Room 29.

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Chapter 2 (v.1) - Which One.

Submitted: April 09, 2017

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Submitted: April 09, 2017



Tony told himself, “anyhow 30, will not wake up shortly”, his tortured befuddled mind, was only seeing evil at present, and softly said to himself, “yes 30 is probably awake anyhow, and most probably, waiting for her next customer”, he shook his head, whilst his twisted mind kept telling him, “there is no doubt about it Tony, that female next door, has to be a whore, look at the way she dresses and walks”.

His scrambled addled brain, now told to him, "with-out doubt, all women are evil, and God demands, that most of them, need to be killed”, but in reality, it was not his Tony’s mind, that decided that, but it was his overstimulated, alcohol confused angry tortured brain, that was the culprit.

His hand slipped to the small table, which was standing next to the bed, without looking, his hand felt around, for what he had bought before leaving Adelaide, from a electronic store owner, which he knew fairly well, it was just a little contraption, that could open every electronic door, ever made, or so, he had been told and even shown, he scratched his head, “his mind told him, that he needed to kill some-one, preferably a female”, his mind, was now totally set, into that direction, and now asked of it-self, whilst a vision of a bloody knife, floated in front of his eyes, which now also had been taken over fully, by his crazed mind: “Which room shall I visit first”, he mulled this over slowly, “because I know, there must be more evil females, than one in this place”, he nodded his head and closed his eyes, “28”?

No he shook his head emphatically, “there was a male with that female, and they appeared to be in their late sixties, so they would be married, most probably”, he almost grinned, “these oldies, always seem to stick, to their marriage vows, not like the modern couples”, he made a noise, in the back of his throat, “until death us do part”, he slightly smiled, “definitely not like the younger generations, these days”, he shook his head again, “so 28, was definitely out for sure”.

Tony, after a couple of minutes, made up his mind, “it would have to be the female, in room 30”, his fevered twisted mind, informed him, without any doubt , “now there is a woman who should be killed”, Tony’s head nodded, up and down, “30 years of age at the most, or probably something like that, or even younger”, he nodded his head again, and again, agreeing with himself, “yes probably younger”, his mind fully took over, “but most probably, her life style on drugs, and prostitution, would have made her look older, and that, would not only, be visible to him Tony”, his mind showed him, a set of several distorted pictures, but it was something, which he now strongly believed, in his twisted distorted mind.

He Tony, had seen her prance around, in a short skirt, and stiletto heels, trying to look sexy, to every male, that happened to glance, in her direction”, he nodded his head up and down again, “she was probably waiting, for a paid customer, or some lover now,” or so his mind told him, ”well, he would fix that for her”, his hands closed together over an imaginary throat, “she had her last customer, visit her, as far as he was concerned”!

Tony turned around on the bed, “she was on the game, as they called it”, which his brain informed him, “was now without doubt, looking as he thought, at the facts”, facts as his mind, handed to him. He pushed his fists, against his cheeks, almost in agony, “he knew, that she was without doubt, either cheating on her husband, that is, if she was married”, he shook his head again, “probably not, a smile flitted over his crazed features, “or else, if she was on the game, her pimp, had placed her in room 30, and was going to sent, some customers to the room, who could afford her services”.

Tony nodded his head, again and again, almost wanting to hit his head, against the wall, “yes, first he had to kill that evil women, in room 30, ”his mind switched his brain, into overdrive, “and than those two, so-called lovers in room 23”, he quickly nodded his head up and down, “yes he had noticed , that there were 2 young females, by them-selves in room 23”, he nodded his head again, and again, to himself and pulled his mouth sideways, after a short while, he pulled himself together, “most probably lesbians, no not most probably, they had to be lesbians, that was for sure”, he shook his head savagely, “there could be no doubt about it, why else would two girls have one room”, his hand touched the large knife ,which was laying next to the electronic door opener, a carving knife, he had bought at the large Bunning's store, at the Munna Para shopping Centre on the way to Clare.

His bloodshot eyes narrowed, his face had a lunatic crazed look “yes killing these three, with this knife would be a good start”, he shook his head, and seemed to brighten, “but that would only be, the start”, he sat up in bed, feeling, or so he thought, better, ”he would cleanse South Australia, of all evil females, he had been chosen, to do this”, he slapped himself on the chest, and again eagerly nodded his head, “and he must not forget, also several evil males, but these would be an afterthought”, his mind was convinced, that he had to do this, it would become his only aim in life, the whole country, would revere him for that, afterwards, when he was finished”!

Tony sat up straighter, he was still dressed, when he had started drinking, from the bottle of whisky, he had just laid himself down, on the bed without getting undressed, except for kicking off his shoes, his head was in a terrible turmoil, giving him a bad headache, he fumbled for a while, before his hand found the light-switch, he turned the little knob, and the light next to the bed came on, he eagerly grabbed, for the electronic door opener, this gadget also, had a 16 centimetre extension, protruding from the top, it was only the thickness of a ballpoint pen, with an off-grey coloured, 3 centimetre tip at the end.

Tony touched this extension, knowing that if he pressed the blue button, on the door opener, this would instantly, as far as he knew, send some sort of a laser cutting beam, straight from the point.

He looked at the little gadget, knowing in his mind, that this laser beam, would slice trough any copper, or metal door chain, which was attached, to most doors, and was normally hooked, to the door-frame, all he had to do was press the little box, against the electronic part, or keyhole of the door, which would open, if there was a chain, the laser would take care, of that in the blink of an eye.

His breath was now coming, in short uneven drags, from his lungs, if Tony had looked into a mirror, he would have seen, his bloodshot eyes, amazingly almost spinning around, but he did not know this, Tony’s mind refused, to let him know, that he was on the edge, of total madness.

He stood up, it was still warm, he was in summer slacks, and a light top, his feet were now again, encased in rubber soled shoes, which he had retrieved from the floor, and put back on his feet, these shoes, were of the type called sneakers, he picked up the large carving knife, which he stuck in the left side, of his belt, very carefully, whilst he did this, a smile played over his half crazed face, “he knew, what he had to do, and do it he would”, Tony walked softly to his door.


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