I wanted to feel her

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic

This is the story of a boy who is controlling his feeling of sex for his girlfriend but all of sudden he get exposed with his thoughts and the gift he gets from his girlfriend.

Shine got ready early morning at 6 am wished her parents when they were in sleep informed them that she is going to uncle's house near by. 

On the way shine met Daisy who were on the way to meet her boyfriend at holiday champ. Shine join daisy and they became friends as even shine lied to parents and wanted to see her boyfriend.

Both were Sharing a peek talk about their boyfriends.
Daisy: my Alex is so unstoppable that I can't say no to him.
Shine: smiles. My aero is so shy in nature but yes when he see me he can't stop himself to hug me tightly and kiss me. Yet we didn't had any special sexy act.
Daisy: these boys will never stop if we wished but we loves the way they love us. Both laugh.....they reached at holiday camp and daisy came to know on call that Alex went out with His friends and will take an hour to come back.
shine ask daisy to join her so she won't feel Alone till Alex get back.

At holiday camp..
When shine and daisy entered in aero's room. They both found aero is still sleeping covered in blanket. So shine asked daisy to sit on sofa and went near aero.

Shine with silently sat on bed near aero slowly took his blanket off from his face.
And before aero opens his eye and see who it is shine kissed him on forehead  and hugged him. She tried to kiss him on lips but aero moved and makes excuse and also covered him self back in blanket. Shine felt little awkward, so she said I came to wish you morning and on the way I got new friend daisy and she is here as her boyfriend will take some time to return. Aero behaved like he didn't bother why shine came, with whom she came, don't care who is daisy and her boyfriend.

Daisy also felt awkward and she reacted in expression to shine did aero is Shine's boyfriend in real. With this all unexpected and awkward situation shine decided to leave back home as she just came to wish aero and that's done now. Shine said sorry to daisy and left aero's room. When aero noticed shine left, he dressed up and went behind shine.
Aero: shine stop, please stop Don't go.
Look I am sorry.

Shine: I don't mind what you thought will discuss this later.
Aero: shine..stop don't go please. I missed you. I am sorry!
Shine: it's OK. I will see you later.
Aero: no..shine you can't go. I want you now. Stop for me.

The minute shine heard 'I want you'. She stops and turned around to aero.
Aero: shine you know I am very bad at expression. You know I love you like I never loved anyone. I am sorry I didn't reacted the way you expected inside there is a reason behind it.

But now I want you. Since a week I am here enjoying with my friends but you know why I joined this camp just to see you every now and then. It's me who is breaking your glass of your window every night so I can see you but I didn't dare to wake you up and I want you.  Today morning when you introduced your friend to me I didn't even noticed her name because I was not able to take off my eyes from you. when you kissed me I avoided because I just don't wanna hug you. I wished to hug you for so long. When you try to kiss I feel to locked your lips with mine and unbutton you and get inside you. I wanted to feel you. I wanted to bite you and I wanted to be a sucker and I .....

( when aero noticed that all people inside campus were staring at him and shine was giving him surprise looks with openly wide eyes.)

Aero: and I....
Shine: silently went closed to aero hold his hand and took him back inside his room.
Aero: shine I am sorry. Please talk to me. I won't do this again. I promised I'll keep my mouth shut. I didn't had a bath since two days, so I was sweaty please accept my excuse. Please say something I can't bear your silence.

( they both entered in room)

Shine took aero inside washroom under shower and shut his mouth with her lips. When she noticed aero has calm down she whispered in his ears- now I don't think you will get sweaty problem. And when aero heard this words from shine he hugged her so tightly and started kissing her her, made her naked and took her in bath tub grabbed her in his arms, locked her with kisses, hold her hips, sucked her nipples and breasts. He was on top of her completely and was inside. Shine didn't stopped him. It is their first time when they felt their touch and completely inside each other. Exotic moan's of shine making aero to be more hard and make her moan more loudly. They were making love like they are not gonna meet again ever after.

There were no words between each other. Shower tab is running, bath tub is full, love pain and sucking moans were making a sweaty and beautiful exotic rhythm of love.

After a couple of hours somebody knocked the door and called out for Aero. Shine and aero didn't even noticed knocking of the door and when next time door knocked loudly  shine heard it and stopped aero in his hear she said there is somebody at your door. Aero don't wanted to stop what he was enjoying but knocking at door was also not stopping. So in anger aero shouted, I am not in come later. And looked into Shine's eyes again. Shine smiled at him and said I need to go now it's being long time I am here. Dad will look out for me.

She covered herself with towel and went outside get dressed.
Behind her aero also took his bath rob and went outside. Shine was looking at her wet dress and making it dry with dryer to get back at home. Aero was staring at her with thirsty eyes and recalling all the positions they had before few minutes in bath tub and under shower. Shine noticed aero looking at her. She smiled and said stop staring at me it is finished now I will go home will meet you tomorrow.

By hearing this aero took off his bath rob and holds shine from behind took her towel off, grabbed her boobs and started kissing her neck. Picked her and landed on bed Slowly whispered in her ear I didn't finished yet and won't allow you to finish it so soon.

Shine is seeing thirsty sucker, long waited wolf, a hungry lion for sex in front of her. And the red marks, love bytes on her whole body was the proof of aero's hunger. Aero is enjoying the scratches on his back, arms of Shine's nails when she is moaning. He is loving when shine grab his hairs tightly, pressing his body towards her. They tried most of the positions. And at the falling evening when aero noticed shine slept. He took him out of shine and let her sleep. He is just staring at her moved and rolling his fingers on all over her body. And later covered her with blanket and just sitting besides her and still staring.

After an hour a phone rings and breaks Shine's sleep.
Shine opens her eye and with smile asked aero- when did I slept?
Aero: wakeup beauty, you just can't leave me thirsty in between and hugged her.
Shine: where is my dress?
Aero: I'll go and get it. I used washing machine to dry it.
Shine dressed up and hugged aero asking him not to break more glass of her window.
Aero: is it necessary to go home? Why can't you stay with me.
Shine: I have to go I will come back again in the morning.
She kissed him and open the door.
Aero: down on his knees and shine please don't go I just can't live without you.. Please marry me. I love you .
Shine : turned back kissed him again and said yes I will marry you but to get marry I need to go home first and smiles.

Aero went with her to drop her at home, hugged her tightly, kissed her warms lips again and said you will be soon mine. And I promised I won't let you finished ever. I will be thirsty forever for you. Shine smiled at him and said I love you my thirsty wolf, hungry lion. I love you so much. They smiled at each other and shine went inside and aero back on the way at camp.

Submitted: April 10, 2017

© Copyright 2021 Triveni. All rights reserved.

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