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This is only the first chapter of my self-published novel Conquered.

If you like the first chapter and would like to read on please go to where you can buy a hardcopy or kindle version of my novel. Thank you :)

England 1906. A massacre hits London tearing the heart out of the town. Friends Liam and Shane survive due to a terrible curse, being bestowed upon them. As the years pass they face challenges that will not only test their strength, but they're humanity as well.
Part one of a trilogy

Submitted: April 10, 2017

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Submitted: April 10, 2017



Chapter 1

England, 6th of June 1906. Piercing cries of agonizing pain fill the storm cloud covered sky. As rain hammers down, mixing with a sea of blood flowing through the cobbled streets of Whitechapel.

Strange beings with icy pale skin, jet black eyes and a mouthful of sharp white fangs, are feasting on the innocent souls of London. An army of them slaughtering the entire city in just a few hours. This night forever known as the 6/6/6 massacre.


“25618 stand to attention, we are coming in.” A booming voice wakes Shane from his slumber.

Many years have passed since that day with only a handful of survivors. Shane and his friend Liam thought they were the only ones left until they were kidnapped and brought to a camp in Germany. It’s 1941, World War two, Shane has been 27 for 35 years.

His mouth waters to the sound of soldier’s hearts pounding fearfully in their chests. As he stumbles to his weak feet, Shane inhales deeply taking in the scent of their blood types- two O positives and a B negative. His hunger forces him to lunge forward towards the steel door but, the shackles that bind his wrists together prevent him from getting any further than two feet, as the chain attaching the shackles to the wall pulls him back.

“Stand back against the wall!” A different powerful voice orders.

Shane recognises the voice and the blood type, it’s one he’s been wanting to try for a while- AB positive.

“Dr Zürich.” Shane speaks as loudly as he can, his voice raspy.

“Stand back against the wall 25618.” Dr Zürich repeats.

Shane glances down at the numbers tattooed on his wrist. That was the moment everything was taken from him. He was no longer Shane Johnson, he was five numbers to be experimented on.

He backs into the darkness until he feels the stone wall against his naked scar covered back. Shane hears the key turning in the lock and before he can blink, he’s blinded by the light outside of his cell. Three soldiers walk inside two feet away from the door and Shane. They are all wearing Nazi uniforms and each have hold of a metal pole, which is connected to an open steel neck brace.

Dr Zürich strolls over to Shane and releases him from his shackles. The doctor is a middle-aged man who fits a perfect description of a mad scientist.

“If you try anything you will be punished and starved for longer this time.” Dr Zürich states.

Shane staggers towards the neck brace and when he places his neck inside, one soldier quickly locks the brace around him.

“Prisoner leaving cell!” A soldier announces, as he pulls Shane out of the freezing dark cell and into the brightly lit cellblock. The other two soldiers keep a tight hold of their poles following behind Shane.

“Don’t break! Stay strong!” Other prisoners shout from inside their cells.

Ahead Shane spots Liam being dragged back into his cell, unconscious and bleeding from whiplashes on his legs. Liam is like the older brother he wishes he had and seeing this fills him with rage.

“Liam! What have they done to you?!” Shane screams, thrashing about which causes the soldiers to lose grip and drop the poles. Roars of the prisoners telling Shane to kill give him the motivation he needs, however, before he can make a move Dr Zürich injects something into his neck and he blacks out.

As Shane wakes he blinks a few times from a bright light shining directly onto him. The smell of disinfectant and blood fills his nostrils- he’s in the experimenting room. These white walls and steel tables with built in restraints haunt him, as all this room does is bring pain. He has been tortured in here; all to see how fast he heals.

Shane attempts to move but he can’t escape as he is tied down to a table, with titanium chains around his wrists and ankles.

“That was a very stupid thing you did little brother.” An all too familiar voice echoes around the room sending shivers down his spine.

“Show yourself you coward.” Shane growls, turning his head from side to side unable to see the man responsible for all of this.

He hears footsteps getting louder as his older brother walks towards him.

“Lee.” Shane mutters under his breath in disbelief.

“The one and only.” Lee grins menacingly, revealing his fangs whilst outstretching his arms. His blue eyes pierce into Shanes’, and his straight jet black hair strokes Shanes’ cheek as Lee bends to whisper,

“You are in for hell little brother.”

“Who are you talking to?” Dr Zürich asks standing at the foot of the table, staring at Shane with his crazy green eyes.

Shane furrows his brow in confusion but decides not to respond.

“That was quite a beating you took. I’m surprised you are not in pain, the morphine I gave you must have worked. Even on you creatures, this is quite interesting.” Dr Zürich walks enthusiastically to Shanes’ side whilst writing on his clipboard.

“You have a strong bond with 53910, don’t you? My colleagues tell me that he is a tough one, yes, he has handled everything we have done to him so far. However, everyone has a breaking point, even you monsters.” He hisses. He places the clipboard down onto a smaller table by Shanes’ head.

“We are not monsters, you are.” Shane tugs at the restraints but winces as he feels his body starting to ache.

Dr Zürich scoffs at Shanes’ statement. He picks up a small scalpel from off the table, twisting it delicately in between his fingers.

“You are bred to kill. You wouldn’t know what being a human is like. All I’m doing is following orders to see if you can help us win this war and when we do,” He smirks placing the scalpel to Shanes’ throat.

“You will all die.”

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