A Sad Love Story

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

Yo, wassup? Trust me, I don't feel like this at all. I am quite happy in my life! :) (If ya wondering) Thx for reading! (if ya read it) So, this story will be two sided. One side is the boy, while the next part is the girl. (be ready for the tears) *BTW THIS IS NOT TRUE* (just warning you now, because sometimes my stories seem very realistic) I will love to hear the constructive criticism! (You will definitely have some) I hope I made you cry! (ya know, in a good way.)
-Anonomoos Cass

There once was a girl named Alice. There was also a boy named Mason. They were both 16 years old. Maybe, when only one of the two came to school someday, no one asked why. Maybe, when one went through depression but made it out alive for a day, no one noticed someone locked themselves away forever.

Mason’s Side

As always, it was a normal day. My family was lost, my darling Alice loved me, and I loved her. I made an airplane and wrote:

Would u like to hang out with me after school?

I threw the airplane to Alice and she smiled at me, lighting my day up once again. She was the sun to my world, she was my life…she was my everything. She sent the airplane back to me that said:

Mason, when have I not? Of course I’ll hang out with u! :)

We smiled at each other and went through the dreaded day of school. Not a worry in the world, nothing, just love in the air. A beautiful dash in the sky: love. That was perfected.

At Alice’s House After School…

“So what would you like to do?” Alice asked her daily question as a smile grew on our faces. Her question would have never grown old as her personality would have always stayed strong.

“Whatever you choose, darling.” I said nonchalantly. I planted a kiss on her forehead.

“Want to go on a walk?” she asked. I shrugged my shoulders, I’d do anything for her.

We went on a walk, letting our feet guide us instead of our brains. No need to rush home…there’s no one there. No need to warn her parents…they don’t care. We were a lucky couple spending as much time as we wanted with each other.

There was a weird silence between us. A silence that was thick, something we could not fill. Her smile faded as we walked the sidewalk, and her eyes didn’t have their normal sparkle.

“Darling, what’s wrong?” I asked seriously. I stopped her in her tracks, and she looked into my eyes with an empty look.

“How does it feel to be heartbroken?” she asked with her voice choking.

“I would not know, and I really hope I’m not going to know.” I said with my voice in my throat.

“Mason, what would happen if I broke up with you?” Alice asked with a tear slowly sliding down her cheek.

“I would not know, I cannot tell the future. Let’s move onto a different topic, shall we?” I said politely, knowing if we talk more, doom will follow.

“No, we will not.” She said firmly, holding her grounds.

“Anything for you, Alice.” I said with a slight huff in my breath.

“We have to break up. I can’t do this anymore. Mason, I think I’m in love with someone else. Do you know Jasper?” Alice said slowly, letting the painful words sink in my head. I nodded slowly. “Yes, I think I love him.” The silence grew too thick for me or her to handle. She twirled her hair around her finger as I hopped from one foot to the other.

“Oh…well…um…I was not expecting that…” I paused for a moment to think about what I should have said. I finally said, “Okay, Alice, it is whatever you want.” with my heart breaking into…nothing…once again. Some flashbacks flow through my head. My mum leaving me all alone, my father dying in front of my eyes, my grandparents just a blur. “Any last words, Alice?” I said with no bitterness in my tone. She is shocked how well I hold my temper. Yes, after many long years, Alice, I have found a way to hold feelings in.

“You’re not going to say anything else? Did you ever love me? Have you even cared about me? My last words: I love Jasper so much more now. Goodbye, I won’t miss you.” Alice said in rage. I heard another impossible crack and felt the last shattered piece of my life fall into a filthy ditch. I did nothing but stand there, standing there watching my world fall.

“Darling, I have nothing to say, because I understand that you feel this way. I love you so much, you would not understand how much. But, I do not want you, out of all the people, to rub salt in my wounds…I’m sorry that you feel this way. Have fun with Jasper, darling. Goodbye, I must go now. I will miss you.” I turned around and walked slowly away from my Alice…as a broken person.

“YOU HAVE NO ONE TO WALK TO, MASON. THERE IS NO ONE AND NO WHERE LEFT FOR YOU TO GO. WHERE WILL YOU GO?” Alice yelled out to me, desperate to turn back on her decision.

“Somewhere away from your world.” I muttered behind me. She quieted herself. I did not need her right there and then, but I did need her in my life. She had tears running down her cheeks, and I knew they were because she had just lost the person that she loved. She would have come back to me later, and I would have forgiven her, because that was all out of rage. At least, I hope it was.

