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Chapter 7 (v.1) - Bert Langemann.

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Submitted: April 09, 2017



How dare this cop pull me over, doesn’t he know I’m in a hurry, doesn’t he know, I am going to save my fiancé from harm, harm which will be committed, by an evil man”, he shook his head, with a deep frown on his fore-head, “is there something wrong, with this cop”?

A fairly large man, in a police uniform, stepped from the driver’s seat, of the police-car, and left his flashing lights going, he had seen this Mercedes, pass him several kilometres back, when he was having a cup of coffee from his flask, his shift was nearly finished, and he was tired.

Bert was wondering, why any-one travelling, between 140 and 150 on this fairly narrow road, have to go to in such a hurry, he realised that a late model Mercedes could hug the road, but this speed, even in a car like that, was a bit insane.

The Police man’s name, was ‘constable Bert Langemann’ , he had patrolled this road, for two years, and seen some speed maniac's, but he decided , that this was one of the worst.

Bert came slowly, in one of those looping gates, you see often on TV, it was, as if he was almost floating over the road, towards Tony’s Mercedes, Tony, after looking backwards to the police car, noted quickly, that there was no one else, in the police carcruiser, the front right hand door, was still open, and he could see this, because the inside light, was still on, and when the large uniformed person, after taking a small note book, from his pocket, leaned down, this was after Tony had opened, the drivers site window, Tony who had picked up, the high powered 9mm Browning, from the left hand seat, shot the policeman right between the eyes, without compunction, giving the man no chance, when he leaned into the window, saying at the same time:

How dare you stop me, can't you see that I am in a hurry, to save my Elena from the filth she is with”, something constable Bert Langemann never heard, he was dead before, he hit the ground next to Tony's silver Mercedes!

Tony without, looking at the carnage he had created, took off spinning the wheels, leaving the dead police-man, and the police car, with it’s flashing lights still twirling, and within a short time, was doing almost the same speed first of 150, but than slowed down to some 120 to 130 km’s, on the Main Road to Gawler, which had an 110 kilometre speed limit after the road to the Burra and the Clare roads met.

Bert Langemann's funeral, two weeks later,was a very solemn occasion, and was attended by most of the Police from the district, and several from Adelaide, even by Black, and Haven, Langemann's wife, Irene who had married him, 6 months previously, and was three month's pregnant, kept breaking down, she had met Bert, about 18 month's prior, to his death, when he had given her a speeding ticket.

Tony sped through Tarlee without slowing down at all, he was told by his agonised mind, which now overruled , his self discipline, that he could do any speed, he wanted to do, and go to safe his Elena.

The stop along the road, in which he had shot Bert Langemann, had slowed, the images in his mind, for a very short time, but his fevered mind, started quickly up again, with the images of Elena, being arouse, by de Villiers to a fever pitch, his foot again depressed the accelerator.

Tony saw Anthony de Villiers, caressing Elena’s white firmly, somewhat small but standing up breasts, again a strangled scream, came from deep inside him, hating the man with an enormous intensity, wanting nothing else, but kill the man.

Next he saw de Villiers kissing her breasts, and slowly sinking lower, kissing that flat belly, he loved so much, next de Villier’s placed Elena, naked on the bed, he cried out, his mind in severe pain, and pressed his foot again, harder on the accelerator whilst, mumbling under his breath, all sorts of four letter words, that came into his mind.

It was about three quarters of an hour, before one salesman, stopped and found the dead policeman, the person, a man from Clare, rang 111, and informed the person that answered the phone, where he was, and what he had found, he was informed, that a police car and an ambulance, would be immediately despatched from Gawler.

Tony's mind refused to believe, what he had done, his fevered brow started dripping moisture, and his right foot again, dug deeper onto the accelerator, making the Mercedes almost fly low, but without any strain on the engine, to the left, he could see, in the almost hazy light of the moon, what in some European countries, would be called a mountain range, here in Australia, they were merely called hills.

At the speed he was moving, Tony reached the Gawler turnoff, very quickly, and after he turned off this road, he raced into the direction of Elizabeth, there was hardly any traffic, on two lane highway, which he was now driving on, after the turnoff, and the traffic that was there, he absolutely flew past doing some 135km’s in a 90 zone.

When he nearly reached Gawler, on the opposite of the road, he saw a police car, and an ambulance both with there lights flashing racing, in the direction of which he had come, his befuddled mind, did not realise why.


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