Devoted Surveillance

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Submitted: April 12, 2017

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Submitted: April 12, 2017



Jeff was standing in front of a mirror.  He was standing there for a while now, wondering what it would be like to stand somewhere else. Perhaps in the kitchen. The man in the reflection laughed at the absurdity of that idea. “Scram!” shouted Jeff as he put the flashlight back on the shelf and left the steamy bathroom.

He had to look around the apartment to find the clock. They were always hiding somewhere. Their fourth hand wasn’t even working. They have been like that ever since Jeff found them under the Christmas tree. That way it was difficult to say the time, but it was certain it was Saturday.

Stepping over a pile of rotten tomatoes Jeff almost bowled over a fruit bowl. “That was a close one.” he said to himself with a sigh of relief. By a quick hand movement he knocked down all photos from the cupboard and carefully placed the bowl on their place. He surely didn’t want the tangerines unsafe and in the risk of being dropped on the ground again. “If only you were oranges.” Disappointed and frustrated, he tried to catch a glimpse of his neighbors through the window, but all he could see were his own curtains.

After a minute of blankly staring into them, Jeff finally pulled the curtains back, but only as much so he could see to the street, yet still remain unseen. It was a beautiful sunny day, with quite a lot of heavy rain and a few drugstore cowboys hanging around the block. The street was busy with children playing, men arguing, women complaining. Everything seemed pretty peaceful until these two idiots hustled through the street like they were grand prix motor racers and almost ran over half of the people standing near the road. The one owning the new Model T threw a contemptuous look at the other one’s jalopy. He was so proud not realizing that he was the property.

And then there were dogs. These stray old mutts chasing around everything that moved. People, cars, each other and even their own tails. Fascinating. Maybe there is something about motion, movement or tails.

The scenery started to bore Jeff as well as the dogs, so they disappeared. Suddenly, the street wasn’t a street anymore. It wasn’t anything really. It simply wasn’t.  

Jeff pulled the curtains again to escape that view. He turned around and slowly wandered around the house. He wandered and he wondered. He wondered if handful of tangerines is better than handful of oranges. Or maybe apples. No, obviously not apples. He had to smirk. Those apple people are not normal. Everyone despises them. Jeff hopefully gazed at the fruit bowl that was majestically standing on the cupboard and giving the whole room its setting. At least he has tangerines now.

He ended up back in the bathroom. To his surprise the man was still there. Anyhow, his face was misshapen and crooked. Possibly because the mirror was broken. “Someone must have left the flashlight on.” he murmured to himself and glared at that damaged ancient thing.

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