Room 29.

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Chapter 4 (v.1) - ROOM 30.

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Next Tony held the little box, against the door-panel lock, for the electronic key, to do it’s work, he pressed the red button, and within seconds, the lock clicked softly, Tony whilst holding on to the door, pressed so the door opened, only half a centimetre, and concentrating listened again, there was no alteration, in the soft breathing noises, coming from inside the room, he was only slightly surprised, half of him expecting the girl, to be awake, either awaiting her next customer, reading or quietly playing, on an electronic pad, or computer, so his first thought, that she had an evening for herself, must have been correct.

Tony pushed a bit more, and found that the little chain, kept the door from opening, no more than three of four centimetres, the smirk again flitted over his crazed features, he shook his head, and mumbled to himself, “not a problem”, he held the point of grey extension, against the chain, and pressed the blue button, a soft hissing noise, came from the tip, and the little chain dropped in two halves, with a slight noise, into his left hand, but nearly missing the outstretched hand.

Tony held his breath, the breathing pattern from inside, just changed for a fleeting second or two ,before it went back to it’s normal pattern, Tony holding the door, so it would not touch anything, or make any noise, slipped inside the room ,and softly closed the door behind him, with only the slightest of clicks.

Tony waited about half a minute, before he walked softly towards the bed, and noted that the young women, he had seen in the small car, was sleeping on the right side, of the bed, with a fleeting thought, going through his befuddled half crazed mind,”I normally sleep, on the right side of the bed myself, how dare that girl use my side”.

Tony bend slowly over the sleeping girl, and than quickly, clamped his left hand, over her mouth, whilst placing his right hand, on top of his left hand for a moment, the girls eyes flew open, and Tony could see, the immediate fear in her eyes, which made him somehow, feel very good, inside his fevered crazed gyrating mind, he needed to see lots of fear, after all, he was the chosen one to kill her, no-one else.

Next Tony dragged back the blanket, with his right hand, after taking this hand, from the top of his left hand, which he pressed down hard, on her face and mouth, so she could not scream, and exposed the girl, he and noted, unconcernedly, that she was totally naked, the site of her pert young breast, and the rest of the girls, exposed well formed young body, made him realise, that she was probably not much older, than twenty years of age, he salivated for just a second, over her body, but only for a fleeting second, which made him furious, whilst thinking about his Elena, who was probably with some other man at present, he plunged his knife without any hesitation, the knife he had taken from his belt, with his right hand, into her milky white breast.

The knife held flat, sliced very easily, into the white exposed flesh, of the girl, the knife cut straight into the right atrium, of the girl, who only made one struggle to escape, also touching the right ventricle, killing her almost instantly, but Tony’s mind did not realise this, he stabbed down on the naked girls body, from the breast, to her flat belly, over and over, more than a dozen times ,hitting some arteries several times, these arteries sprayed blood in every direction, before her heart stopped pumping, it had sprayed, the floor, the wall the bed clothes, and Tony, the place looked like a slaughterhouse.

The girl was dead after the first downward stroke, he had made, but that made no difference to Tony, he kept on plunging, the knife into the naked 20 year old young women's body, only seeing his beloved Elena’s, glorious naked body, a body he loved so much, with de Villiers, next to her, after they had made love together, his mind was not noticing, any of that blood, which had sprayed all over his clothing, and his hands.

After about 10 minutes, a mindless Tony, dragged him-self back to room 29, he had been sprayed, by the blood of the woman, who unbeknown to him, was called Janet Slimbrill, and was 23 years of age, in room 30, and had booked in, for 4 days 3 nights, what she had called for some R & R, just to have a rest from the stressful, but exciting job to her, she had in one of the bacteriology laboratories, searching for new medicines, to help the Societies, sick and dying,it was very rewarding work sometimes, other times very stressful, she had taken the short holiday, and was going to visit, some of the wineries, of the district, the next day.

After Tony got back to his own room, he really did not care, nor did he know, what was going on, or what he had done, to this totally innocent girl, his cracked mind was somewhere else, all he knew that his mind told him, that he had to do certain things, most of it he did not really know, as yet, and this would make other things, right for himself, things to righten, what his Elena, had left him for, to stop her going, with that vile creature Anthony de Villiers.

After a short while, while he had been standing, in the middle of his room, Tony turned, and went into his bathroom, he looked into the mirror, and just started wiping, with a wet face-washer, all the blood from his face, and next looked at his right hand, which still had, the large carving knife in it, his hand never even shook, he shook his head, and said to himself, “that bitch needed to die, she was a whore like most of them are, including Elena”!

He went back into the bathroom, and now slowly, after washing all the blood from the face-washer, washed all the remaining blood, from his face and hands, he also cleaned the knife, without noticing he did this, next, he took some fresh clothes from his travel bag, mumbling to himself under his breath, not totally insane as yet:

I cannot go outside with blood all over me”!

Tony took off all his clothing, and had a long hot shower, and used the resorts shampoo, and conditioner , to clean the blood from his hair, the bottom of the shower, was still slightly tinged with blood, even after, most of the blood had drained away, there was still a vague tinge left, but he did not worry about that at all.

He now readied himself, to go to room 23, he know that he had to do this, to save the world, from these evil, loose living Lesbians, Lesbians as far as he knew, had no shame at all, he had seen them go into room 23, when he arrived, “two females, how dared they go, against Christian beliefs, God would demand, that they returned, to a man and women relationship, or else die”, he knew that, even if he was not religious at all, as a matter of fact, he never went to church!

Tony Catalino, put the cleaned carving knife, in his belt, as he had seen people do, on the TV, he was mumbling under his breath, his mind told him, that after he knocked off, those two evil low lives, in room 23, he would go ,after he had been back to his own room, to pick-up some of his gear, back to Adelaide in his Mercedes!

Yes he would drive back to Adelaide, and then kill Anthony de Villiers, the man he knew, was now sleeping with his Elena, before if possible, he killed Elena herself, Elena definitely deserved to die”, his confused irregular thinking mind, had informed him now without doubt, that those two, had been sleeping together, behind his back, many times”, he shook his head, “he had never caught them together yet, but in his mind, it was manifestly obvious that they where.


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