Game Over

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I don't remember anything. Why am I here?

Submitted: April 10, 2017

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Submitted: April 10, 2017



The light hit my eyelids, daring me to open them. My back was on something soft, like a patch of grass. I grabbed at my face. My glasses were there. Good. What would I do without them? Be the visually-impaired nerd I was. That’s what. I mustered up the strength to push myself up and open my eyes. All I saw was trees and grass. Standing, I brushed myself off and started walking toward the cluster of trees. 

After walking for a while, I sat down, slumped against a tree. I was exhausted, so I closed my eyes and slept. When I opened them, a man was staring at me. He was right in front of me. This man had brightly-dyed red hair, eccentric clothes, pale skin and hazel green eyes that never seemed to wander. Another thing I noticed was that he was pointing a gun at me. Great. 

“Who are you? Answer me! Are you working for them?” He said ‘them’ with such malice, I thought that ‘they’ were the worst thing on earth, so I shook my head, “Stay still or I’ll shoot you.”

He spoke with a light jersey accent. I stayed still as a statue, waiting for him to point his gun somewhere else. He called for a man called ‘Dr. Death’ on his walkie-talkie. All while keeping his gun on me. I was strangely calm in this moment, not stuttering or shaking like I usually would have.

“You know, you shouldn’t point your gun somewhere you’re not going to shoot.” I said, humouring him. He was definitely going to shoot me. Finally, fear started to shoot through my veins like a drug. But I maintained a semi-emotionless face. After a few minutes, he turned his attention to me. He mumbled something about ‘the girl’, who I assume was me. ‘Dr. Death’ said something and the red-head grumbled something inaudible.

He turned off the walkie-talkie and crouched down to eye-level. His whole demeanour changed, from tough, aggressive, killer to soft, passive, quiet and careful fairy. He dropped his gun, held his hands up in a surrendering motion and spoke softly. The lying bastard wasn’t going to fool me though.

“Hey, hey, it’s alright. I’m not going to hurt you. You’re okay now. I just need you to answer one question. Is that okay?”

I nodded, not bothering to make the ‘you already asked one question’ joke. Now was not the time to aggravate the clearly-annoyed man. He was bigger, taller and stronger than me, plus he had a gun. I was screwed if he wanted to hurt me. 

“Do you remember anything of them?” He asked, pushing my hair out of my face. I snapped.

“Who the hell are ‘they’? Why do you keep asking me about them? Look, dude, I don’t remember anything besides waking up in the middle of the goddamn forest and getting harassed by a pedophile who is obsessed with ‘them’. That’s you by the way. Give me some fucking space because I don’t know about them and I can’t remember where the hell I am, how I got here or who I am. And if you didn’t notice, you were pointing a gun at me for the first half of our time together, so that’s kinda terrifying.” I snapped at the shocked man. Was he an idiot? I snatched the gun from by his feet and he sprung into action. 

His hands wrapped around my neck and I kicked his thigh. My vision was quickly fading. A burning sensation rippled in my chest and rose up my throat. I fought against the older man, but it was no use. He was going to kill me.

“P-Please, spare m-me, I-I’ll do any-anything,” I spluttered. He let go of my throat and snatched the gun. I looked down the barrel of the gun as he pointed it straight at my head. Tears stained my shirt. This is how I die. Facing the barrel of a gun, crying and begging for someone to save me. It was kind of pathetic. 

“Answer the goddamn question and don’t lie about it!” He growled. 

“I told you, I don’t know who ‘they’ are! Leave me alone! Please.” I begged over and over, like a broken record. 

It hurt, but not as much as I thought it would. It wasn’t a burn or a stabbing sensation, more like a bee sting. A jab, then it spread through my forehead. Quickly, it became unbearable. Every second that I was still conscious, I wanted to disappear. It was indescribable but I’ll try to paint the picture of pain. 

Imagine a monster so ugly to look at, that it flees into darkness. When you catch a glimpse, you can finally see its head. It had probably once been a human, but now has only the barest resemblance of one. It’s head was caved in, dried blood still clung to it’s ruined throat. It’s limbs were unnaturally thin and gangly. They look as if they would be broken by a stick, but somehow you knew that they were heavier than the Titanic. As you see this glimpse, your ears start buzzing manically. If you try to cover your ears, the buzzing escalates to the point that your ears will start to bleed and you will see dark red cracks in your vision, it will burn and feel like someone drilled a hole in your skull and your brain starts to burn and-

It stopped. 

All of the pain, the noise, the adrenaline, everything stopped. I opened my eyes. I was in darkness, with only bright, blurred text to see. My glasses slipped into my hands and I put them on, not asking questions. The text read, ‘Game Over, Try Again, Quit’ 

I didn’t know what this was, but I wasn’t a quitter. Never was, never will be. I waved my hand through the ‘Try Again’ option. Swirling colours and music. What was happening? My memory started to deteriorate and re-build itself on blank faces and nonsense words. When finally, it stopped.

The light hit my eyelids, daring me to open them. My back was on something soft, like a patch of grass.

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