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The sun comes up on a couple as they lay in bed.

Submitted: April 11, 2017

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Submitted: April 11, 2017






 It's six in the morning and she's laying in bed looking out the curtainless window at the alluring sunrise, stroking his hair, her hand sweeping through the strands so gently. She talks about old times and how sorry she is that they never had children. 'It's too late now', she says with a lump in her throat.

 The sun brings a beautiful, warm orange glow into the previously dark room. Photos of great memories hanging on the walls are now clearly visible again. This is her safe place, here with him, in bed, together.

 Talk of more regret comes about. Days of not speaking because of stupid little arguments, are now seen as pointless, wasted time. When they should have been appreciating each other, ignorance was king.

 Her tears fall. She wipes her face. Last nights make-up is all but gone. He lies silent. She whispers, 'I Love You'. He doesn't reply. She cries. Her pain evident in the sound as she hugs him tightly and kisses his cold cheek. The sun gets brighter, her heart breaks, she leaves their bed. He's gone. His Love. His Soul. His Life.




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