when you know your friend all too well (Human 2)

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Breanda wants nothing more than for the chores on their list to be done. However, her friend Olivia has different plans.

Submitted: April 09, 2017

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Submitted: April 09, 2017



When you know your

 friend all too well


On the east side of the river Madison, stood a well-built cabin. Living inside of the cabin were two girls named Breanda and Olivia. Both girls were responsible for everything that went on in the western region of the sacred garden they lived in. If any animal that lived in the region they controlled had a complaint they would tell either of the girls and they (if they did their jobs right) wrote it down to complete later.

“Today we only have two chores to complete: one is to plant more carrots for the rabbits. The second is to fix the chicken coop rooftop,” said Breanda.

“I’m ready to go when you are,” said Olivia.

“You better not slack off today.”

“I’m not going to slack off today, Breanda. I’m going to do my chores.”

Breanda gave Olivia a cold, mean stare.

“What? I’m serious, Breanda. Today I’m going to complete my task.”

“Whatever, just complete your chores or I’ll slap the taste out of your mouth, ok?”

Olivia nodded her head, adding, “If I slack off you’ll slap the taste out of my mouth, got it.”

“Which one of the chores do you want to do.”

“Which ever you don’t take.”

“I’m going to repair the chicken coop.”

“Fine, I’ll plant the carrot seeds.”

Within an hour, the two girls left their cabin. Since both their destinations was somewhat in the same direction, they stayed relatively close to each other. Olivia was always in the lead, for she was ready to finish her chores. She would regularly motivate Breanda to move as faster as she was. However, once they crossed the rushing river, the two girls went their separate ways.

Breanda, who don’t like being made a fool of, traveled a short distance towards the chicken coop before switching her course for the nearby lake. “I bet Olivia is going to the lake instead of doing her chores,” thought Breanda, as she headed towards the lake.

After thirty minutes of walking, Breanda arrived at the nearby lake. The lake was both small and shallow with greenish water. Around the lake, huge, medium, and small rocks was formed. Some of the rocks stood on the bank while others sat in the water.

Near the lake, Breanda hid behind one of the many trees that surrounded the lake. Regularly she would peak from behind the tree to spot Olivia coming down to the lake. After just five minutes of waiting, Breanda spotted Olivia getting inside of the water.

“Olivia, you dummy!” shouted Breanda, as she neared the lake.

Olivia ducked low inside the water after hearing her name being called out.

As she looked all around the lake, Breanda yelled, “I won’t let you escape from me!”

Around twenty seconds later, Olivia indeed came back up for air. She came back up at the same spot she went under.

“I’m telling our lord about you shirking your responsibilities again if you don’t come here!” Yelled Breanda.

Olivia swam to the side of the lake were Breanda stood stumping her feet. When she came back on dry land, Breanda came right up to her face.

“Are you ready for me to smack you?” Asked Breanda.

Olivia didn’t give a reply, for she was thinking of a way to get out of these situations.

“Why didn’t you go to the carrot field?”

“I didn’t want to do the carrot job. I wanted to do the chicken coop job,” Cried Olivia.

After giving Olivia s hard slap across her face, Breanda replied, “Don’t you lie to me. I asked you what job you wanted earlier.

Olivia tried to grab Breanda hair to throw her on the ground, like every female tries to do in a fight, however, Breanda was too quick for her. She hit Olivia multiple times without getting hit herself. Breanda then finished the fight by wrestling Olivia to the ground where she administered the finishing kick, pow, to Olivia cute face.

Stumping her feet as hard as she could, Breanda cried, “I told you I would beat you up if you didn’t stop playing with me!”

Olivia was on the ground covering her face that had just been kicked, so she couldn’t reply.

Breanda continued to yell and stump her feet violently as she circled Olivia.

When Olivia finally sat up, with her face uncovered, she revealed the damage Breanda kick had done, for her nose was leaking a large amount of blood. Breanda on seeing what she had done to her friend calmed down enough to show real concern over her best friend wellbeing.

“Are you ok, Olivia? I didn’t mean to kick you that hard.”

Olivia didn’t say anything back, for she was too busy thinking of the damage Breanda did to her face.

After cleaning up Olivia’s face, Breanda promised to help Olivia with the carrot field, but she would only help to a certain point before going back to her own task. Olivia accepted Breanda offer.

Once both their chores were complete both girls spent the rest of that day playing in the lake.


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