Blood Debt

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Never make a bet with a vampire, sometimes you have to learn the hard way.

Submitted: April 10, 2017

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Submitted: April 10, 2017



If vampires were real, I should be dead by now. Summer, a time where creatures of all shape and size think its ok to bite me. The small bumps on my arm felt itchy, it reminded me why I didn't leave the house during summer. Mosquitos, one of my worst enemies. I slathered some of my mum's bug bit cream all over my arms. "Must be something about my blood" the words fell short into the air. Alone. Everyone was out enjoying themselves at the festival. Even my recluse brother went outside. I didn't mind, my music was blaring from the living room. It was a rare moment to have the house all to myself. It almost never happened. I was enjoying my time, that was until the sun went down. I knew he would be there, waiting for me.  

If vampires were real, then they would look exactly like him. Not overly dripping in goth gear yet not completely normal either. He had a gaudy gothic cross hanging from his neck. His hair barely gracing his shoulders, its colour remained an unsolved mystery. He wore a top that looked like it had just been thrown on. But it clung to his muscles perfectly. His dark denim jeans were being held up by a thick silver chain. He looked like a modern day van Helsing. He pressed his blood soaked fingertips to the glass. That was going to leave a mark. I saw a ghoulish smile on his face, inviting me over. I knew why he was here. I had promised him blood, my blood. I just didn't realise he had taken me seriously. There was no point hiding from him. It was apparent that every creature in sight had already taken their fill of me. I was crazy, I was about to let a vampire drink my blood all because I lost a bet. My fingers lingered on the metal handle. If my theory was correct he couldn't come in without an invite, right? I didn't want to bet on it, he was growing more impatient by the minute.  

The door no longer separated me from my fate. He was smiling a toothy grin as I made my way out into the warm summer night. He stood staring at me for a moment as if to size up every vein in my body. It sent unwanted cold spikes down my spine. He pushed back my hair, exposing my neck to him. My mind was moving in slow motion, every touch, every movement seemed more focused. He gave me one last smile before sinking his teeth into my neck. I braced myself for pain, pain that never came. A warm trickle ran down my neckline, I was fully aware it was my blood. I wanted to panic, to at least push him away, but I stood there like a sack of potatoes. When he stopped and drew back from me, my mind seemed to snap back into place. Allowing me to move. "Never make a bet with a vampire" His words were a chilling warning as I watched him gracefully blend into the dark garden around him.

 My hand flew to my neck, expecting my fingers to be slick with blood. Nothing. Had I just imagined him there? I didn't feel any pain so it was possible he had been messing with me. But when I faced the glass door, there they were. Bloody fingerprints. Mum was going to have a fit when she got home. I had watched her clean every inch of the house spotless the day before and now there was a stain on her perfectly polished glass. I could hear a violent slam of the front door. They were back. Without thinking I tried wiping the stain off with the edge of my top. Bad plan. It smeared the blood further across the glass. I now, not only need to explain the blood on the door but also the blood on my shirt. I needed to act fast, One second longer and they would be in the kitchen. I jerked the door open, it didn't matter if they knew I had been outside. Maybe it might even slow them down knowing it. I pressed my back against the door waiting for them to enter. I tried my best at placing my hand in such a way to hide the blood on my top.  

"You're back early?" Mum walked in, she looked tired and utterly pissed off. She was walking around like a zombie, only jumping when she looked up.  
"Did you say something?" She was shouting.  
"I said you're back early" This time I shouted back.  
"It's midnight, I don't think that’s early." Absentmindedly I looked at my watch. She was right. Wait, bad move. My hand was now no longer covering up the blood. She didn't seem to notice.  
"Why are you shouting?" I raised my voice once again.  
"Loud music" she pointed to her ears as if I knew what she meant. She didn't stay long in the kitchen before she dragged herself to bed. I let out a sigh of relief. All I had to do now was scamper off to my room, change my top and... The plan didn't extend any further than that. I made a hasty move out into the hallway, I almost ran into my brother.  
"Where's the fire?" His voice was also raised, but not as much as my mum's voice.  
"In the kitchen of course" I gave a mocking look back into the kitchen. He rolled his eyes at my bad joke before pushing past me. He wouldn't see the blood, right? I crossed my fingers as I crept up the old stairs. The last step gave out its usual squeak, I wasn't bothered as it was clear they were all deafened by the music. I made a quick dash to my room.  

