Into The Darkness: New Generation

Into The Darkness: New Generation

Status: In Progress

Genre: Fantasy



Status: In Progress

Genre: Fantasy



Koga has gone missing. Kidnapped by three powerful men. Koga's and Kate's son Jax goes on a mission to find him with the help from Theo, Grace, and Kyle. Watch as families are reunited and witness the uprising of the end of the world.
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Koga has gone missing. Kidnapped by three powerful men. Koga's and Kate's son Jax goes on a mission to find him with the help from Theo, Grace, and Kyle. Watch as families are reunited and witness the uprising of the end of the world.

Chapter1 (v.1) - Koga Goes Missing

Author Chapter Note

So, I was going to wait until I posted the rest of "Phoenix Kids" and "Truth Behind The Light" before posting the first chapter to this, but since I figured that you guys love "Into The Darkness" So much more than my other books I'm giving you the very first chapter. You'll have to wait until I have at least the "Phoenix Kids" book finished. I'd read that one if I were you before reading this to make any bit of sense. But since you people have been so kind to me on here, I give you, "Into The Darkness: New Generation" Chapter One: Koga Goes Missing.

Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: April 13, 2017

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: April 13, 2017



Chapter One: Koga Goes Missing.


Jax ran across the abandoned building dodging dark energy balls being shot from by Kai, Tenji, and Juni.

“Grace, get him out of here!” Jax shouted out as he jumped down a open area landing on the same floor as the three bad guys running towards them.

“Fox of all magic! I release you!” Jax shouted out as fox ears, and fox tails appeared glowing around him in a blue fire as he charged at the three.

“I’m done with you three.” Jax shouted out as he began running faster showing his fangs. Theo appeared in the building grabbing Kyle, Koga, and Grace before disappearing just as Jax slammed into the three brothers creating a large explosion crippling the building they were in as Theo created a shield around the building containing the explosion.


I know what you’re thinking. ‘How is that kid the source of all magic and have the fox orb in him? How is Koga old? Who were those three people that kid rammed into?’ Well it’s a long story. It all started with my father. Koganei Hanabishi. But you know his story. He helped stop the source of dark magic from ruling. With the help from the other animal orbs and my uncle Theo, dark magic was forever destroyed. Except, they thought it was. Those three men kidnapped my father. My name is Jax Hanabishi. This is my story. This is how a new generation of heroes emerged from the ashes of the old ones. Like a phoenix. Sit back and see exactly how Grace, Kyle, and I save the world from total darkness. See how and why we delved into a new generation of darkness.

Jax ran home after school as a race with Kyle to see who exactly was faster. The amur leopard or the fox.

“No way the fox is faster!” Kyle shouted out as they raced down the street.

“We’ll be finding out very soon!” Jax shouted out looking ahead seeing a bucket full of soapy water ahead as he ran up knocking it over. Kyle jumped over the dumped water chuckling.

“Nice try trickster.” Kyle shouted out getting ahead of him.

“Oh, that wasn’t even thinking hard!” Jax shouted out about to do something else before a police car went off racing down the street. Both Kyle and Jax stopped to see cop cars race down the street to see a building on fire.

“Bet I can save more people than you.” Jax chuckled as Kyle smirked at him.

“Challenge accepted.” Kyle agreed as they raced to the building seeing a fire truck in the distance.

“Let’s hope our aunt isn’t working today.” Jax chuckled as they ran past police busting through the windows landing on their feet.

“Help!” The two heard people shouting out as the heat got hotter.

“You help the adults. I got the two kids.” Jax told him as Kyle nodded and after getting everyone out a woman shouted out.

“My baby is in there!” She shouted out as Jax turned around making his eyes glow blue sensing a small body of heat signature.

“I so got this covered.” Jax chuckled running up to the building jumping up to the third building crashing through the window. Kyle was smiling as he saw a girl trapped inside before running up to her mother.

“Ahem, please explain what you’re doing here.” Kyle heard a woman’s voice as he gulped turning around to find Janice standing behind him.

“Well, I thought I’d help.” Kyle chuckled shrugging as she rolled her eyes.

“Where’s my other nephew? If I know one thing you’d never go into something like this alone. Seeing as Grace is at home. Where’s Jax?” Janice questioned before they heard a crashing sound seeing a chair fly out the window followed by Jax holding a small blue blanket before landing on his feet.

“My baby!” The woman shouted out hearing the baby wail out as Jax handed the lady her child before seeing Janice.

“You, over here. Now!” Janice growled as Jax chuckled walking up to her. Janice set the two in the back of her car before locking it.

“You both wait here.” She ordered as they nodded crossing their arms.

“This is your fault.” Kyle whispered to Jax as he chuckled lightly.

“I know, I’m so gonna be grounded again for this.” Jax sighed looking out the window seeing Kai watching him although Jax didn’t know who Kai was just yet.


