind, to think of what he had to do next, where to go, and how to disap- pear, even his insane fevered mind, by now knew, that the police, must have at least, worked out by now, that it was him, Tony Catalino who had, com- mitted these killings, but they, or who-ever they where, would not know, like him, Tony, as his confused, befuddled half destroyed mind, informed him, that these killings where a necessity, that it was Elena’s, and that creep, de Villiers fault, that he had to do this, and that it was not just random.

He told himself, whilst shaking his head sideways several times,“I will have to tell them”, he nodded his head, up and down, before he closed his eyes, several times rapidly, and asked himself, “would they understand if he rang them”, answering himself he said aloud, “Of-course they understand, any-one would”, he scratched his head, and asked himself, “but who to ring,” he tried to focus, “He would have to ring the South Australian Police Department”, after these thoughts his mind shifted again, He vaguely thought of the two police men, and the bloke from the Volkswagen, he tried to pull his mind in line, which appeared to become more difficult, as the miles disappeared under his wheels, he slowly shook his shoulders, saying soft- ly under his breath, whilst shaking his head up and down:

Collateral damage, well that happens, and there is nothing, normally to be done about that, it is not really my fault” he kept shaking his head,”no, definitely not my fault”, his mind going into overdrive.

Whilst deeply thinking about things, wildly in general flying through his cracked mind, he came up with the reasonable thought, that: “It may be worthwhile, to change my appearance a bit”, he smiled to him self, and laughed softly, whilst nodding his head, with his mind in full agreement, “yes probably”, he blinked his tired eyes rapidly, he had used some eye drops, the night before, to clear them, “yes with a moustache, and a smart looking beard,” thinking deeply about it, he thought with the smile, which was becoming bigger, and brighter, on his face, “probably a neat, smart looking van Dyke', his thoughts becoming happy some-how, “now that would not be too bad”, still nodding his head, whilst he continued thinking quiet happily, in the same vain, he decided, “I may as well, whilst I am at it, also buy some glasses with normal lenses”, he nodded again, “yes that would be good”, he scratched his head, “most probably tinted ones, plus, I will need some sun glasses, two pair for sure”, he touched the side of his face, just before his ear, “those wrap-around preferably, the ones, which cover part, of the side of my face”, his mind also decided, that he, “would have to lay up somewhere, for a week or more, so the moustache, and the beard could grow, and look proper, not mangy, or just UN-shaved like a beach bum”.

Thinking almost out aloud to himself, he decided, “I will have to take some back-roads, and look for a lonely farm”, his head nodded, “or something like that”, his mind was twisting, and whirling, around and around, his mind, now even controlling his face, and almost everything else, he pulled his mouth sideways, whilst thinking deeply, and lifted his shoulders, “maybe, I may have to kill the occupants”, he lifted his shoulders again, with a shrug, whilst almost nonchalantly saying to himself out aloud, “but that probably, can't be helped”, he now grinned, it was almost crazily, to himself, eyes very bright, “yes, but only just some more collateral damage”, and with another shrug of his shoulders, ”it happens”, he took a deep breath, at the same time, trying to force his eyes open, so he could see into the distance, to see, if there was any danger, on the road ahead, than quickly, returning to his thought, “yes I will have to stay for a week or two”, he touched his bottom lip, with his left hand, “or probabbly even longer, yes preferably longer”, thinking whilst their was a moment, of almost sanity, in his head, which now came all to seldom, “No I do not really want to kill the occupants”, he nodded his head to himself, “but as Ned Kelly, that old bushranger, used to say,” he softly grinned amused at the thought,“SUCH IS LIFE”.

Tony started perspiring again, his mind flipping back and forth, and which now, kept returning to Elena, he muttered under his breath, “the Bitch, I should have stayed in Adelaide, and killed her”, his eyes where shining angrily, not believing for one moment, that it was his fault, that she left him, he shrugged his shoulders intensely this time, nearly loosing control of the car, which slid to the wrong side of the road, after straightening the Holden, and bringing it back, to the correct lane, which was on the left hand side, of the road, whilst muttering under his breath, he continued with his thinking:

Why would it be my fault”, he lifted his shoulders in a shrug again, but not as high this time, let- ting his hands just slowly caressed the steering wheel, “I gave her everything she wanted”, his eyes glazed over for a second or two, with the intensity he was thinking, “The Bitch”, he angrily shook his head, up and down several times, “I even bought that bloody Mercedes, which cost me an arm and a leg, because she fell in love with it”, he pointed his left hand at his chest, “didn't I”, he shook his head vigorously up and down now, “I did that just to keep her bloody happy”, he angrily asked himself, “why, Elena, you Bitch of Bitches, did you do that to me, I should have bought you a broom, instead of that Mercedes, so you could have flown away”, after a short pause, he said: “Bitch, Bitch,Bitch, why didn't you fly away on you’re broom, you must have, when you left me”!

His eyes dropped to his fuel-gage, softly saying to himself, after blanking out all other thoughts, “I need some more petrol, shortly”, he shook his almost sadly,she, this Holden, seems to like the juice, more than some others I have had, even the Bitches Mercedes, did not use this much”!

After a while, whilst a headache started thumping, in the front of his head, he drove trough the hamlet of Old Junee, he saw a petrol station, when he passed it, Tony did a quick U-turn, he quickly pulled up, next to one of the bowsers, he told the attendant, who had come out straight away, from the small office, attached to the garage, with Tony thinking, “that's unusual to have an attendant these days”, and told the man, to fill the thing up, whilst he went to the toilet, and in the attached shop, to get something to eat, and a drink or two, when he was in the toilet, he drank from the tap, so he could down a couple of Panadoll's, for his headache, disliking the tap water, which to his taste, was absolutely shocking.

It took him some 10 minutes, before he left the little shop, with a couple of fresh country baked ham rolls, a carton of iced coffee, plus two bot- tles of so-called spring water, which he thought, came probably direct from the tap in the shop.

Tony his mind, trying to protect his movements, had also requested a map of the district, and after asking, was told, where the best fishing spots where, not to far away, if possible from the place, so he could come, and stay a couple of nights, in one of the motels, around the place, the shopkeeper pointed out,, several good fishing spots to him, marking them with a ballpoint pen, on a small tourist map, he left the little place behind, never to think of it again, but happy in his fevered mind, to have acted as a tourist, and hoping, that if any one enquired about people, coming through the place, and filling their cars, whilst asking for strangers, that the man in the shop, would not think of the tourist, which asked him ,for the best fishing spots in the district.




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