Reflection Progression

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This is a poem I wrote about my life and how I saw myself because of the fact that I struggle with bipolar disorder.

Submitted: April 09, 2017

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Submitted: April 09, 2017



As a child I looked in the mirror, but what I saw wasn’t really me.

I saw a girl who laughed and played like a normal child.

My vision was clouded and I didn’t know enough to actually see.

What I really was, though, was uncontrollable and wild.


As I got older I began to see the child that needed to change.

Though, by then, that was not who I was anymore.

By then a better, and brighter me was so closely in range.

I needed to be able to see the version of me worth striving for.


I now see a person worth being my reflection.

I can see me for who I really am, without much confusion.

What I see is certainly better, even if it’s not perfection.

The mirror finally shows me reality, instead of illusion.


A person has multiple reflections as their lives go by.

Though, a person’s reflection will never be perfect, it’s worth the try.

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