R.I.P. Lea

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I wrote this as a way to cope when one of my best friends, Lea, committed suicide two years ago, just a couple days after after her eighteenth birthday.

Submitted: April 09, 2017

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Submitted: April 09, 2017



Lost, that's what you were then.

Lost, that's what I am now.


I am lost without your smile.

Your, kind, silly, fun smile.

Your mouth halfway opened.

The spot of yellow on your front tooth.

The excitement in your eyes.

I miss your smile.


I am lost without your imagination.

Your thoughts were so wild.

You with your Mio addiction.

Do you remember the yellow porcupine?

What about the Purple Mushroom Man?

I miss your imagination.


I am lost without your spirit.

You cheered me up when I was sad.

You were so hyper and silly.

Do you remember singing songs from Frozen at L.I.T. time?

That is one of my best memories.

I miss your spirit.


I am lost without you.

You were one of my best friends.

I used to think that you were too cool to be my friend.

You were one of the greatest people I ever knew.

I loved you like a sister.

I miss you


You were lost then, that is why you left us.

I am lost now, because you are gone.

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