Blink Of An Eye

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Submitted: April 09, 2017

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Submitted: April 09, 2017



Blink Of An Eye


In the blink of an eye it happened,

I found that I was lost;

This girl, she said she’d guide me

But I knew there’d be a cost.

The sight was so not threatening

Although I never saw her face,

She ensured her back was to me,

And that those fun ears were in place.

We wandered along a twisty path,

She firmly led the way,

So many heightened colors

Make my senses start to sway.

The butterflies are enormous,

The biggest I’ve ever seen,

I’m sure I saw one with some teeth --

That must be just a dream!

How long have we been walking?

It feels to me like years,

And maybe that one single thought

Begins to stir my fears.

I give my head a shake or two,

It’s really way too bright,

For me to be too worried

Or to tangled up in fright.

A flower leans towards me

And at my hand it snaps,

These birds like none I’ve seen before

Fill in all the gaps.

Then straight out of the hedges

They begin to push right through,

Quite what they are really

I’ll leave that up to you.

Their faces are so hideous,

As they look at me and drool,

Their nails are so much more like claws,

I know I’ve been a fool.

I’ve followed a guide along a path,

Let myself be so misled;

These are my final moments

For soon I will be dead.

The plants are feeding on my legs,

The birds attack my face,

These creatures now will finish me

In this mad and lethal place.

My final thought that I do have

As I am about to die,

Is why did I have to pick that moment

To go and blink my eye?


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