Room 29.

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Chapter 3 (v.1) - Going to Room 30.

Submitted: April 09, 2017

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Submitted: April 09, 2017



Tony slowly and quietly, ever so carefully, opened his outside-door, he was happy, that he did not hear, any squeaks, next he stuck his head out, again very slowly, even in his madness, he knew, that he had to be very careful, in whatever he did, not wanting any witnesses, floating around, that knew, what he had done, or was doing. After looking in both directions, he could see no-one around outside, Tony did however notice, that the light, between number 27 and 28, appeared to be broken, anyhow it was not lit, he was relieved that this light, did not work, it would keep him, in the shadows, all the time, he was away from room 29, to do what he had to do.

Tony stepped out of his room, and quietly, with the utmost care, closed the door behind him, he held the door, with his left hand spread against it, whilst pulling the door, with his right hand, so it would not make any noise, when it shut behind him.

Next he slipped without sound, to the left, in the direction of room 30, he was almost touching, the wall with his back, when he moved in the direction, of the door, to room 30, with an almost evil, or else an insane grin, on his maddened face.

Tony knew, that the girl, had not left her room, because the little red bubble car, he had seen her come in, was still parked, next to his silver Mercedes, plus the blue Commodore, both older couples of rooms 28, and 27, had come in, there where no other cars, “so no customers for room 30”, went through his crazed mind.

He looked at the red bubble, “Car”, went through his befuddled mind, he shook his head, “what a laugh, it was not a car”, he smiled to himself, “it was what he normally called, “a fart on wheels”, he looked in the direction, of the ‘fart on wheels’ and said to himself:

If you hit something in that, doing 30, you’ll be dead”, he shook his head, “and if you hit anything going faster, they won’t even find you, you be smeared, all over the street”! Tony’s mind was tumbling around, but it was still directed him, in one direction, ‘room 30’.

When Tony was at the door of room 30, he placed his ear, hard against the door, he concentrated his hearing, and was relieved, that he could hear the soft, almost melodious sounds, of some-one softly breathing, he said to himself, “no customers”.


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