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Submitted: April 12, 2017

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Submitted: April 12, 2017



Rain patters on my window sill, tears make my vision blurry, lightning shakes the apartment. I go outside and sit on the fire escape, the crisp smell of hotdogs fill the city air. Cars honking,engines roaring and old building’s flickering lights capture my senses. I sat there in a big hoodie and gym shorts, I could feel the cold metal imprinting on my thigh as I sat there. It has gotten to the point where I don't remember the last time I haven't heard my parents fighting. My mom crying and screaming and my dad propelling hurtful words with his lucid voice. 

My dad has become more aggressive, throwing things at my mom, pushing my mom against the wall. She acts as if she is forlorn and I have to stay complying to my dad's strict canon or I will get it too. Independent lifestyle,my best friend Erin calls it, and I agree because my dad makes good money and I get a certain amount to “do my own thing” with. My wardrobe has greatly amplified itself, I have so many shoes and too many clothes. My room is beautifully decorated because I spend so much time in there, I like to put a lot of effort into my room cause it is really the only place I go in my house.

I get a text “coming up” it read from Erin. I lifted up my window and Erin comes in soaking wet and the cold wind blows in my room. I went to go close my window but something stopped it, “This is noah” Erin said. I looked at her with wide eyes, I turned around to see his tranquil blue eyes locked into contact with mine. His hair was perfect, obviously blown by the wind, and wet by the rain, his smile was so cute it made me quiver. We sat there staring at eachother with the window still blowing cold air. “Okkkkkkkk” Erin said in a weird manner as she shut the window. They both came in and I led them to the sitting area in my room. I sat down on the chair and Noah sat on the same coach but not right next to me. The area had white christmas lights strung around pictures and then a flat screen TV. It was so cozy. We all started talking and laughing. Noah and I had a lot in common, I learned. He was so easy to talk to. He was vibing on me and I was vibing on him. Erin could tell.

My mom walked in with red eyes and a runny nose, she was sniffling back tears. “Do you guys wantsimething to eat” she said, “ uhhhhh, yeah” I said ‘“thank you”. Noah looked at Erin then back at me, “is she ok” he said “ yeah, she has really bad allergies” I replied. Noah looked into my eyes and he could tell I was lying but he didn't say anything. The food soon came and I turned on a movie. We ate and laughed hysterically as we watched the movie. After we were done I went to the kitchen and threw the plates out. I went back and sat on the couch to finish the movie. Noah had moved close and I started to fall asleep. Erin had already moved to my bed and was passed out. She sleeps over a lot and kinda makes herself at home. I closed eyes and leaned back on Noah, I was in between his legs and he wrapped his arms. I pulled the big blanket over us and fell asleep. 

When I awoke it was 5:36 and it was still dark outside. I got up making sure to not wake up Noah, and grabbed a hoodie and threw it on.  I grabbed my phone and sat out on the fire escape. It was still dark but you could see a glimpse of light. The sound of the city was so soothing and the breeze added a nice touch. The window opened and Noah came out. In his raspy morning voice he said “’good morning”. I smiled and replied with the same. We sat out there and I rested my head on his shoulder.  

“Can i take you somewhere” he said, “yeah?” I replied. I led the way down the ladder and hopped down.  It was still dark but the lights led our way. We walked down the street and he took me to this abandoned building. Of course. Maybe he was trying to kill me. We went up this rusted building and he led me to the elevator. I looked at him like what are you doing. This elevator looked broken and old. He said “trust me”, the elevator opened. It looked like an elevator from the plaza hotel, it had mirrors all around it, marble floors and the buttons looked like gold. He laughed at me because of my reaction. 13 he hit. “This has a 13th floor” I said “only one” he replied. I was so excited. The elevator opened and it was the top floor. For only 13 floors it was very high. He didn't like heights but i did. I ran over to the edge and looked at it, i stood up and looked at the city. He tried to stand beside me but I knew he was scared. A sat down and he quickly did the same thing. I smiled and that made him grin as well. We watched the sunrise in silence until I turned to him and said thank you. He said your welcome and then looked at me then looked away but then put his hands around my waist and kissed me. His lips were so soft it made me shiver.

We sat there warming each other with our bodies close and for a minute or two my worries seemed to escape. The air blew and so did time. We realized we had to go and so we walked home. Climbing the fire escape up to my room Erin was sleeping. I sat in the same spot and Noah followed and so we fell asleep. We woke up and all had breakfast and watched another movie. Noah and I shared eye contact once more and this time i new he was mine. We remained together for about five months. Seeing each other in school and then after aswell was great because it felt like I could never get sick of him. We left at night and went out to parties, my parents never seemed to care until one night they got into a fight. My dad was screaming at my mom telling her to that i would end up just like her. He walked into my room at 3 AM and caught me sneaking back in through my window. Ballistic wouldn't even get my point across on how mad he was.  

I was on house arrest.  Noah and I barely saw each other but we made time. My dad always gave me a dirty look calling me deming names as I walked by him. We never fought but this was big. I was in my bathroom getting out the shower and my parents were fighting, no surprise there. I was getting ready and then my mom screamed as loud as i have ever heard. I ran in and she was holding her head. My dad was cooking something that was burning i ran over to my mom and sat beside her, my dad came over and pulled me back. He pushed me against the wall and then i could tell he was drunk, very drunk. He grabbed my wrist and put it on the stove and i grabbed the frying pan and hit him over the head. He got up and punched me and kicked me until I bled and bruised.

My mom hit him in the back of the head with a cutting board. He fell to the ground. I backed away shaking. I got up and pulled my mom away. He lay there on the floor as we looked at him. I told my mom to pack and that we were leaving. “But” she said “go” firmly I responded. I packed clothes and shoes and utilities in my big travel bag. I went into my parents room,mostly my dad's, and she had her bag ready. I opened the safe and grabbed all the money and my dads wallet. “Let's go i said” she headed for the front door but I pointed to my room. We were going out of my window. He may wake up if he hears us leave through the front. We went to jones beach island because i knew my dad hated the beach and he wouldn't find us there. I called noah and he came with us, my mom was ok with this because she knew this made me happy. We booked into the hotel and we got 2 rooms, one for me and noah and one for my mom. When we got there my mom had a bunch of fun things to do and she met this tour guide and they were hitting it off pretty well. She moved on really fast but i was happy to hear that she was with a man who treated her right. Noah and I were going all over the place for days having a ball. Then we got in a big fight over stupid stuff,and my mom would cry every time she thought of my father.  

I ran into the bathroom and just cried, why is this happening to me. I am too young to take on all of this. I smashed the mirror and my hand bled. I was crying even harder I grabbed my mom's pills and stared at them. I opened them up. I poured them into my hand stood up and looked at the broken mirror then I heard my mom scream,. I came back to my senses. “What the hell am i doing” i muttered to myself. Putting them back quickly i got went to open the door. My dad was standing there with a gun pointed at my mom. Noah saw me run then held me back. 

My mom tried to talk to my dad but he just yelled. She got the gun and put it down gently then my mom and dad hugged as he bawled. Everything was ok for a minute. As i thought to myself that I almost considered dying. Everything will get better I thought. My mom grabbed the gun and pointed it at my dad. She shook while yelling at my dad. He had his hands up. She turned away and shot. The bullet came fast, my dad yelled and jumped. Then I looked up at him and then down at me. I had been shot. I guess the universe chose for me. 

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