I'm A Retriever

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Submitted: April 11, 2017

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Submitted: April 11, 2017



I’m A Retriever!


A sunny day upon the beach,

Tennis is your game,

I follow in your footsteps

Although you never called my name.


I watch you from a distance,

You hit the ball between each other,

When one of them goes missing

You go and fetch another.


I listen to your laughter

As my eyes begin to close;

While you are having lots of fun

I think I’ll have a doze.


There’s shrieking and there’s shouting,

Your feet run back and forth

But then a shout of much dismay

Your last ball has fled the court.


I can hear your disappointment

At the early end of play,

I lumber up onto my paws

Cause maybe there’s a way.


I hurtle off towards the sea

And then I dive right in

The water does not bother me,

It might fight but I will win.


My swimming stroke is very strong

And I can dive down deep,

The sea might have its secrets

But this one it won’t keep.


I’ll have a really thorough look,

That ball I will discover,

And look down there – that’s the one,

It cannot be another.


Diving deep I grab the ball,

Hold it in my jaws,

Paddle back towards the beach

With my strong black paws.


I drop the ball right at your feet,

You cannot believe your eyes --

Should I feel insulted by

The extent of your surprise.


You hadn’t thought I’d find it,

You sure were no believer,

But you should have never doubted me

For I am a Retriever!


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