Brian. a christmas story

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this story is true, only the name brian has been changed. brian is a foot and mouth artist. enjoy his story.

Submitted: April 11, 2017

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Submitted: April 11, 2017



The Christmas Card.


By Brian



It was the week before Christmas and the kids in my class had all been busy making a present for their parent, either one Mum or Dad or a Grandparent, it was the child’s choice.

Billy and his twin Henry were constructing a log-book out of stapled sheets of lined paper. Their dad was a truckie and he used log-books.

Gina is Italian. She had been working on this present for most of the year. It was a crochet bag that Miss had taken home and stitched up for her. Today she finished hand-stitching a message to her Nonna. She would give it to her next week after Christmas Mass


Miss, came and stood in front of my chair saying, “Thought of something yet Brian?” I didn't answer her the way other kids do. I have a little button in my mouth that activates letters on my keyboard.

No” I spelt slowly.

My name is Brian. I am eleven years old and I like all the different sports and games other boys enjoy. I used also to play Chess and I could almost beat my dad.

I had been picked for the under twelve Soccer team and I had my brand new uniform with Whippets on the back of the shirt and my number seven on the front. Our colours were red and black. When I was nearly ten I was travelling in a bus, not a school bus, a real big one. The driver wasn't paying enough attention to his driving and the bus started to sway. Then as he turned to go around a corner he lost control and it rolled six times down an embankment when it took the corner too fast. Two ladies died and the bus driver went to jail for dangerous driving.

I was tossed about. Some of the seats came loose that's when my head got jammed between two seats real tight. The air Ambulance that took me to a hospital was scary. Some bad damage was done to my brain as well as my body because now I can't move any part.


There was a big write-up in the papers about the crash, it told about the two ladies who had died were going to a bowls game. It told my story, how I could play chess and Soccer and how I couldn't anymore

The bus company paid all the parents lots of money. The money they paid my family bought me this wheelchair that runs on a humongous battery. And a keyboard that I can operate with the button and my tongue. Though I can move my mouth I can't talk because my brain has forgotten to know how to tell my throat to form words, so I use the stylus.

The day slowly crept along and I watched all the kids making things, I would like to be able to make something.

It was nearly home time when Miss came over to me. I like Miss, she treats me really well.

Brian I have an idea. Want to hear it.”

I tapped out 'Yes.'


Before your accident, you were in Mister Bellamy's class, he taught art, do you remember?”

Once more I tapped 'Yes'

Okay, I know the only thing that can move is your mouth and tongue. I know a man who was paralysed all down his spine from diving in a shallow pool. He took up art three years and I would like you to look at this Christmas card I received yesterday. It is from the foot and mouth artists, do you understand?”

I tapped 'No'

Right, this is how they paint they hold the brush between their teeth like you hold the stylus button, then someone holds the paint for them, but only for a start, when they get really good they get a part fitted to their chair that holds the paint .”

Mister Bellamy told me you were very talented. Would you agree with that?”

I tapped out 'Maybe.'

Would you like to give it a shot, Brian?”

I tapped out 'Silly.'

Do you mean the idea is silly, or you would feel silly?'

'Me' I tapped.

There are ten other children who are your friends, I think if we asked them they would help you. Shall we ask?”


Class, may I have the attention of David, Ben, Colin and Susan.

Brian needs some assistance. If you would like to help come forward.

All my friends came to the front of my chair and Miss explained her idea.

They were all pleased that I could take home something I had made. They all said they would help me.

That day Susan drew a word on a flat piece of heavy paper. She held it up so everyone could see what she had printed. The word was Joy. Then David and Colin held the pots of paint and I practised with a brush between my lips. I kept dribbling and the brush kept falling out.

Ben, said he had an idea and asked for a long leave note to leave the class.

Miss wrote on a yellow long leave card gave her permission. I wondered where he had gone.

After two hours of the brush falling sideways and down and finally right out altogether, I was ready to give the idea away as stupid.

Then Ben came back through the door with his hand behind his back.

I tapped 'What' He just grinned at me. Ben is my best friend.

Then he held his hand out so I could see what he hid. I couldn't understand what the thing was, but he was really excited.

Ben had gone to the Science teacher and told him about me having difficulty in holding the brush in my mouth. The teacher had then constructed a firm rubber face mask which when on keeps my chin up and the brush never fell out ever again.

I have a special car that picks me up after school and drives me home, it usually comes at five o’clock. It was now two thirty and Ben would stay behind and help me do some more painting. Susan stayed as well. Miss rang their parents and explained what we were doing so nobody would worry. She would drive Ben and Susan home.