It looked the same as always, dark and dreary. But as I turned to the mirror a note had been stuck on. "Thanks for the snack." It was a cruel joke. My hand snatched it off only to crumple it up and toss it towards the bin. I missed for the hundredth time. No way was I bothering to pick it up. It was his mess. There went my theory though. No invite. Unless in the time that had so obviously passed I had given him an invite. I couldn't think about that now. I started to toss clothes out of my draws, I needed something to wear but it had to be tasteful and cooling in the sticky heat. I was almost furious at myself that there wasn't anything of the sort in there. All my black clothing reminded me too much of him, so I was left with some sickly yellow strap top my mum had given me in hopes I would wear bright colours. I hadn't even bothered taking the tag off of it. It was better than nothing. I suddenly grew self-conscious, was he still in my room? I doubted it, why would he waste his time on a loser like me? I found myself changing quicker than normal, just in case.

I returned to the back door, with sponge and window cleaner in hand. Only to find that the fingerprints were now gone. He was still toying with me. "I thought I would give you a hand, as you so clearly care about making a mess." I could feel his acidic voice behind me, it sprayed into the air like venom.  
"Why are you still here? I thought the bet was settled?" Faster than I could blink, he was standing in front of me.  
"Don't you remember all the terms of the bet? Want me to refresh your memory?" He reached out a hand to me. Too fast. I had no time to react to him. Images flashed through my head until I was taken back to that night. 


"One more drink!" My voice slurred at the bartender. He was staring at me, not fully convinced that the ID I had shown him was real. He had served me drinks all that night despite that. He was now refusing to serve me anymore. "Coome on, just a sip, it's my birthday" I had already played the birthday card to get my first drink free. But now he was no longer willing to play ball.  
"No point pestering the man, his as stubborn as an ox" a devilishly handsome man was leading over the bar, he gave the bartender a nod before turning to me. "If you really want to go for alcohol poisoning, I believe I have a bottle with your name on it." He held out a hand to me. Something in his manner (or the fact that I had a tonne of vodka coursing through my blood) seemed to by-pass my brain. I gave him my best flirty smile, once I had started it was hard to stop smiling.  
"Sure, why not. Seeing as Mr Ox over there is... Wait what was I trying to say." My mind felt sluggish. My brain was trying to warn me of something. But at the time it felt good to live in the moment. I felt my hand eventually find his as I pulled myself not-so-gracefully off of the stool. I could hear the stood clatter to the floor as I stood up. It only made me laugh that much more. He seemed too serious, almost as if questioning my behaviour.  

We staggered for a while down the road, well, I staggered while he held me semi-upright. "How much further?" My body was feeling tired, I could feel the effects of the alcohol beginning to wear off. Stupid tolerance. It didn't matter how much I drank, if I didn't keep drinking then I would be sober in a couple of hours. I so didn't want to be sober right now. I was about to complain again but in a quick motion he had scooped me up and was now carrying me down the road. "To the alcohol!" I raised a fist into the air as if I now had some sort of super power. I could feel a heavy sigh vibrate from behind me. He wasn't having as much fun, clearly.

We came to what looked like a small block of flats. All looking in serious need of repair. Without stopping he guided both of us through a few small hallways, up a flight of stairs and along a bit to a front door. It all seemed too elaborate just to get into one flat. I would have gone mad if I had to try and find my door every day, especially drunk. My feet hit the ground, I almost fell over at the sudden realisation that I had to use my legs. Luckily I caught myself on the wall. I half crawled, half walked till I hit something that looked like a living room. There was a sofa at least. I moulded into its form as if it had been made just for me. No way was I moving from here tonight.  
"Let's play a game." His voice had turned sly like a fox sizing up a chicken. "Stakes are if you win, you get this bottle of alcohol all to yourself." He was holding up a giant bottle of vodka as if it were some tv show prize. "But if I win, you will belong to me." His words turn sharp and deathly serious all of a sudden, making me shrink further into the sofa. If I could have felt my heart beat at that moment I was pretty sure it would be beating a mile a minute. My drunk haze me thought she would be able to beat him at whatever game he chose. Little did she know she was trying to beat a vampire with super sharp senses and no alcohol to slow him down.  


I felt his hands fall away from my face. I had only thought I made one bet that night, it was shortly after that bet. I barely even remembered making that deal with him. My memories of that night were still fuzzy. He was smiling at me, watching as my face mulled over my options. He couldn't really hold me to a stupid bet I made while drunk, could he? The way he had said his words in the vision were so serious that I wouldn't be able to mistake them if I had been sober. He must have seen the moment I accepted the fact as he held out his hand to me. Without another word said I followed him into the darkness.

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