Incorrect decisions

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Submitted: April 09, 2017

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Submitted: April 09, 2017



Incorrect decisions


This is my story. My name is Emily. I moved out to a new country with a new school.. I was happy without drama or love.. But it wasnt always good. I had awesome friends but I was mean with some girls, I was popular and stupid. I was in love with a guy but he loved someone else, my friend… I decided to let it go and let them be together, I hide my pain for my friends.. Someone found out i loved him and told him, everyone laught. After some days my father told me that we were moving out. My pain went away and a new story began…


I entered my new classroom. They were already in class. The teacher introduced me and a guy looked at me. I wasnt sure If I liked him but I felt a connection. When the class finished he invited me to get lunch with me and his friends. When I went to eat, there was only 2 girls and a lot of boys. One of the girls looked weird so I never talked to her and the other one became my best friend. I was happy.  I was really Young so we always played “zombie”, a game in which someone is a zombie and when he touches you, you become a zombie too. I liked it. Mostly because I was never one. Most of the people had mercy on me when I was one but not when they were. It was difficult for me to learn their language but I was fine. The guy started to have feelings for me and me for him. My best friend was jealous because she loved him since they met and I just came to “steal” him from her. She started to make my  life miserable but he was always there for me. I actually liked him a lot but I didnt wanted any problems so I let it go and had lunch alone, first I cried at lunch then I was fine. My mother didnt know anything so it was easier but then she found out and told one of the teachers. The teacher saw me and started getting me new friends. I started having lunch with some girls. I wasnt happy but I was fine eating with someone at least. One of the girls went away to her home country and I was alone with the other girl. We became very good friends and we told our stories. She had a story as bad as mine. All the girls bullied her but she didnt understand them. They called her mean things such as “bich” but she never understood. One girl made her life miserable and my ex best friend too. We decided to get revenge but We didnt wanted more trouble so we didnt do it. We never talked to them. We called them the “witches of hell”. The year ended and we were so happy. We both got good grades but we werent in the same class. I lost all my feelings for the guy from there to other grade.


AnOther year

The next year we were together and a new girl came to the school. I decided to make her our friend but my bestie didnt like it at first. Also Im going to pause the story to say why I dont say any names, My classmates would understand who I am and who are each person and it would get worse… Back to the story. I was really happy having not only 1 friend but 2. We liked being together and counting on each other. Me and my bestie started to get jealous and we still are of being with other persons because of what happened with this new girl. The new girl broke her leg and needed help so we helped her but a girl who was lonely like us helped her more and more and got to know her so we started to hate her we didnt wanted her to get her away from us. We planned how to get her back. I felt dissapointed and talked bad about them. This made me a worst person. At the end she left. I was more dissapointed than my bestie but we were sad. She letted it go but I couldnt until she left. I got a new story of how bad she was. We knew she did it on purpose because she had a boring friend she didnt like and our new friend was really funny. Also in the last year of school some “chisme” (Well thats how we call it) which means something that happens that it is so bad no one needs to know but people find out about it, happened. Someone found the diary of the bich and it started a scandall. Teachers helped solve it but Me and my bestie were so happy of that because we didnt had clases because of that problemo. Also If you are wondering about the guy I liked, he had the best life. He forgot the feeling about me and decided to replace me with some other new girl and another and another. I felt sad and lonely but I hide it.


The Next year


Finally, I felt like I was part of the school on this year. I loved my class group. And Obviously my bestie was in there. We saw three girls who were lonely so I told my bestie if we could invite them. She didnt liked the idea because she thought that we wouldnt be friends anymore or I was going to leave her like the other girl. I have always been shy so she invited them. One of them I already knew. It was the girl I never talked to, the weird one. I meet her and she was a great person. The other girl was really funny and a great friend. The last one was boring, I didnt liked her at all. She didnt talked and wasnt from my group. I felt like she didnt belonged with me and my friends. I tried to get her away but she wouldnt go. I just ignored her. Once she saw I didnt liked her, she decided to go herself with new friends. At least she was happy there. Then the other funny girl went away, the weird one stayed. (Sorry to called them that, they don’t want me to say their names)… Another girl came to school and she became our friends. She is a cat lover but she is really weird just like the other girl. My last crush invited me to take lunch with me after all this years. I actually felt for him again but he loved someone else. She was crazy, not funny and loved anime (I actually don’t have a problem with that) but she was kind,  tall and not pretty. I felt really bad because I loved him for many years and he just left me behind. She got a boyfriend on Valentines day and he cried. I was with him and he didnt care. He had a friend. I felt for him too but he left me just like my last crush. He was not as bad as the crush but he left me for another girl. I have never had a chance with boys. I still want love. In the last years all boys felt for me so I tried to fell for them so we could be happy but no. The funny friend that went away got a kind boyfriend I liked a Little but well… I have no option. I will still be lonely. I forgot to tell that me and my bestie were forever alone so we just tickled each other so we would laugh and not cry about no one asking us to be with them. Still looking for love and learning about life. I might not have the best life but it is fine… I love my school and my friends but as I said I want love in my life…




This was written by an Ecuadorian girl who left her home country but had a new and improved school with happiness at least. A girl who fought a war between bullying and obviously grades. A girl who expressed herself on a Little story about her. She didnt tell her age and hobbies or anything but her life. 


That girl is me.


You can contact me with this account. You can ask for help with bullying or give me fan mail, fan ficts, fan drawings. It would be amazing if I had someone to support me. Im sorry with the bad writting. Im not a English native speaker. My friends would be amazed with the support you give me… If you do. Thanks for Reading!


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