After a long day of waiting Janice dragged Jax and Kyle into the mansion as Koga, Kate, Theo, Pollux, Athena, and Grace were at.

“Seriously? Going into a burning building? Kyle you’re so grounded.” Theo shouted looking at him as Koga chuckled.

“Go easy on him. They’re kids. Don’t forget when we were their age we were both fighting Khorne.” Koga told Theo as he sighed.

“Yeah I guess so.” Theo spoke out Pollux lead Kyle to his room.

“Jax, he’s right though. You can’t go risking your life like that. You have to have a plan. You’re turning sixteen in three days. The fox orb is going to start showing itself. Which means there will be difficult days for you. It was easy for me because I had the man who created the orbs helping me control it. You don’t, so please stay out of trouble.” Koga told him as Jax nodded.

“I just, hate that I have to stand by while I can help people. I knew what I was doing. I wasn’t going to get hurt. I mean, you’re thirty-four years old. Mom is thirty-three. You aren’t exactly the best when it comes to saving people anymore.” Jax spoke out in the most kindest way he could.

“We know, but that doesn’t change the fact that the fox orb is a tricky thing to master.” Koga explained as Janice nodded in agreement.

“But why would I stand by and let people get hurt? Every second we stood there a baby was inhaling more smoke.” Jax argued before Koga slammed his hand on the table.

“The fox orb is tricky. That’s the end of the conversation. Go to your room.” Koga ordered causing Jax to go quiet as everyone looked shocked as that was the first time he ever raised his voice to him.

“Whatever.” Jax mumbled under his breath storming off as Koga looked over at Kate.

“Okay, calm down. Let just go to bed.” Kate told him and as they were about to leave a explosion went off sending everyone flying across the mansion. Kai, Tenji, and Juni walked into the mansion.

“Koganei Hanabishi, you’ll be coming with us.” Kai chuckled knocking Koga out picking him up about to leave before Theo threw a fireball at them causing Kai to drop Koga so he could dodge it.

“Little insect.” Tenji growled kicking Theo in his face knocking him out. Kai went to pick Koga back up before Jax ran up to him kicking his hand.

“Hands off my father.” Jax shouted ducking down his hand touch the ground as he spun around kicking Kai away.

“Grace get behind the couch!” Janice ordered as she ran over to Koga before Juni grabbed her by her hair throwing her to the ground.

“Don’t touch her!” Athena shouted out punching Juni. Kai jumped away from Jax as he threw a punch.

“Troublesome little brat.” Kai sighed punching Jax sending him across the mansion crashing into Kyles room.

“Uncle Pollux, now would be a great time to jump in.” Jax grunted jumping up as Zeus, Poseidon, and Hades appeared in the main room. Kai grabbed Koga before the three disappeared with him.

“Jax!” Kate shouted out running up hugging him tightly.

“Mom!” Jax shouted out hugging her back. Zeus, Hades, and Poseidon ran over to where the hold in the wall was.

“Koga’s gone.” Jax panted as the three turned to him and Grace came out from under the couch looking around.

“It’s okay, we’ll find him. He has a certain power signature. He may not have the fox orb, but he’s still the source of all magic.” Zeus told them as he, Poseidon, and Hades walked over to a orb as they placed a hand on it.

“Find the source of all magic.” The three ordered the orb as it began glowing before it started going blurry before it started focusing again showing Jax staring at the orb. Everyone turned around staring at him.

“Wait, that has to be a mistake.” Jax spoke out clearly confused as he looked at everyone.

“No, it makes perfect sense. Koga was sick and tired of being the source of all magic. But he couldn’t give the power to just anyone. He had to give to someone he trusted. Who better than his own son?” Janice told them as Zeus sighed walking over to a closet that’s been locked for years.

“Grandpa, what’re you doing?” Jax asked looking over at him as he pulled out Koga’s old blue leather jacket and the atomicus vigilante walking up to Jax handing him them.

“Uh, what’s with the old stuff?” Jax asked looking up at him as the others chuckled lightly.

“The jacket helps someone keep their powers under control. The watch, it goes to the source of all magic. Your father had those things. When he needed just a little bit of extra power he took the jacket off. It unleashed unimaginable power. Now, take these things, and go find Koganei Hanabishi.” Zeus told him as Jax took the jacket and the watch.

“We want to go too.” Kyle spoke out with Grace as Janice, Athena, Theo, and Pollux both smiled.

“Okay, but I’m gonna go too to make sure you three don’t get in so much trouble.” Theo told them as Jax smiled looking out the hole of the mansion as he put the jacket on and slid the watch around his wrist as it began to size itself so it would fit and began to turn on.

“Let’s go get my father.” Jax spoke out as Theo opened a portal and the four walked through it.

“Let’s hope they can handle these guys.” Poseidon sighed as Kate turned around smiling.

“I know they can. I believe in my son.” Kate told them as Janice hugged her.  

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