Unfaithful By Tamaya Gunn

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Gay and Lesbian  |  House: Booksie Classic

Submitted: April 11, 2017

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Submitted: April 11, 2017



These days shit is gettin real

Got me tryin to sneak out to see you

And havin long conversations on the phone to feel near you

Can't sleep when I think about your lips, I lay awake and imagine our first kiss

And I've never experieced anything as sweet as this

Something this pure and innocent....

I wonder is she feelin like this and is this an opportunity you also don't want to miss

It just snuck up on me...

I can't even tell you when and how this elevated up from just friends

But I can tell you it's the sweetest thing I've ever experienced


She's becoming my light at the end of this dark tunnel

I went through a horrific past with my girl, I thank God I found you

Baby come here I am dying to hold you

I lust to just wrap my arms around you

How dare he mistreat you especially when these days you got me feeling like I need you

If you were mine...I'd show you that even on your darkest days, I'll find a way to pull the sun out too always shine

I find myself wanting to romance you all the time

Chivalry depends on the person

But whether it be male or female demonstrating it the characteristic hasn't died in me

Eventhough, I stand before you I'm in steady hiding but with her my bold face comes down and I get shy now

When we lock eyes without words she see's behind my veil

How can I hide now...

However, it's not just her eyes doing the lookin her soul comes out to assess and mines is coming out for a peek too

I feel like im in tune with you

I got a need to romance you, like I have a need to breathe

She is bringing back out a side that was dormant in me

I'll get on whatever level you want me on

Even slow dance to if this world were mine

Lord....if only that woman was all mine


These days shit is gettin real

If I get any closer too you I could develop feelins that are real for you

Your starting to make me remember what it feels like to care

Care if she calls me and of course the good morning text in the mornings

That crush has developed into a steady yearning

Next time I get you alone I'm gonna pull you close but we ain't gotta rush we can just take it slow

I don't want to miss a second of this romances beauty and whenever your ready wrap your lips around mine

I want to know what it feels like when we intertwine


She's just my type hood with a softer side and a little shy

Sophisticated and the body is right

A true beauty that steals every spotlight I want to make her mine tonight

She makes me a little shy and that's alright at least I know she see's me tonight

Shit is getting real got me sneaking out to get five minutes on the phone with you

This feeling is I believe me missing you

And I'm equally probably just as afraid as you since we're suppose to be just friends...

And now this has developed into some kinda ancient unheard-of? romance for me

I've never experienced something so pure and sweet

The situation has my girl asking me rhetorical questions like "What am I gonna do with you"

This is not something I intentionally intended to put her heart through

I couldn't have predicted in a million years that rightnow I'd develop these feelings I am feeling

I am slippin and sliding in love

If she only knew that I don't want to lose you

If she only knew that I was this thirsty to see you

If she only knew that instead of her it is you that I’d rather be next to you...

My light at the end of this dark tunnel

Come closer so I can wrap my soul around you


She is here with me but all night I've been yearning for you

Lord help me because I know what this is now and I am steadily falling...

I am falling in love with you

© Copyright 2018 Tamaya Gunn. All rights reserved.

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