Plenty Blue Fishes

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A sailor report found on the beach...

Submitted: April 09, 2017

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Submitted: April 09, 2017



“I wrote it to the good of all. Please, take this message ahead.”

“If there are plenty blue fishes, don’t abuse of the sea.”


Friday, September 17


“The thing has been appearing frequently since we started to move only under the sunlight. She likes to hunt at night, sometimes surprise us in the beginning of the evening, and then keeps annoying us until the late night, waiting the moment.”


“Yesterday died John. I haven't had guts to look at him running out the door, challenging the evil creature who kept guard outside in the darkness. I only heard his screams, in the beginning, they came from courage, bravery and then ... I was sure he wouldn't last a long time. Don’t get me wrong, he was a good sailor, but very impatient. It’s being a torture for all of us. Here, hidden in the captain's cabin, hearing the whine of the most sensitive fellows for I don’t know, two months? Sometimes I think I’m losing my mind. Like John.”


“During the day we travel to the east, from the way that we came. In the night we turn off the lights, turn off the engine and hide, waiting for the worst. Any sound brings the thing near, tease it, defy it. Some guys call it Kraken, others, leviathan. I call it Demon. A Kraken sinks ships, Leviathan swallows them. But Demons… Well, they torture, bother, make fun of the other’s suffering. Is exactly it what the thing are doing with us. Frequently I think she knows where we are, and just doesn’t kill us because feels more pleasure testing our insignificance before her, the screams and blows during the night seem to be to keep us aware, afraid of her presence. Thus, the time goes on, the creature gets sick of the lull night, and suddenly, the howls get higher and the blows on the hull get stronger. So, someone cries loud or run through the door away, to the last shout. It looks like a sacrifice.”


“I feel very bad saying that, but I have no hope to step on the ground again. The time is running and the things are getting bad. I can feel the day when the thing gets really sick of our nothingness and put one end in all of it. We went to the sea to become rich. But now I realize, it was a trap from that Demon. A penalty from the gods, to everyone who desires  to take advantage from the sea.”




— A hundred?

— Yeah, a hundred.

— I keep my bet, it won’t work. Ic. — Then took a long gulp of his bottle.

— The sea is ours, my friend. —  And threw the bottle in the ocean

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