The End of the Universe

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An astronaut named John wakes from cryogenic hibernation to a shuttle that is on the last shreds of power with only him left alive. He puts on a space suit and steps out into space, where none have been before him.

Submitted: April 09, 2017

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Submitted: April 09, 2017



As the airlock slowly chugged down the last shreds of reserve power, Johnny braced himself and thought back to his wife, her funeral, the rose that sprouted from her grave. As the great doors slowly creaked open, he smiled to himself and opened his eyes, stepping out into space. He made sure the cable was secure before looking around in wide-eyed marvel.

There was fire, blue and red and orange, myriads of colors all battling as the noble gods of old. There were planets, stars, ice, and life. He saw fields of green and blue and vast deserts of brown, and mountains crumbling down into the oceans. He felt warmth, emanating from nowhere but the cold depths of space. He stared at the gaping jaws of Charybdis in a field of meteors. It all stood still, worlds dying and being born and living out their life spans all at once, in perfect stillness; like nothing more than a canvas.

Johnny turned his head and felt something he could never hope to describe, but would dedicate the rest of his life to trying to explain. It was like being surrounded by beautiful darkness and void, standing on the lower eyelid of a massive eye, big as existence, and the eye stared down at him, and the center of the eye was a universe. And in that universe he saw chaos, and he saw order, and there was joy and sadness and pain and love. And it was home, and it was mystery, adventure.

Johnny carefully undid the fastenings of the cable and stepped into the eye.

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