Watch Who You're Speaking To and To Whom

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I am a twenty-seven year old woman from the Caribbean country of Trinidad. Since I was going to school, I always had a passion for writing.

Submitted: April 11, 2017

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Submitted: April 11, 2017



Watch Who You’re Speaking to and To Whom?

By: Natalie Simon


When Velma Thompson had graduated from university with a degree in communications, she had no clue as to where to go or what to do next. One day while watching T.V. her neighbour, Eve called. She was extremely happy to hear her voice. “Hey, Velma, I got the job,” she avowed. “I got accepted by Wall Street Journal.” A smile came across her face. Despite being neighbours, Velma and Eve were like sisters. Eve always wanted to be a reporter. And now she’s a popular one. “What did you do?” she asked. eve replied, “All I did was just dropped my résumé and some pieces of my work.”

After talking for some time, Velma started to have some sincere thoughts. Although, she wasn’t on top of her class, yet she was an excellent story-teller. Moments later, her mother walked in. “Mom, I’ve decided that I want to become a journalist,” she told her. Her mother looked surprised. “Are you sure?” she asked. “Yes,” she replied. She didn’t hesitate on stopping her daughter. Mrs. Thompson always wanted the best for child. A week later, Velma dropped off her résumé along with some of her work she had done while studying at university.

It’s been over a year. All her writings must be outdated. Nevertheless, it’s something that Velma loved and enjoyed. The next morning Velma left early and headed down to the office of The New York Times. When she had arrived, an anxious feeling aroused in her. As she entered the building, she couldn’t believe her eyes. It was huge. She walked up to the receptionist and handed her the file. “How will it take?” she asked her. She gave a smile and replied, “I’m not sure about that one. But, keep your fingers cross.” She left the building with uncertainty. One the way out, she saw one of her old colleagues, Sharlene.

“You’re working here now,” she said as she hugged and kiss her. “What are doing now?” Velma asked. “I’m working as an editor,” she answered. Sharlene didn’t graduate from university. She left after spending two years. “How did you manage?” I asked curiously. She gave a long story. She was astonished. In her wildest dreams, she never thought about doing something like that. Sharlene has always been fearless. A few weeks later, a call came from The New York Times. Morbid thoughts entered Velma’s mind. “What if it’s them (New York Times)? Supposed they haven’t accepted my résumé,” she said to herself.

Her mother answered. A message was left stating that they’re calling her for an interview.  Her mom leapt for joy. “Velma, Velma, Get Up!” her mom shouted. Awaken by the sound of her mother’s voice, she quickly jumped out of bed. “What is it mom?” she asked. “There’s a message for you from the New York Times. They want you to come in for an interview next Thursday,” she said. When she heard the news, she jumped for joy. Her dreams of becoming a journalist are coming true.

The day was Thursday. The day of the interview. Velma was in high spirits. She was full of confidence. The smell of hot chocolate chip waffles and hot cappuccino pulled Velma to the kitchen. “Are you ready my dear?” asked her mom. “Yes,” she replied. After breakfast, she gave her mom a hug and kiss and left. After being on the road for forty-five minutes, Velma arrived. When she entered the building, she was totally speechless. The place was huge. It was 10:30 a.m. and Velma sat patiently in the waiting area. All she kept pondering on was how they’re going to test her. Nevertheless, it something she has always been preparing for.

At eleven on the dot, the interview started. After two long hours, Velma came out. She breathes a sigh of relief. Three weeks later, the Thompson residence received a phone call. It came from The New York Times head office. They liked the way how Velma performed at the interview and she got accepted by the organization. When Velma arrived home, her mother gave her the news. She danced with joy. Velma is now a certified journalist.

A year later, Velma became a household name. covering stories from crime to politics. Because of her hard work and dedication, she was given a prestigious award. It was mid-June and the country was preparing to host a world summit. Velma and her colleagues were in charge in overseeing the entire coverage.  The next morning, Velma was awakened by the sound of her mother’s voice. “Velma, Velma, Come Quick!” she shouted. With quick speed, she rushed downstairs. Ever since she became a journalist, Velma has shown sincere passion towards the field.

Her manager called to informed her that there will be a meeting first thing in the morning. She started shaking like a leaf. Her heart was thumping wildly. Velma has never been to any meetings in her life. Later that day, Velma was outside attending her mother’s roses. Suddenly, someone called out to her. Velma! Velma! When she turned around, it was her father. He came back after eight months.

It was Friday morning and Velma was on her way to work. Most of the times, Velma would go on the highway. However, she decided to take the longer route through the mountains. While on her journey when she reached to the top of the mountain, she noticed a car. She pulled to the side and saw it was her neighbour, Eve. “What happened Eve?” she asked. Eve replied, “I don’t know. The car just shut down like that.” She told me that she was on her way to Marseille Resort and Spa for a conference.

However, she has a few documents that needs to be printed and she needs to use a computer. Velma smiled and said, “Don’t worry. Let’s go to my office.” The two got into Velma’s car and left. On their way to the office, Velma and Eve began talking about each other’s family. Velma’s father came back home after eight months. While Eve on the other hand, her marriage is starting to get back together. They arrived at the office. Velma’s cabin was located on the fifth floor. “Is there an empty room with a computer?” asked Eve. “Yes,” Velma replied. “There’s an empty room, two doors down to your right.”

Right next to the room was the kitchen. Further down, there was a large open area. While Eve was preparing her documents, Velma was in the kitchen preparing some coffee. Suddenly, she heard a loud commotion. She walked up to see who it was. As Velma approached the door post, she saw her co-workers including the supervisor victimizing and verbally attacking another worker. Velma couldn’t believe her eyes. She walked up a little closer to see who the woman was. When the young girl had turned around, Velma was surprised.

Somehow, she felt as if she had known the girl from before. From what Velma gathered is the day before the holiday which would have been Wednesday, the group went on an outing. The outing lasted for the whole day. When they were finished, the young woman got a severe pain in her body. And then, migraine. Because of her ailment, she couldn’t keep focus and was in heavy pain. When they got on the bus, she sat next to another co-worker who was older than her. The pain was so bad that she couldn’t move her arms.

Suddenly, she passes out on the man who was also sleeping in constant pain. Afterwards, another co-worker took a picture and showed everyone. Each one of them took turns mocking and insulting the young woman. Velma, who stood there innocent, was trying to figure out the matter. Then one of them mentioned her name. Moments later, Eve came by. She too saw the scenario and was in awe.  One of them saw Eve and told everyone that the famous reporter from Wall Street is here.

They stopped in their tracks. The picture of the young woman lying on the man caught Eve’s attention. “What’s going on here?” asked Eve in a disgusted tone. The young woman explained everything. Eve looked at the others and in a harsh tone she shouted, “Why did you do this to my stepsister?” They were in shock. One of them blurred out, “Stepsister!” Eve once again was furious and retorted, “Yes, my stepsister.” Ashamed and embarrassed, they bowed their heads.

Then after two minutes of silence, the supervisor answered. “We were just explaining to her about the picture.” Eve looked at the picture. “Hello! that guy is one of our cousins,” she yelled. The place was dead silent. Although Eve can throw fist, luckily for them, she didn’t do that.

After Eve gave them a piece of her mind, they went back to their stations. The next day the incident was in printed in black and white. Meanwhile, at the office, everyone was still feeling disappointed for what they did. Velma and the young woman named Gabrielle were talking and they became friends.

© Copyright 2018 Natalie Simon. All rights reserved.

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