Falling Sky

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Skye Farris is a rich, beautiful girl with a flawless personality, a born leader and a sole heir to the highest ranked company in the entire state.When Skye Farris will turn 22 , she would become the rightful CEO but things start changing when a handsome classmate arrives who knows about her much more than she had expected but when she survives an attempted attack ,she needs to figure out who really wants her dead .During this strife she needs to remember all that she has left behind in her past 10 years of becoming a stiff neck feeling less rich toy with her hair tied up, her vision blocked with fancy sunglasses and a beautiful fake smile plastered on her flawless face yet an empty heart

Submitted: April 12, 2017

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Submitted: April 12, 2017




“I never take it so strong

One day you’ll go

There’s no one that stayed for long

Till you opened my eyes

Tell me a lie

I can tell you a thousand more “

I was lost, I was drowning.my vision was fading.one more breath left my lungs, pushing me deeper in the dark water. i let myself go ,one more time I had let him go.


October 15th 2016

6 more months until I was going to be 22. The day when I will be handed over the company started by my grandfather

SIERRA ASIAN mobile manufacturing company, a high ranked company whose products worth 50 billion dollars alone. Since my grandfather passed away he had clearly stated in his will that the company’s rightful CEO shall be Skye Farris Felton, me

In the mediatory time until I turn 22 and am ready to take the responsibility, my elder cousin shall be made the supervisor or monarchal.

I was trained and educated through rigorous schedules of work and tasks

I was even taught how to defend myself

I became an excellent shooter and a master at hand to hand combat

I have 7 gold medals in management skills and outdoor survival activities

A gold medal at poetry and business dealing examinations

I am going to start my engineering professional studies next month, I was taught to be independent, strong, yet incomplete

Since I was born my life had been planned out

My grandfather had already stated many a times during his life about me being the next CEO because HE thought I was the only capable one

I am a sole heir to the highest grossing company

Each second of my life is planned out and important


That’s not what I had wanted

I found a keen interest in editorial expression of thoughts and feelings

I wanted to become a song writer or at least do poetry as a big part of my life but it’s nothing more than a secret activity for me now

I found my escape from this sick and materialized life through songs

I wrote them depicting just a sweeter part of my entire boring life so not many songs I had written so far

No one in the world knew about my secret pleasure except me and some of my close friends

My family wanted me to be reserved and pay less heed to the feelings and emotions as I was a CEO

I should be able to choose my business over my relationships

So I was bred to do that

I think relationships are a waste of time, a hindrance to a smooth running life

Turns out my surrounding was successful in bringing up a lifeless rich toy with her hands in her pockets, her hair tied up , her eyes blocked with fancy sunglasses and a beautiful fool proof fake smile planted on her flawless face.

And that’s my brief description.


 Chapter 2

“Come on now get up! GET UP!!!”

“Miss you need to leave immediately or else I will have to take strict actions”

I woke up from loud noises coming from a very close source, who else it could be

Of course the everyday feuds between kazuma and Maria

“What the hell is going on?”

Kazuma speaks “ma’am this women has again tried to break through our security system

When the guards tried questioning she threatened and forced her way in your room”

“Wow explains how great security system we have”

I smirk

“Yes that’s exactly what I’m here for. To check how the sole heir is being protected”

“Yeah I understand, kazuma you can leave she is anyone but harmful for my health”

“Yes ma’am “

Door clicks 

“You will not believe who I just met today at uni “

“Whaaat! “(Sarcastically)

“Diana Jefferson”


“Come-on you know her, anyway she met me hopeless as usual .she said she wanted to meet up with you reminisce some past beautiful memories “

“I see” (uninterested)

“Come on I think it’s a great idea, I mean you need to change your surroundings, get some fresh air, feel like a normal early twenty “

“Normal? Huh I am everything but normal”

I hold my pet cat “onam”

“Come-on you have to go out sometimes and god leave that cat with that weird name for a minute “

“I‘d rather be with one thing that loves me from heart than be with millions who just fake it “


“Anyway, get me a good crème latte”

“Sure and meet up with Diana”

Door clicks

So Diana, yes I did remember

The life of the party of our inspiring primary grade

She was my friend for 6 years but never once I felt that we were related that she was someone who cared

Thanks to her she gave me my three developmental traumas

*not being good enough

*not being capable of something

*being framed

I can endure a bullet but these traumas break me down every single time

By the way I haven’t introduced kazuma yet

Kazuma is my personal assistant

He guides me in making right choices and decisions and has been by my side for more than 10 years

He has taken up the responsibility of shaping me to fit my main purpose.

