There's Always An Open Friend Waiting For You!

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Holly gets bullied. Until Sally becomes her friend.

Submitted: April 10, 2017

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Submitted: April 10, 2017



Holly never had friends, the school she goes to is Rachael High.  Holly lives in Texas.  She gets bully a lot because of her looks but Holly doesn’t let that get to her even though when she gets home she cries every night. The next day Holly told her parents she was sick (but she really wasn’t), Holly’s mom asked her, “what’s wrong hun”? “My stomach hurts and I feel like I’m going to faint”. Holly replied. Holly’s mom let her stayed home but holly’s father wanted her to go to school  but in Holly’s family the women is in charge.  Holly sat on the couch and watched her parents leave to go to work.  Holly went in her to listen to music then she felt to sleep.  Holly’s mom came home and asked if she needed anything from the store.  Holly said “no”, but she did wanted candy, but her mom doesn’t allow candy when she is sick. Holly went back to sleep because the next day she would have to go to school the next day so she decided to sleep the whole day.  Friday morning finally came, holly’s mother and father came in to wake her up.  Holly got up right away besides it was her 16th birthday, Holly had a feeling something good was gonna happen.  Holly got dressed and headed for the door to catch her bus.  Holly rode the school bus everyday to and from school.  Holly even got bullied to and from school on the bus.  Holly also gets bullied in the hallways and in the classrooms, but the teachers always help her out when they do pick on her.  She never have a good day at school because of the things that happen there but holly try and stay strong.  When holly got to school, she went to the restroom and look in the mirror.  Tears came running down her face.  Some girl came by holly and ask her “what’s wrong”? Holly didn't say anything but words hurt.  The girl introduce herself, “My name is Sally”, the girl said.  Holly smiled and says,“no  one talks to me which means I have no friends”,in a low depressing voice.  Sally smiled back and said. “Well now you do have a friend”. Holly smile like she is taking a picture.  “So what does friends do together sally “? Holly asked.  Sally was shocked but she remembered how Holly doesn’t have friends then she explain everything to holly about what friends do together. Holly smiled and said, “ I better get to class, I’m already late enough, Sally agreed, me too.  Holly got to class and noticed that Sally was in the same class, “Oh you could've told me you had math next and in room 102”, said Sally with a giggle.  “Oh sorry, I don’t really talk to anyone, Holly reply.  As mr. bob was teacher the whole class end up falling asleep  but Holly and Sally. The bell had rung and everyone woke up, “Don’t forget to do your homework, it is due tomorrow”, Mr. bob said. Holly was trying to hurry so she wouldn’t be late to her next class but she tripped over a chair and fell. Everyone in the class laughed but Sally.


Chapter 2

Holly went in the living room to watch some T.V. , but before she could grab the remote, Holly mother had called her from the kitchen.  Holly didn't feel like getting up from the couch but she had to so she got up to see what her mom had wanted.  Holly hates getting up from the couch, to her the couch is a beautiful baby blue color and soft as a blanket.  “what mom”, holly said. ¨Holly I wanted to tell you that you have a phone call¨.  Holly looked confused but didn't say anything. “is everything okay¨? Her mother asked. ¨I guess said holly. Holly pick up the white telephone and said


Sally:This is Sally, I wanted to surprise you that’s why I didn’t tell you I gonna call”Holly : “It's okay i was just shocked because no one has ever called me before but my family”