A silent car started to drive up, I had no idea where it came from.

Alice screamed a death scream towards me and held her breath, “MASON, WATCH OUT BEHIND YOU!!! MASON A CAR IS COMING!!! NOOOO!”

Next thing I knew, I saw a blur of my darling Alice stepping in front of me, stopping the car right in front of my eyes. My mouth dropped open, and the car had stopped…after colliding with an anonymous human body that showed out of no where. I dropped to my knees, feeling like I am going to faint in horror. This had to be a dream…but wait, no I don’t sleep. Alice…is…gone. The driver got out of the car frantically, adrenaline rushing through him. He looked down and saw Alice knocked to the ground with her face in a horrified expression, and her eyes closed. I looked at him with the saddest face you will ever see. My face never smiled again.

“S-s-s-ir…do…you…realize…what…you…have…done? To this poor girl and me? I have no one, absolutely no one in my life. And, yet I still have to live on. There’s no reason to die until life is done with me.” I said with my voice breaking here and there. He looked at me…his face is familiar.

“Son?” he asked. His gruff voice sounded like nails against a chalkboard.

“Son, it’s your father.” He said trying to assure me. I knew it was, I just never expected to see him.

“My father…he…died…years ago.” I said with rage.

“That was my twin. I…I…I am sorry, I had to kill him…he was a bad man.” He said with just a shrug of a shoulder.

“You cannot kill a man just because he was ‘bad!’” I said defensively and outraged. This day cannot get any worse. A beep went off from my phone. It’s a message:

Weather Alert: There will be a thunderstorm during the day.

It started to pour out of no where. Of course, this day can get worse. I pressed emergency call and called the police. I lowered my voice as my evil father goes back in the car. They will come in a few minutes. One good thing out of all the bad follows every event. Isn’t that wonderful.

The police came and took my father away. How many times would life have given me lemons? Don’t answer that. They picked Alice up on a stretcher even though they knew she was clearly dead. I could not do anything about it. School was going to be tomorrow. I was still going…even if no one would have talked to me.

At School The Next Day…

I did not weep, I did not cry, I did not talk. I was a mute person, doing the work the teacher handed us. No one noticed Alice was gone, no one even noticed her in the first place. No one noticed me either. No one cared, and we didn’t either. Now I could only speak for myself. I have treated Alice well, and she had done good to me. She never meant her last words. I am innocent as well as she. No one can tell me the opposite. I missed her so, and I bet she did too. The problem, where had she gone? Had she gone to heaven? Or been reincarnated? Or hell? Maybe even purgatory? I don’t know, and right there and then I wanted to find out. But, life’s got a different plan for me. Fate held me from suicide, because my brains said there is no point in ending it here after all you have achieved. Another part of me said I have done nothing. But I ignored it, I agreed with positive…I just don’t know how long I can keep it up. Long enough…I would have to.

“Mason, where is your head today?” Jasper asked. I did not hold a grudge against him. Why would I?

“Why would you ask that?” I said nervously. I smiled a wonderful and fake smile. It was a mask for the next few hours.

“Well, you seem more in your thoughts than your thoughts about Alice. Sorry if I worded that weirdly.” He said innocently. I had no temper. I was as still as a pond without the horrifying wind.

“Welp, some people need time to reflect, don’t they?” I managed to say.

“How is Alice?” he asked. Of course, she friend zoned him for me, that’s why he gave me dirty looks. It made sense right on the spot. I held no grudge against him, still. I never would and I never have. That’s what my positive side told me.

“I do not know, figure it out for yourself.” I lied nonchalantly. I did a silent victory chant for the unknown roast. It would only stay with me till I die.

I walked to…no where. There is no place to go or hide, so I stay in an alleyway. I slept there for the night. I never woke up. The last thing I saw was a picture of Alice and me posing for the camera. Then, nothingness and an empty blackness surrounding me forever.

Alice’s Side

I went to school, abandoning the always empty house. At least I never had my parents breathing down my neck like some of my classmates. I did not know who I should have picked. Jasper or Mason? Which one, they were both amazing boys who would have suited me both well either one I chose. Mason was a person who was cool with whatever you chose while Jasper was cool physically and he liked to stay up to date with much of your business, but knew when to stop pressing on someone. But, I was most happy with Mason. My heart said so, I think, but my brains said with Jasper. I did not know.

I saw the note being flown to me by Mason and it was his usual note asking to hang after the boring day of school. Of course I said yes, but I wondered if I should have told him about Jasper. I guess my mind said yes, while my heart was not there. I do not remember.

