Former Friend

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My cousin gave me a challenge to write a short story about somebody I haven't seen in years, and this is the result. This is a short story containing my feelings about a friend I made long long ago, she was the first person that came to mind for my cousin's challenge. Hope you all like it!

Submitted: April 10, 2017

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Submitted: April 10, 2017



The 2nd grade. Eight years ago I first met you. A whole year I spent with you, lost in our wild and dense forest of imagination. You became my best friend in that year, an unforgettable personality, a huge influence to the creative side of me. My parents considered my imagination interesting for my age, but you took it to a whole new level. You sowed the seeds of my passion for writing today, which I am forever grateful for.

From switching places with your imaginary friend to give her the experience of living a day of your life in your body, to claiming that the voice you spoke with wasn't your own, but your true voice was so beautifully unbelievable that ‘something’ stole it away when you were born. Your ideas were way ahead for your age, so much that I developed an interest in the fictional world just to catch-up with you.

With you there was never a dull moment and school became exciting, somewhere I would be impatient to go to. It was one of the best years of my life, all thanks to you. In that single year, you truly taught me that the human’s brain has no limits to imagination, no matter what the age.

We bid farewell on the last day of school, and even on that day, I was anxious for summer to be over just so that we could meet again in third grade. I wished from the depths of my heart to have you in my class once again. You wouldn't believe my disappointment when I found out, I would be moving to my parents’ homeland for my further education.

Today, my classmates assume that my English, especially creative writing, is remarkable simply because, and I quote; “You were born and raised for the first 9 years of your life in America.” 

But if somebody was to actually ask for my opinion, I wouldn't hesitate to express my true feelings.

“Somebody had planted a unique bud of inventiveness in my mind at a young age. I worked hard to water it, and helped it bloom even further to prevent it from wilting. But without the bud, there would have never been anything for me to care and watch over to bloom.”

I was on cloud nine, a huge grin consuming my face at our sudden and unexpected reunion. Due to family reasons, I had to enter the same school in America for fifth grade, remaining for half-a-year. You can't even come close to guessing my feelings when I discovered that you still remembered me. I expected that losing touch for two years would have me kicked out of your mind, leaving space for only your present friends. Although we were unable to spend those six months as close as we were once, especially since we had grown up quite-a-bit and were in different classes, I was still ecstatic and treasured the moments we did have.

Some may call me crazy, but I still consider you as a significant figure in my life. You may not have spent as much time with me, even when we both had our eyes popped out of our sockets at the reunion. You may not have introduced your new friends to me so we could all hang out at lunch as a big group. You may not have exchanged contact information with me even after I warned you that I was sadly leaving once again. Who knows, you may not even remember me today, after all these years! But I still remember you. If it weren't for you, I wouldn't be as interested in English literature and creative writing as I am today. 

You may no longer be a part of my life, but you will always have a special place in my heart from the past. Perhaps we might even cross paths in the future again, but if we do then will we recognize each other or not, nobody knows. But even if I don't recognize you since dolefully, your image is a blur at the back of my head, I will once I hear your name.

Your name is unique, one of a kind. Another factor which lead me to befriending you, I've never heard of anyone with your name. I used to think that my name was long with 3 syllables, but your’s consisted of 5! So the real question is, if our fates ever intertwine again, will you be able to recall me?

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