I Wish

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i'm not a writer. i wish i was.

Submitted: April 11, 2017

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Submitted: April 11, 2017



Be dramatic. It's not working.
I'm trying to be unique and breathtaking, but I'm not good at this.
Many poems I've read are dramatic, which is what I love about them.
I like poems because they make me think.
I'd like to be able to write them, but writing is not for everyone.
I'm not a writer. I can't write lyrics, poems or stories. I wish I could.

Be profound. It's not working.
I do not understand poems. Beautiful and thoughtful ones seem to confuse me most. How do they work? Please explain.
I recognise how they tell a story. 
Some are so powerful that they change lives. 
I don't have that power. I wish I did.

Be intelligent. I wonder why it's not working.
You would think intelligence can be taught. Not to me.
I am different. Not special, but different. 
I'm not as bright as some. 
Although I'm sure you would have figured that out already. 
The vocabulary I have used is not of a knowledgeable being. 
I have failed to make any sense. Is this even a poem?
Excuse me for thinking that I could give writing a chance. 
I wish I didn't.

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