Dont Call me Ugly

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Humor  |  House: African Romance Stories

Table of Contents

Chapter 1

Andrew is ugly, and he knows it.With a face that makes babies cry,he is refused job offers, isolated in the neighbourhood and treated as an outcast.But he is determined to succeed.By a stroke of luck,he gets hired in a zoo to scare away animals with his face.Things soon got worse and he returns to his roots to find out where his horrible face comes from.But a surprise story lies in wait for him. Read Chapter

Chapter 2

I have a large head with a bump on the right side of my forehead. My face is dark and appears charred on the sides. My eyes are small while my nose is flat, big and wide. With my thick and bulky lips, when I smile I reveal my large set of disorderly teeth. The gaps between my teeth are natural, but I lost the two pair in front from a tender age. A childhood accident put a mark across my face, giving me a permanent scar. Read Chapter

Chapter 3

“Puma!” I shouted at the criminals. They turn to look at where the voice comes from, and they call on each other that their plans have been foiled. They zoom off. Read Chapter

Chapter 4

I stand by the wire-mesh that barricades the animals from us, and a group of monkeys rush to my side. I wonder why I should get such celebrity welcome from the animals. I’d not been there before, and I didn’t come with food for them. Why they gathered around me is puzzling a bit. Read Chapter

Chapter 5

I like the manner in which the fellow spoke. He seems to be in a mood to educate me on the things I need to know as a new ‘Zookey’. Since these are the fellows I’ll be working with daily, it’s important not to start on a confrontational note. I’ve never been the aggressive type, anyways. Read Chapter

Chapter 6

The door refuses to open up until I cover my ugly face with a handkerchief. Why must I cover my face all the time to use a machine. Does a machine know that I'm that ugly? Read Chapter

Chapter 7

“You are the newest one here, and you should be careful how you go about things. Like I’ve warned you earlier, there are one million ways to hang people here. Your attitudes and manners would set you free.” Read Chapter

Chapter 8

It still surprises me how many of them think that I wear a mask. Since I always stand in front of the tour guides, they refer to me as the group clown. And true to their suggestions, I ‘m the one that waves at the monkeys to get them excited. After my act, the animals would be in the mood to interact with visitors. Read Chapter

Chapter 9

When will I have the chance of meeting a woman? I have strong desires to have my own kids. I want to have children to give me joy in my own space. If ladies continue to turn me down, when will that opportunity present itself? Read Chapter

Chapter 10

“Hello, Gentleman. I’m sorry to have kept you waiting. I was tied down in some bureaucratic ruckus, hence my delayed appearance. Hope you are not stressed or subjugated in any condescending manner by some insignificant nonentities around the locality?” Read Chapter

Chapter 11

I thought the mysteries surrounding my looks had been put to rest when I got a permanent job. I thought I would be allowed to be integrated fully into the society that has denied me the benefit of being a member. I imagined that the benefits that other citizens enjoy on account of being born in this country would be accorded me, but it’s not so. I’m being treated like a piece of an irrelevant and useless being whose view must be ignored and whose opinions don’t count. Read Chapter

Chapter 12

I’m actually more handsome than some of them, in my view. With these people around, I feel very much at home. No one will look at me like an outcast. John has done well to ask me to come live here. It will be a nice place to start out life. Read Chapter

Chapter 13

After just two weeks of living alone. I discover that I’ve added weight. There seems to be a new sense of satisfaction in living in one’s own space. For someone like me who have been through a lot of denials in the past, it feels nice to know that it is my sweat that pays for everything I see in this little room of mine. Even if the items are few and I can count them on the fingers of my right hand. Read Chapter

Chapter 14

I can’t express how happy I am. It is with joy that I toss into the bed. I’ve certainly come a long way since those days when I’ll be begging ladies to date me. Now, I’m shutting them up on the phone. And this is not just one kitchen cook or an obscure African lady. This is an animal curator who works in an office. Andrew, you are a gee! Read Chapter

Chapter 15

“I’m not wearing a mask. This is how I am.”

“This is how you are?”

Bertha turns slowly into the distance, apparently trying to remember something. She looks confused, as creases forms on her forehead. The smile she wore since she got here slowly melts away. Read Chapter

Chapter 16

Where did I get such a face? At church, they say we are made in the image of God, but I’ve been wondering about my case. In whose Image am I made? I must trace back my origin. Someone must explain to me where this face originated. There must be a clarification. If my mother is from Limpopo, and she’s not ugly, where did my father appear from? Read Chapter

Chapter 17

My visit to Polokwane taught me a lesson I will not forget. I must never, ever despair, no matter how harsh a situation is. I realise that I’m crying with my eyes intact until I come across someone who is blind. I complain about having no shoes, then I encounter a man with no legs; even if he desires a pair of shoes, how will he wear them. I lament that my food lack nutrients, then I stumble upon the orphan child who is not sure where the next meal will come from. Read Chapter

Chapter 18

Neela burst out laughing uncontrollably. Oh! How melodic her laughter is. I wish I can use that sound as my ringtone. It’s pleasant, even if outlandish. This woman is driving me crazy. My days of being a bachelor are definitely numbered. Read Chapter

Chapter 19

With Jaffar and John by my side, I take the unprecedented step of going to pay the bride price for Neela. I’m free of any niggling doubts that she is the one for me. She is free of the kind of baggage that other ladies I know have, and her free-spirited nature just suits my personality. Read Chapter

Chapter 20

News spread around that I’m married and the ladies in the kitchen troop to the staff room to confirm if it’s true. Zandile is one of those that show up. She surprises me by complaining about how I dumped her! Here she is crying bitterly that I broke her heart. I just watch her perform her drama, enjoying the gesticulations she brings along with it. I remain unruffled. Read Chapter

Chapter 21

We soon got to the Sheraton Hotel. It is a 65-storey building located in a quiet neighbourhood in the city centre. Barbara leads me to my room, and I drop my bags. It is a five-star hotel. The room is exquisite and well catered. It feels cosy. Read Chapter

Chapter 22

My sister stands up from her seat and raises her hands to the skies, and thanking God for his mercies. She dances around for five minutes, singing tunes and hymns that I’m not familiar with. I stand aside, smiling lavishly at her unusual act. Read Chapter

Chapter 23

“Then you are lucky. Look at me very well. I have been insulted and rejected many times in my life. I am an orphan like you. Look at me very well. You can see how my face is. If I can survive with
this kind of face, what do someone like you have to say? You are good-looking and healthy. You can make things walk for yourself. Let me tell you; someone called me a thief because of how I look. I
was accused wrongly and beaten up until I was rescued by the police. I was innocent and knew nothing about the stolen car. On many occasions, I was turned down during interviews. They said my face
would chase their customers away, so they couldn’t give me the job. I searched for a job for seven years in Polokwane, but nobody gave me a chance. I had to leave the place to come to Pretoria, but
still no luck. For three years, I roamed the street of Pretoria in search of something to do. No one wanted to associate with me, life was tough and surviving was hard. Sometimes, for a month, I
will be left with five rands in my pocket. But I continued to struggle hoping that things would change for the better one day.
Read Chapter

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