tears of fire

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i can't think of the right name for this story, suggestions are welcome.

Submitted: April 11, 2017

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Submitted: April 11, 2017



  I cry, meaning, I throw five foot flames from my mouth, not on purpose, but I am unable to "cry" in this form of mine.
  I cry because I heard a voice other than that monster of a lady, no not a lady a “princess” as she says when she attacks me with the swords of old guards, my old guards. For this is my old castle in ruins, but no one remembers me as I was when I was born, or even when the change had just started, for that was a long, long time ago. 
  She came when she was a child, yet blames me for her abandonment. When she was younger she just sat a ways away and stared at my scaley body, I never hurt her then; never tried to scare her, but later she remembered her parents, a lowly servant girl, beautiful as she was, and a king from some petty land nearby. 
  The voice comes nearer and I try to quench the fire, stop the “tears”. She comes running as she always does and yells to the sound of footsteps “Hello, have you come to save me from this foul beast?” she sounds hopeful and young, and beautiful. Just as I used to be, before scales took place of skin and hair fell out for fin like spines. I am a hideous, dangerous, inhumane creature, no longer girl, let alone princess. 
  The voice is getting closer, I hear shouts as to a party and ready myself for swords and arrows.
  The door slams open as a handsome boy rushes in, trips over a suit of armor, and falls not so gracefully onto the floor.
 He starts to get up and says “My lady, it's my hon . . !” He doesn't finish honor before another man, I presume to be the clumsy ones brother, steps on his back. He spots me and grins menacingly.
  “My lady I fear there is a small dragon behind you, please step aside while it is slain!” He was being charming and under different circumstances I would be swooning, but I was about to be slain. 
  I lifted my wings, they might be too heavy to fly but the are extremely good for defense. The older brother steps off the younger, who gasps, and takes a few menacing steps towards me. I shield myself with my wings, he pulls out a throwing dagger, he aims and throws it, the dagger hits my wing, I cry out and back away, I want to run, but I can't.
  The princess cries out as though she had hit me, she cheers as though I was never human, though I don't know how she would know I had been, for I can't tell her.
  The younger boy, probably the age I was when the change started, yells at his brother, “Don't you remember the story, about the princess who was cursed to be a dragon? She was fine until people stopped caring about her, and then the prince was born, and the curse took root! Don't you remember?!”
  I'm shocked, he knows my story, some of it was wrong, and a lot was left out, but he knew. How did he know?
  I crow trying to sound how I feel, pitiful and attacked. The brother continues to attack me he picks up a spear and throws it at me, it falls short, he curses as he addresses his brother, “Are you an idiot worm?”, I guess that's a, brotherly nickname, “that is a dragon, it would be a great act to slay it, and you just want me to leave it be?!” He sounds angry
  “No we could take her back, keep her at the castle.” He sounds as though he was going to continue, but princess cuts him off, “that’s not a good idea” she says in her high pitched voice,”that thing is a monster” 
  I moan, and back away trying to fold my ears back, to look sad, pitiful. 
  The older brother takes princesses arm, “come my sweet, a prince for a princess, just as all fairy tales proclaim”
  She backs away, “just because you're saving me doesn't mean I'll marry you, how big is your kingdom?”
  He steps back, glaring at her and then his brother and walks away, she runs to follow asking him stupid, shallow questions, leaving me in peace at last with the younger prince.
  He slowly comes towards me, cautiously as though he still was not sure If I was dangerous. He comes close to my wing and touches the dagger. I whimper as though I were a cat and not a beast.
  “It's ok princess, I know it's been awhile, I don't know how you could stand it”
  I look at him as see my mother, before my brother, when she was young and happy, and loved me. She used to tell me that the curse doesn't matter because she would never stop caring, but she did. She helped me become a good and loving daughter of a queen.
  My brother drained her, took away her shine. After his birth she was weak, and she didn't recover. My loving mother tried to keep me human and my brother alive, but he was now the crown prince. His life was more important than my humanity.
  But in this boy's eyes I see the same love. I realize that I'm straightening my back, standing upright, I haven't stood straight in decades, he gasps as I feel hair fall around my shoulders, when I see it though, it's blue, purple, and green instead of light brown. I look down and see that I am still slightly scaled and rough around the edges, but I am almost human, I am almost me again. But I am also naked, I move my wings without thinking, and see they are more of a cape then wings, I can still move them, but they look majestic instead of menacing, I have my new wings around me as I look at the prince and say my first words in decades, “thank you”.


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