An ode to a happy state of mind…

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When the joy of finding the lost coin is more blissful than the loss of an entire kingdom...

Submitted: April 10, 2017

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Submitted: April 10, 2017



An ode to a happy state of mind…


To my dearest dear heart

You who live in the bliss of your bubbles and do not entertain the death of time

You are to me the fountain that sustains.

To one it might be a song, to another just a touch

To me, it's the secret that you whisper in my ears, my dear heart,

And I shall eternalize it.

I shall weave a story of every time

And let those bubbles float, for seeking hearts to find.

Some joys, some sorrows, some forgotten tomorrows,

That alone will be my legacy when all that remains is nothing of me

Just turn and find that bubble of time

My friend,

And regret not what in your song was in my words;

Though may or may not be,

Still to me

Are the drops of rain on sunshine,

And I am watching it through a dew drop..

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