I smiled at Mason as we always do, and he lit my day up. His always positive personality made me elated anytime because no one else was there for me. Only him…and sometimes Jasper. We went through that dreadful school day together and stayed upbeat with everything. We are the only ones who can get through the day without falling. That’s good to know that Mason always had my back, while I always had his. We walked home together and laughed the whole trip. We made jokes out of parodies from YouTube and laughed at the weird gardens from other people’s property. Beautiful day so far. Love in the air…I hoped it stayed there forever.

“So, what would you like to do?” I asked, even though I knew what I was going to do. I did not like it, but my brains told me that Jasper was the right one for me. I had to tell him, I had to break up with Mason. I couldn’t wait until Jasper got too jealous of me and Mason, right?

“Whatever you want, darling.” Mason said. That was a wonderful thing that he always did, the endearment that never grew old. I loved it, it was something that no one else called me. It was our special little thing.

“Want to go for a walk?” I suggested. It seemed like a wonderful idea at the moment. He shrugged his shoulders as he held the door open for me to go through. We started to walk, not knowing what was lying ahead.

He was staring at me intently. He seemed like he always knew what I was thinking, or something close to it. But, this time he didn’t. Thank goodness, but it made it harder to deliver the news.

“What’s wrong, darling?” Mason asked with a worried expression. He was so caring that he would never pay attention at how cute he looked. My heart urged for him, yet my brain disobeyed.

“We have to break up. I can’t do this anymore. Mason, I think I’m in love with someone else. Do you know Jasper?” He looked at me with the face that showed he was contemplating what I just said. He nodded slowly. I continued, “Yes, I think I’m in love with him.” He hopped from foot to foot while I twirled my hair. The silence was pressuring and thickening.

“Oh…well…um…I was not expecting that…” he paused for a moment to think about what he should have said. He finally said, “Okay, Alice, it is whatever you want. Any last words, Alice?” I gaped at him. I thought he was going act like he was hurt. I thought he was going to show some feelings. But he didn’t, my brain spoke before I could stop it.

“You’re not going to say anything else? Did you ever love me? Have you even cared about me? My last words: I love Jasper so much more now. Goodbye, I won’t miss you.” I said, and immediately regretted it. But I was known to be stubborn, so I still played with the statement.

“Darling, I have nothing to say, because I understand that you feel this way. I love you so much, you would not understand how much. But, I do not want you, out of all the people, to rub salt in my wounds…I’m sorry that you feel this way. Have fun with Jasper, darling. Goodbye, I must go now. I will miss you.” He said in his usual polite and calm way. His way of words cracked my heart. I needed an internal band aid to fix this. It was only cracked, not broken, right? He started to walk away, and me not satisfied enough called out to him.

“YOU HAVE NO ONE TO WALK TO, MASON. THERE IS NO ONE AND NO WHERE LEFT FOR YOU TO GO. WHERE WILL YOU GO?” of course my filthy mouth talks before my heart and brain make a decision to agree on. His tone is nothing close to bitter. It aggravated me even more for no reason, I wanted to cut my heart. It hurt so much of being cracked twenty-four seven. It was now shattering slowly and killing me.

“Somewhere away from your world.” He muttered. That unraveled me completely. I was about to slump to the ground and cry it all out. Then, I saw a car speeding towards Mason. It headed no where else but Mason. This was the only way to make it up to Mason. Hopefully he will see this.

“MASON, WATCH OUT BEHIND YOU!!! MASON A CAR IS COMING!!! NOOOO!” I yelled as I ran like lightning hitting the car to make it stop. I stopped it just in time to ram it across the street and me ending up on the floor. All I saw was a black hole, me falling into it helplessly. Mason shrunk to his knees and looked at the man who hit me even though he aimed at Mason. My eyes flutter closed and I lost the feeling to everything.

There I went into the never ending black hole. The last thing I saw was me and Mason posing for a picture. The best moment in our lives, in our relationship. We were in the moment. When was this? I don’t remember.

Oh wait, I might be remembering now. It was when my parents didn’t care what we did and his parents went anonymous. So, we threw a party at my house. Everyone in the school came. Mason doesn’t remember because he got drunk there, so he passed out on the couch. Heheh, that was funny. We had a photo booth and Mason and I were the first ones in it. We posed, and then we kissed. Beautiful.
It was the life that I got rid of for him. For my wonderful love. For Mason. For him.

So, now that I am in the hole of darkness…I cry on my knees forever.




Submitted: April 10, 2017

© Copyright 2020 Anonomoos Cass. All rights reserved.

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