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Chapter 17 (v.1) - STILL FREE.

Submitted: April 14, 2017

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Submitted: April 14, 2017



Tony had stopped in Cowra, he needed to buy some- thing else he could eat, whilst driving all that long way to Orange, without needing to have to stop again, the harder he would make it, for any one to follow his trail, as he had decided the day before, the better he liked it.

When Tony Catalino left the delicatessen, he had a couple of sandwiches, a carton of iced coffee, and his usual bottle of spring water, in his hands, he heard some music being played, he automatically stopped, and looked up, Into the direction, the mu- sic came from, he took a couple of steps, and stop -ped again, he saw an old man, a man at least in his eighties, who wore an old fashioned, what looked like a Dutch fisherman's hat, something he had seen, when he was in Holland, in the tourist town of Volendam, the cap was slightly sloped, on his head, he was on a veranda, on the other side of the road, softly playing a saxophone, Tony stood almost welded to the road, for a few minutes lis- tening, the tune sounded melancholy, in actual fact, the sound coming from the saxophone, was haun -ting, to Tony mind, it was absolutely, 'just exactly like he felt at present', depressed and pensive, really sad, his still difficult to control mind, before he heard the music, had been trying to switch to happier times, like the times, he had taken the love of his life, Elena,the Bitch” Cremonesi, out for dinner in some small, secluded romantic restaurants, with candles lighting the ta- ble, and both of them drinking, some lovely bubbly.

He shook his head, starting to get angry again, and his mind for a fleeting second, almost had come back to reality, his mind turning over and over, now realised, that if he was caught, after what he had done, even if he knew he had done the right thing, by killing these people, he would spent the rest of his life, which could be a long time, because he was only young, in gaol in a small room, no matter how many smart alack lawyers, he could afford, and with the money he had now, he could afford some of the best, “lawyers, or QC's”, who would inform tired judges, and simple minded juries, that he had been temporarily insane, as his mind informed him, whilst his eyes where blinking rapidly, that due to the pressure, put on, by “the Bitch”, and “de Villiers, he did what he had done, which of course, was not his fault”, he shrugged his shoulders and softly laughed, Tony knew, that his normal mental state of mind, and his physical body, was definitely not geared, to be Institutionalised, just by himself in a small room, he shuddered just thinking about it, and also being controlled by men in uniform, walking around with sticks in their hands, he knew that he would never be able to handle, these organised rituals of prison, so he made up his mind, to be definitely not to get caught, he would fight it out, if he had to, most probably to the death, after all, he had some weapons, including his gun, and most probably, would be able, to get some more, anyhow he knew, that he could and would, if he had too, create a blood-bath, before they, or who-ever they where, took him, he would definitely not be taken alive, if at all possible, his mind kept churning away in this vain.



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