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In order to return home, Byzantine most retrieve a large amount of honey for her hive.

Submitted: April 10, 2017

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Submitted: April 10, 2017





As she walked towards the throne, where the queen sat, Byzantine couldn’t help feeling helpless. She had tried her best to collect enough nectar for the hive, however, her best was never quite good enough. The Queen’s advisers had twice warned her to pick up the pace, but try as she would, she could never keep up with her fellow worker bees. After stopping a few paces away from the throne, Byzantine lowered her body and head, as a sign of respect towards the queen.

The Queen’s throne was very beautiful and well designed: The outer-parts (arm rest, knee, etc.) of the throne wore golden, while the interior parts were black with small, white buttons all over, well worthy of a Queen. Upon such fancy a chair, the Queen ruled over a large population of bees. She was queen of the hive, but also the judge and jury of it. If someone wasn’t doing what they were supposed to do after numerous warnings from her guards, she would be the one to give them their sentence.

“Why haven’t you been working?” asked the queen.

“I have my Queen,” said Byzantine nervously. “but I’m not as fast as the other bees. Plus, I can’t store as much nectar in my stomach as the others can.”

“tough luck, my child,” said the Queen, “If you can’t find a new way to be more productive, your useless to this hive.”

Feeling ashamed Byzantine didn’t respond.

“I do not tolerate laziness!” shouted the Queen, as she made a loud buzzing sounds.

looking up, Byzantine said, “I’ll work harder, I swear, my Queen.”

“Haven’t you been warned before?” asked the Queen.

“Yes, my queen, I have been warned.”

“How many times, now?”

“T…. two,” whispered Byzantine.

“What was that? I couldn’t hear you. Speak up.”

“Two,” Said Byzantine.

“If two wasn’t good enough for you why should I keep you?”

Again, Byzantine didn’t bother to respond.

“I want you gone!” yelled the Queen.

“Please my Queen, give me another chance!” cried Byzantine.

“You can return when you produce a pound of honey to give to us.”

“How am I going to produce a pound of honey all by myself?”

“God will provide for you my dear.” Said the queen mockingly.

“Please my Queen, give- “

“You may leave now, at once.” Said the Queen.

Byzantine didn’t say another word. Instead, she just got up, flew out of the hive and settled in a nearby tree. Their she thought over her situation: “How am I going to produce a pound of honey all by myself?”

Hours later, when she no longer wanted to think about it, she flew away from the hive and started roaming the nearby area.

Since her hive was in a park, Byzantine regularly flew into humans. Her encounters with the Humans usually began and ended the same: Human minding his own business, Byzantine starts buzzing around them, Human gets annoyed and waves byzantine away. Of course, there was some exceptions to this rule, like when a young man ran away upon noticing Byzantine flying around him.

I cannot tell you or give you all the reasons byzantine bothered the people she bothered. Who Knows, maybe she bothered the girl sitting alone on the park bench because she thought she was lonely, or she bothered the young man who ran away from her because she thought he had a nice smelling ear. On the other hand, maybe she took no special interest in them, only getting close to them because they just happen to be there. Whatever the case, it was her last encounter that I can give you, the reader, a clear reason why Byzantine bothered a human.

When us humans leave our possessions at our homes we usually only must fear other humans stealing it from us, by breaking into our homes. However, if we take our stuff outside, we unknowingly open our possessions to broader danger. The man who Byzantine took notice of last is the one who risked a jar of honey by taking it with him to the park.

The man had the body of your average man, neither chubby or skinny, and his skin was a medium bronze tone. He wore a black hoodie jacket with a red shirt underneath, blue jeans, and clean white shoes. He had short black hair and a small mustache near his upper lip.

When Byzantine saw the jar of honey on the table next to the man, she quickly landed besides it. Excited by what she found, Byzantine screamed, “It’s a miracle!” She then flew to the top of the jar, took hold of its silver top, and lifted the jar off the table.

The man found Byzantine attempt at thief amusing at first, so he didn’t attempt to stop it. Instead, he waited until Byzantine had gotten a few inches away from the table before he decided to take it back. He held the bottom part of the jar with one hand and he swiped off Byzantine with the other hand.

Byzantine recovered from the attack quick enough to save her from hitting the hard ground.

Have you ever heard the buzzing of a pissed off bee? If you have then you know the frightening, Buzz-Buzz sound Byzantine started making toward the human. As she circled around the human, he began to act wildly: waving his arms all around himself. After a few seconds, he got up from the table and started running.

Maybe if Byzantine was a wasp, she would have chased him around, however, she was a bee which means she would die if she stung him. As such, she only chased him for a few seconds before turning her attention back to the honey sitting upon the table.

Picking the jar up from its led, Byzantine flew back towards the hive. Since she was carrying a jar of honey, it took her a lot longer to get back to the hive. In about ten minutes Byzantine finally reached the hive. After Sitting the jar of honey underneath the hive, Byzantine yelled, “I found some honey!”

Byzantine was surrounded almost immediately by every bee in the hive. They all asked ruffle the same question:

“Where did you find all this honey?”

“I stole it from a human!” said Byzantine, proudly.

The crowd of bees cheered loudly at Byzantine reply, for stealing from human, or any other species, wasn’t frowned upon by the bee community.

Afterwards, Byzantine was accepted back into the hive by the Queen. She was glad to be accepted back into the hive, and there she stayed until the Queen found another reason to kick her out again.


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