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Chapter 8 (v.1) - Frank Kowalsky.

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Submitted: April 10, 2017



There was just one thought in Tony's fevered mind, he had to kill that cockroach, de Villiers, his hands, tightened on the Mercedes steering wheel again, he had to kill him, one way or another, either with the knife, which was laying on the front passenger seat, or with his bare hands, he was thinking about the muffled screams, he could already hear with glee ,in is heart, that was, after he had taped the creep, de Villiers mouth, or else with the Browning, but that would be a last resort, he told himself, that he would prefer to do it, with the knife nodding his head, “because he would have to, make that animal really suffer, how dare he make love, to his Elena”, his blood started pumping harder, through his veins again, the small veins in his forehead, where ready to burst.

Senior Constable First Class Frank Kowalsky, in his eight year of service, was near the end of his shift, and was yawning, it was nearly time, to get home, and crawl into his bed, he rolled his shoulders, several times, to relieve the tension in his neck, a tension, which would normally come these days, near the end, of his lonely grave-yard shift.

A short while ago, he had heard a garbled message, trough his radio, of an alleged attack on a police vehicle, somewhere between Clare and Gawler, but he had not been informed, to investigate, any-how it was long way away, from his normal patrol area.

Frank was attached, to the Main Elizabeth Police Station, after about five rolls of his shoulder, to make himself more comfortable, he saw a Mercedes, on the opposite of the road, moving in the direction of Adelaide, it had to be moving at well over one hundred, when it passed him, whilst he himself, was sitting next to the Smithfield Hotel, just off the road, but not in their car-park.

Frank turned the key, and immediately started the police cruiser, next he grabbed his radio, and called in that a Mercedes coupe, ‘he named the first part of the number plate’, had just past him doing ,an estimated between 110 and 120 km’s per hour” , Frank emphasised, “at least”, he continued with, “the Mercedes coupe was going in the direction, of the Elizabeth shopping centre at present, and would be by-passing that centre, in some 3 to 4 minutes, on the Main-North-Road, in the eighty zone, he himself was on the opposite of the road, on the side of the Smithfield pub”, he informed the person, on the other side of the radio, that was in pursuit!

The chase was on’.

Senior Constable First Class Frank Kowalsky, started the flashing lights, and siren on the police cruiser, and took off, spinning the wheels, throwing stones and dirt, behind the cruiser, ‘something which he enjoyed, because this did not happen very often’, he loved it like a kid, when the stones where flying, in every direction behind him, after-all he was still only 28 years old.

The supercharged police cruiser, with the siren screaming, and the lights flashing, one of the highway chase cars, of the South Australian Police Force, doing up to 160, after a short while caught, up to the Mercedes, which was slowing down near the Hogarth road, at Elizabeth Vale.

Tony shaking his head angrely, pulled over to the side of the Main North Road, just before Hillbank, thinking through his unreasonable mind:

Why would a silly policeman, stop me from killing, de Villiers”, the voice in his head, send a white hot lava flow of hate, for this police man, who was stopping him, surging through his head, but even in his madness, he made sure, that he was away, from the nearest street lights, and that on his left, was the large plantation, of trees, scrubs and grass, between the Main North Road ,and the other streets of Elizabeth South.

The cruiser, with Kowalsky, pulled up in front of him, Frank Kowalsky all of six foot three intimidating inches, stepped out of the cruiser feeling full of Authority, how dare this bloke drive like an idiot past him, he purposefully walked towards the Mercedes, a police writing pad in his hand, thinking to himself:

This bozo, must be high on something, and boy, is he going to get a fine and a half”, the cruiser had clocked 160 to catch up with the Mercedes.

When Kowalsky came close, he noted that the driver’s window was open, feeling very important, at this late hour, having caught up with this idiot, he first stretched, all of his six foot tree inches, and lifted his shoulders, pulled an aggrieved face, which he knew, intimidated most people, before he leaned down, towards the open window, to tell the numbskull, to get out of the car, but before he could say anything, he was blown back, with a neat hole between his eyes, Kowalsky never knew what hit him, he crumbled to the ground, and within seconds, a pool of blood, formed around his head.

Tony slammed the Mercedes into drive, and with a spurt of speed, only just missing the Police cruiser, left the area, he slowed down slightly, to some 90 km’s, and continued on the Main North Road until he reached the crossing, which was on one side, the Saints road, and on the other the Golden Grove road, the lights, as usual early in the morning, were with him, but he mumbled to himself, “even if the stupid things had been red, there is hardly any traffic, and I could have gone straight through, them anyhow”.

He kept driving, at what he thought, was a sedate speed, of some 90 km's, just 10 km's, above the speed limit, at that section of the Main North Road, not wanting to be stopped, and having to kill again.

After a short while, he turned into the Smith Road, until he next turned, into the Aquamarine drive, where in minutes, he reached the road of his quarry, 'the Turquoise drive'.

He smiled to himself, before he looked grimly, out of the car, he was here, to do what had to be done, “kill de Villiers, and sadly, his beloved Elena, if she was here, with that nasty bit of work, that evil snake, that once was his friend”!”


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