Sally: Oh

Holly: I got to go

Holly hung up the phone. “So”, her mother said. Holly went to her room, she didn’t tell her mom because she would of freak out. Holly’s mom came into her room to see if she was okay. Holly told her mom that she is fine but then she started crying. “What’s wrong”, her mother said. “Mom it hurts when being be mean to me, i feel the pain all over my body and finally I have a friend, i’m so happy that i have a friend now and I thank God for it. Holly had went to sleep.  Buzz……… Buzz………..Buzz…….. . Ugh I have to get up already for school, great. Holly didn’t feel like getting up so she took a catcap.  Holly woke up. OH MY GOD, i’m late, I forgot to set my clock again when I went back to sleep. It is 10:30, I have to hurry up, get dressed, eat, and drink my coffee, Holly said.  Holly looked everywhere for her mother but she was nowhere to be found so Holly figured she went to work. She went in her parents room to asked her dad, but he was sleeping so good that he was breathing heavily.  Holly got out the room before her dad starts to sleepwalk. Holl’s phone started ringing, she didn’t answer it because she didn’t know who was calling. Holly end up skipping school. “I’m already late so why would I go”, said holly. Holly went in the kitchen and on the counter was a bottle of wine. She looked to see if her dad was awake before she drank some red wine, she looked back to see if her dad was awake then drunk more, more, and ,more til it was all gone.  Holly threw the bottle away and went back in her bedroom. When she was walking to her room she ran into her father. “What are you still doing here buttercup”, her father said in a deep voice.  “I still don’t feel good”, Holly said. “Well okay go get some rest”, Holly’s father said.  Holly went back to her room while her dad went to the restroom and went back to sleep. Once Holly close her eyes her father came in yelling, “HOLLY GET ME SOMETHING TO DRINK”. Holly had to get up and do as he say.  She wanted to say no, but if she did she would of got hit.  Holly parents had pretty good money her mom work as a producer  and her father is a doctor. Holly went in her parents room to see what her dad wanted, when she got in there her dad had nothing on.  Holly turn around facing the wall while waiting for her pa to say something but he never did. Holly heard the door and answer it. There was this beautiful woman wearing a blue and white short dress with black heels asking for my pa. “ Who are you”, holly asked, “ I’m your dad’s girlfriend”, The lady said.“Yes he’s here”, Holly said. “My name is rachel by the way. Holly let her in and showed her where her pa was but rachel already knew where it was . “When been dating for two years now”. Holly didn’t say anything she just looked. Holly went in her bedroom and cut on the television but she kept hearing laughter and the bedroom. Holly tiptoe to the room and peek to see what they were doing. They were watching T.V. Holly stood by the door til she had to go to the restroom.  When she got back Holly saw them having sex. Holly started crying she want to see her pop with someone else. Holly called her mom and told her that pop was cheating on her, but she figured that her mom wouldn’t believe her so Holly video cord them and send it to her mother.  Holly texted Sally and told her what happened.  Holly’s mother came home walking fast toward the bedroom. She saw her husband with some other chick. Her mother left the room and went to the living room she was pretty upset, but she try not to let it get to her.  When rachel was gone, Holly’s dad went in the living room. “Are you mad”, he asked her. “AM I MAD WHAT KIND OF STUPID QUESTION IS THAT, Holly’s mom screamed to her husband. Holly’s mama start to cook dinner, she felt really upset so after dinner she wait til her husband went to sleep then she pack him her things and left. She went into Holly’s room, to see if she wanted to  come with, Holly said “no”. So her mama left the room and house. Holly looked at her clock, “It’s only 2am”, thought holly. She picked up her cell and called Sally. Sally didn’t answer the phone so she figured that Sally still sleep.  Sally had call Holly the next morning. Holly answered the phone.

Holly: Sorry I called early this morning

Sally: It’s fine. You can call me anytime, if i don’t answer it's because i am busy and sleeping. So leave a message so i can be able to get back to you.

Holly: Okay, I’ll be at your house in five

Holly knocked on the door. Some lady open the door, Holly figured that it was Sally’s ma. Holly asked, Sally’s ma. Is Sally ready for school. Sally’s mom left. Sally’s brother wanted to come, so Holly let him even though she doesn't know him but she got bullied all her life. Sally’s brother is in 11th grade and his name is Hunter.  Sally feel left out when it comes to her brother and his friends.  When the three teens started walking, Hunter wanted to get his friends. Then they ate at Mcdonalds. Holly hate the food at school.  The five students got in the building five mins. Before the bell rang.  School starts at 9:30 am and ends at 2:00 but on Fridays they get out at 11:00.  Sally get good grades but on the other hand Hunter doesn’t.  The bell rung and school was out.  Holly started walking by herself. Sally tried to catch up  but couldn’t so she walk by herself too even though they live down the street from one another.



Sally came to Holly’s place so they could walk together but Holly’s father had said Holly had ran away.  Sally felt sad then she remember how her mom moved out and got her own place now. Sally tried calling Holly but there were no answer then she tried calling her mom and she did answer.

Sally: Where’s Holly?

Holly’s mother: She’s with me and staying me for now on.

Sally went to Holly’s mother house and see why Holly left so she picked her things and left. Sally knocked on the door but there was no answer so she just went on it. Sally came at the wrong and sad time because her mom was holding a knife and killed Holly. Holly’s mom put Holly in the fireplace and burn her.  Sally ran out the door but Holly’s mom was shooting at her.  She ran where her car was and told Sally ‘s dad but he didn’t believe her. Holly’s dad went to Holly’s mom house to see if it was true but he didn’t see Holly.  Before he could turn around Holly’s mother grab the knife and chopped his head off while stabbing him in the heart.


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