Soon other kids came and watched as I practised Painting. I like the other kids in my class. They never laugh at me. After a fair amount of time, Miss said I could try and do the letter J.

I made a mess of three pieces of paper at first because I was scared. I had never done this before, and holding the brush in my teeth made my jaw ache. But by the time my car was there I had done the straight part of the J.

It was wobbly and a bit out of the lines, but I had done it finally. Everyone, in the class, clapped as I finished.


Miss said when I got better she would bring some gold paint and the card would look really great. Tomorrow I would do some more, and by Christmas, I could give my mother her very first Christmas card painted by mouth.

I never told my family what I was doing. It was to be the best surprise ever. I was impatient for my car to come the next day I wanted to paint the J. I would take more care today, I wasn't scared any longer. I hoped Miss, wouldn't forget the gold paint.

When I wheeled myself into my class everyone started to speak at once and they all wanted to watch me paint the J. properly. Miss took a parcel from her bag and asked who could open it for me? I tapped 'Ben.' Inside was a small tin of gold paint and a clear pouch of silver glitter. I couldn't wait to see what they would look like on the word Joy. I just knew it would be lovely.

By the time lunch break came I had completed the straight part and was very slowly turning the curved part. That took lots of concentration. I was so keen to do it I wanted to stay inside all day but Miss explained I had things that needed doing.

Mr Sinclair was the grade six teacher he would follow me into the teacher's toilet and empty my urine bag, and get some food down my throat. I can only take fluids and it's a bit messy getting it down my throat so I don't choke. Mister Sinclair is really careful and when I indicated I'd had enough he tidied me up and I thanked him for his assistance and wheeled myself back to my classroom.

All the other kids had come back inside early so I could continue with the curvy part of the J. Everyone stood around and silently watched as time and again I would wobble and have to start again.

By two-thirty I had finished the J. It looked good. It was standing up straight and the curve was beautiful, not wobbly at all. I was so pleased. Everyone clapped. It was an exciting time for me. Never before had I thought I could paint, but I had painted a J.

Miss said we should keep this a secret until I had completed the whole word then we would show the other classes what I had painted with my mouth.

Over the next four days, I painted slowly and very carefully the whole word JOY in the lovely gold paint. Ben got to hold the little tin steady so I could dip the tiny end of the brush and not drip paint all over everything. Miss had brought a large sheet and draped this over me just to be sure.

I asked Susan if she would like to sprinkle the silver glitter on the completed word, and everyone told me how proud of me they were.

When I arrived at school for the final time that year, Miss walked in front of my chair Ben, and Susan walked beside me, while Colin and David walked on the other side carrying something covered over with the sheet.

Mister Black is the Principal and he stood up to give our last Assembly then he spoke really politely saying,

“Ladies and Gentlemen, Students. Today is a very special day for a certain boy here at our school plus his teacher and his special friends and classmates. Please give a warm welcome to Brian and allow him to share with you something very magical.”

I was a bit nervous, being way up there and knowing the whole school was looking. Ben gave my shoulder a squeeze and his cheeky grin helped. Then Colin and David walked to the front of my chair and gently placed the sheet covered thing so it balanced against footrest. Susan and Ben stepped forward and gently removed the sheet and there it was. My beautiful Christmas card. It said JOY in lovely gold paint and silver glitter.

Then Ben got the special place as he's my best friend.

Mister Black, Ladies and Gentlemen and students. We the friends of Brian wish to share with you this Christmas card. Brian painted every stroke by himself. As you all know Brian cannot use his hands so this one word he painted entirely by holding the brush in his mouth! I held the paint tin for him while Susan sprinkled the silver glitter. We couldn't have done it without our teacher and all the rest of his friends. Please give a round of applause for my very clever best friend!”

Everyone in Assembly stood up and clapped for a very long time and I couldn't answer only with the stylus I tapped some words slowly which flashed up on the screen behind us. “Thank You All.”


I got the driver of my car to be very careful with my card when he came to take me home, Ben and Susan came with me as a special surprise. I was so excited, in two days time it would be Christmas Day. I could not hide my card so Ben and Susan carried it inside and my mother started to cry when Ben told her how I had held the brush in my teeth and painted every stroke.

My name is Brian and this is my Christmas Story. I hope you enjoyed it. I am one of the foot and mouth artists. Please buy our cards when you see them. We take a long time to paint them.

Merry Christmas Brian.

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