Means he is really good at what he does

Kazuma knocks at the door

“Come in, Kazuma update me”

“ma’am you have a busy schedule today, you need to go to university, you then need to go to the company and pay a visit, you need to be at the birthday party of you’re a distant friend and you have a meeting with Quinn Anderson and Harrison Shaw .this meeting might affect our long term rivalry with the takashima and sakayarak groups, as you already know that they are the heirs of the rival companies”

“Yes I know I’ll be there”

“Get my car ready I’ll be leaving in 45 minutes”

“Right away ma’am”

In the car my phone rings and I pick it up “there’s one more thing you need to know Skye Farris…”


 Chapter 3

“There’s one more thing you need to know Skye Farris…”

“Who is it?”

“It’s me ma’am ‘

“Oh, then why are you calling from an unregistered number?”

“I will explain later, ma’am you need to go to the company first, there is some issue, do not miss that group company meeting, if that’s the last thing you do”

“Okay what’s the hurry “

“Gotta go ma’am”

The phone cuts before I can speak

I tell the driver to turn around and go to the company

An uncomfortable feeling is rising in my stomach

I reach there in 20 minutes

I get out and the guards open the door

I walk in, the attendants greet me like usual

But there was something off about it all

It felt like a setup

I immediately made my way to the temporary CEOs office and to my surprise the meeting was already in progress

I didn’t understand I was told a wrong time

If I had made it here at that time I might have missed it


The most familiar faces I have been taught to hate were present

Harrison Shaw the heir to the takashima group and of course the infamous Quinn Anderson, the heir to the sakayarak group looked up almost immediately

More than their shocked expressions were the expressions of the tempo CEO Obadiah Kinsley

“Uh you are….here “

I realized later after their conversations that Obadiah was selling our million dollar stocks at loss

I immediately took control as the 1st in command

My demand was conceded and the contract broke before it was even signed

I left leaving confusion and frustration at the three faces



I left for university

The same old place where I’m doing engineering in computer sciences

I enter the university gate and not 2 minutes pass until I’m crowded with people looking and pointing at me like an outcast

Of course they weren’t wrong

I was an outcast, a rich one.

I made my way through the crowd and see my friend waving at me, not Maria but this time harper Alison


She hasn’t been my friend for long but is worth the title

I have realized that long ago that time doesn’t matter character does

She walks over to me and escorts me to the class

Before the professor came in, the principle paid a visit with someone unfamiliar

He greets everyone with a usual fake smile, and starts babbling, I could hardly keep my eyes open, then he started introducing the new guy “meet …………………

Chapter 4

“meet Kay Anawin, the newest member of our session, he has joined a bit late so please help him out a bit to fit in, he is a transfer student from Thailand and his father is former vice president of a network company, his father is a leading brand ambassador in marketing and has a vast network of e commerce spread throughout the world, his father has had an urgent business here and so kay will like to continue his education for unspecified time here “

Seemed like his father was his identity, he was  someone like me

As much as I was bored of this debate I realized the girls around me were giggling and stalking this new revelation

This person I have to admit looked something out of another world, tall, narrow jaw line, impressive personality, handsome and rich not to mention with the cutest boyish smirk .out of all the attention he was gaining from every corner just after arriving 2 minutes ago, he had a very uninterested look.

I was just observing all these changes that I saw a changing expression but controlling it he softly spoke “sir! Could you introduce ME now?”

I couldn’t control my laugh at the most awkward smile on the principal’s face

He immediately shook it off and went on

” Kay is a very bright student, he has received commendable distinctions in computer technology, he is an inspiring athlete and has won gold medals on international scale in swimming, he is an awarded student and a true gem. Please take a seat next to Skye “

As soon as he said it there was loud “oh shit” from every corner

I shook it off and stood up to speak

“ sir If I may, not every time you need to advertise your schools precious students for gaining acknowledgment from others no hard feelings but there is a seat next to hazel Thompson

I welcome the new student with warm feelings”

Shocked everyone looked at me

I felt sorry for hazel as she was one of my close friends i felt her blushing.i hope she thanks me later

As soon as he heard it

His eyes just lit up…….

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