triple talaq - a misconception

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triple talaq, the myth broken

Submitted: April 12, 2017

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Submitted: April 12, 2017



A non-Muslim friend of mine, met me today after a gap of 11 years and  during the course said, 'hey Bhai, you guys (Muslims) must be very angry with bjp for raking up 'triple talaq' issue again.

I said, I don't know about others. However, I am neither angry nor upset because it's only a clear and deliberate attempt to misguide everyone as if 'Talaq' subjugates women's rights. 

In Islam, Talaq can be given by both, husband or wife. Wife has equal right to give talaq to her husband in the event of harassment or injustice to her by him. (I did not go into details like explaining him the different names like 'Talaq', 'Khula' etc)

And moreover, as you all construe, Triple Talaq is not just saying Talaq thrice continuously and walking away. In fact, Talaq is the most disliked grant Almighty Allah has given to his creations according to authentic Hadeeths. 

In the event of a husband or wife deciding to part away, they need to discuss with their well-wishers/elders/religious scholars and take a decision. It's the mandatory duty of everyone around, to try their best to convince the couple to reconcile and stay together. The couple must be given sufficient time to reconsider, reconcile and live together. 

Still, in the event of the husband or wife or both staying firm on their partition, they can say Talaq thrice. But not the way you all presume it to be. In between each Talaq, there is a mandatory gap of 30 days, i.e., 1st Talaq - 30 days gap - 2nd Talaq - 30 days gap - 3rd Talaq, three menstrual cycles. 

However, a Muslim woman has a degree of advantage more than a Muslim man. How??  This 90 days is mandatory only when the husband intends to give Talaq. If the wife intends, it can be immediate. This is an additional privilege a Muslim woman is empowered with by Almighty Allah.

During this period the couple have all rights to reconsider and reverse their decision and stay together. This 90 days shall teach various lessons, practical difficulties and sufferings of being separated and leading a life alone etc,. In addition, this 90 days is necessary to assess if she is pregnant. If found pregnant, the husband is responsible for the expenses and other related issues until the child is born - Complete maintenance. It also helps to identify the father of the child. Hence, this 90 days! Thus, as you all imagine, Talaq is not against the rights of a Muslim woman. 

Listening to all this, my friend heaved a sigh of relief and said, 'quite reasonable Naushad, and ofcourse woman's rights are protected in a dignified way here'. Then why is there so much of opposition?, he asked. I said it's because it has been misunderstood by people's ignorance in general and sometimes by the arrogance of certain fringe group's biased mindset. 

He thanked me for explaining him the subject in detail and removing his misconceptions about Talaq. Shook hands with me. And in typical Islamic style, embraced (hugged) me and whispered, "Naushad Bhai, if only a #TripleTalaq is possible in law to express our disinterest to a government, I would say it to the present federal government', and disappeared. 

M Abbas Naushad

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