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Two lovers torn apart by traditional family differences, and the consequences that are brought about.

Submitted: April 09, 2017

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Submitted: April 09, 2017





We never meant to fall in love, Jed Hennessy and me,

we knew it was a romance that would not be allowed to be;


but we shut our eyes to danger, paid no heed to warning signs

making the most of every moment of our ill-fated time.


The night, it was so stormy when the bang came at the door,

not some gentle knocking that I could choose to just ignore;


the men, they pushed their way inside, my father he did follow

and I knew from his expression he was going to cause me sorrow.


They seized my Jed so roughly, he was silent, I did cry,

I turned straight to my father and I then pleaded, ‘Why?’


He looked at me all severe, all harsh and stony-faced

and told me that my lover had left me so very much disgraced;


they pushed him and they punched him until he could barely walk,

he didn’t even glance at me, let alone attempt to talk.


They forced him from the house and made their way towards the sea,

I screamed out towards my father then attempted to just flee;


My tears were running freely, my throat raw from all my screams,

but it was as though I was trapped inside some kind of trance-like dream.


They forced my Jed on to the ship, and it then began to sail,

I tried and tried to follow but I was left standing in the gale.


And then the ship began to still, I had to force my eyes to look

they’d pushed my Jed up to the side, I trembled and I shook --


the gun-shot when it sounded out was like a crack of thunder --

 the desperation left me and the grief it pulled me under.


I looked up into the stormy sky and screamed out such a curse

to bring about much suffering to the assassins and much worse,


I targeted my father for his guilt was plainly written

and I felt a kind of victory when by lightning he was smitten.


He plunged from off the cliff-top as the mast, it took a hit,

the boat began to smoke and flame, the sea began to spit.


I’d avenged my lover’s death but I’ll never more recover

for we were the perfect partners, those meant for one another.


The people said an accident was to blame for the loss of life

I’m not one to disturb their beliefs, to cause me extra strife;


but every night I wander upon the cliff top above the sea,

waiting for my Jed to somehow make his way to me.


Whether it is windy or whether the night is dry

my tears, they will be falling for my heart will ever cry.

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