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a view of Earth, or is it?

Submitted: April 11, 2017

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Submitted: April 11, 2017




Flowery infusions of irony, fill scarlet sky spheres full of nitro powered devotion.  Cationic clouds adrift with cold vapours pass ominous beasts of oceanic direction.  Several watery sheets of metal cruise the surface of the Earth.  Heading East on dead calm liquids of aquamarine. 


Many miles in manmade minds show tan deserted deserts.  Spittoons of air suck malicious whirlpools of sand.  Displaying natural and mineral dance moves to distant eyes from the depths of space darkness.  Silent heads shake profusely at the dazzling glow of ever moving sinus of the human race.  It puts off the nobodies of greater tectonic plates. 


Empty craters of Mars shines rusted crumbled waste.  Pebbles there lay dormant skeletons of elements forgotten by non existent life.  Still regarded as safe to tourists of the Milky Way.  Odd shaped heads lie low in their beds.  Dreaming of a faraway sun.  Beaming out love in radiation formulas.  Ending the alien dream and sleep of the Martian from another galaxy.  In the other world called Mars. 


Let life words resume for this soul of another kind.  The End.

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