Room 29.

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Chapter 6 (v.1) - Driving Back to Adelaide.

Submitted: April 09, 2017

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Submitted: April 09, 2017



Tony entered his Mercedes, and without thinking, started the powerful engine, which as usual, instantly started to purr.

He drove away from the Clare Country Club, and after negotiating several turns, plus the small city of Clare, with it's two round abouts, entered the main drag, into the direction of Adelaide, his twisted mind in total turmoil, he did not realise that he had blood on his clothing.

Tony, whilst driving well above the speed limit, not caring about this, after all, it was very early in the morning, and there was no other traffic, on the road to slow him down.

Tony believed, when he thought about it, that he had taken most, if not all of his belongings, from room 29, when he left to go back to Adelaide, after he had arrived at the resort, he, as far as he could remember, had not unpacked his bag, the only time he had opened it, was to change his shirt, after he had eliminated, as his mind told him, that evil creature in room 30, he remembered, that he had put his bloody shirt, in the little rubbish bin, in room 29, and now thought, that he should have taken that shirt, with him,he said to himself, whilst pulling his face side ways to the left, “Ah well, they will work it out ,that it was me anyhow, that did God's work for them.

He had made sure, when leaving, that he had brought with him, the electronic door opener, which he had put in his pocket, after opening the door, to the lesbians, plus he had checked, that the couple of special tubes, which he had purchased a couple of months previously, on a whim, almost as a joke, these had been created, by the Israeli Mos-sad, when you put a bit of this goo, form one of them, on the metal part of a lock, this tubes goo, would quickly melt any lock, the second tube's goo, would fuse alarm systems, this and some other tools, he had in a small box, with some of his other, normal car tools, this also included a car starting system, which looked like some weird looking key, so he did not have to fuse wires, that is if he ever stole, or needed a car, when he bought the key, he never ever expected, that he would need it.

All these articles, had been supplied to him, for a small fee, by Anthony de Villiers, about six months before this event, after they had to much to drink one night, which he now found ironic, seeing he was going to use this, to enter Anthony’s house, and probably steal one of his cars, which he he now thought, he probably needed to do, because he believed, that the police would be bound, to be looking for the Mercedes, regardless as his mind told him, that he had done the right thing, destroying these three evil women.

When he left room 29, it was nearly 2.25am, the weather was slightly overcast, throwing some unnatural light, of the moon on the road, in front of the Mercedes Benz E400 Coupe.

The beautifully tuned, and balanced Mercedes, purred like the thoroughbred it was, Tony leaned to his left , and stretched his arm, and reached for the button, of the glove compartment, and pressed it, whilst driving, he was not even looking, at the compartment, he knew what was in there, he moved his hand around inside, until he touched the pistol, which was hidden in there, another article de Villiers, had supplied him with, that drunken night, it was taped to the top of the little compartment, he tugged and pulled it out, it was a semi-automatic Browning Hi Power 9mm, with a 13 capacity, double stack magazine, he had fired it a couple of times, when he and Anthony went bush, they had both fired ,their automatics, but it was a fair distance from Adelaide, they had been shooting, at empty beer cans, after a couple of drinking sessions, there was also a spare magazine, he was now very glad, that he had bought this

gun, from de Villiers, several months ago, initially he had bought it for his own safety, when he had to go, on a long lonely business trip, over the long empty Australian roads, you never know, what could happen, on those roads or on lay-overs.

Tony laid the pistol on his lap, and lovingly stroked it, his mind whirled, his eyes were getting darker, “he would shoot that bastard, Anthony de Villiers, he would shoot him right in the groin”, he grimaced to himself, “that would teach the Bastard, to sleep with his Elena”, he let out a short scream, “that Bastard needed to be killed”.

He swiftly passed through Seven Hills, and next Auburn, the little village, which had one of the oldest histories, in South Australia, this little place was settled, in the early 1840’s, he remembered that from school, he shook his head, “What a waste of time, learning things like that, no one cared about that sort of History”, he increased his speed even more, he could not wait, to put a bullet into de Villiers groin.

This place Auburn, again came into his mind, it use to be an overnight stop, on the way to Adelaide, with copper ore for the tired bullock team’s, which came, from the rich Burra South Copper Mines, his mind screamed back to him, “Big Deal, who bloody well cares about that rubbish”!

His eyes due to his madness, where unreadable. Tony increased his speed again, and was doing some 140 odd km’s, per hour, well over the 100 speed limit, the road, he was driving on, was not really built for that sort of speed, but he did not notice this, in his madness.

It was rather hot in the car, the heater was on high, he reached out, and turned the knob down, almost viciously, to a lower level, he was perspiring, which was not only, from the heater, but also due to his twisted mind, in which he saw images, of Anthony de Villiers, and his Elena, in Anthony’s house, in one of the bedrooms, he let out another scream, he almost foamed around the mouth, when the images became clearer, in his twisted mind, he let out a this scream, from way deep inside his body.

He could see de Villiers, kissing his Elena, and softly stroking her neck, getting her excited, as he himself used to do, next de Villiers unzipped her dress, and after kissing her bare neck, and her ears, unbuttoned her bra, he let out a louder but this time a strangled scream, his eyes rolled backwards, whilst his hands gripped the steering wheel, in a dead man's grip, making the Mercedes swerve slightly, when he imaged, Anthony seeing his beautiful Elena, as naked, as the day she was born, his eyes rolled back into his head ,and his foot hit the accelerator harder, making the agile Mercedes, jump forward, increasing it’s speed to an effortless 150 km’s per hour.

In his fevered mind, he decided that he would, if could, he would drag Elena, to a Tattoo Parlour, and have the person down there, preferably a female tattoo artist, not a male who would ogle her, tattoo either on Elena’s belly, or on her behind, or, he grimaced, on both:

This women belongs to Tony Catalino, to touch her intimately, will mean the death, of one thousand cuts”, Tony ‘s perspiretion was dripping of his face, “that”, his mind decided, “if nothing else, would make any men, leave her alone”, he thought for a moment, before he came to the conclusion, “I will kill her afterwards”!

A flashing blue light behind him, which he saw in the mirror, and a siren, which he now heard, and which sounded now, very clear in the night, came from just behind him, Tony's mind was confused, “what did that blue flashing light mean, somewhere deep in his mind, he realised ,that it had to be a police car, so he slowed down, his eyes were still full of hate, he pulled up on the verge of the road, and a police car, pulled up next to him, a thought flashed through Tony’s, totally confused irrational mind:



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