"After School"

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This is a short 'Cat in the Rain'-type piece I did for a creative writing course. It was the first thing I ever wrote for the course, and the assignment was to write a short piece about a normal, day-to-day event of any person. This piece was included in vol. 48 of Florida State College at Jacksonville's art & literature journal, 'The Experience'.

Submitted: April 12, 2017

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Submitted: April 12, 2017



"After School"
Loosening his red tie, he stared up at the statue of the Virgin Mary looming menacingly in front of him. His collar was itchy and he debated just taking off his white dress shirt all together. The concrete bench was hard, making him squirm to try to get comfortable; it was no use. How could anyone get comfortable in this sweltering heat, on this old bumpy stone bench with this creepy statue staring straight at them. He playfully got up and walked back and forth, seeing if the Virgin’s eyes would follow him: they did. How was he supposed to have any fun with the mother of god, herself, staring deep into his soul. “Oh well,” he thought. “I’ll just ignore her.” What to do, what to do.
He sat back down on the bench and began brainstorming, which served as a mental deterrent from thinking about why he’s still at school, as well as helping to avoid being painstakingly bored. He could always mess with the flagpole, maybe pull down the flags and hide them or something. He turned around, but was disappointed to find they had already been taken down for the day. He still had a few firecrackers he had snagged from his dad’s 4th of July stash in his backpack. He thought about putting them under some of the teachers’ windows from the outside and setting them off. No matches. He took out a Sharpie and began drawing on the bench. The sound of cars in the nearby streets and birds echoed. The concrete soon made the marker course, and it stopped writing. He was out of ideas. If only he had is bike; he could’ve been home, or better yet, at a friend’s house by now. Scratching at his collar, he could feel the sun blistering his face, sweat dripping from below his curly yellow hair. Swinging his feet slowly back and forth, he sniffled and wiped his nose with his wrinkled white sleeve. Most days at school weren’t particularly joyful, but today was easily one of the worsts in a while.
The double doors flew open, and his mother walked out abruptly, her purse swinging like a pendulum on her left arm. She took his hand firmly. “Jesus, honey. Do I have to get called down to this office every goddamn week?” He continued walking, looking down at the ground. Watching his feet pace each other almost made him dizzy. He could tell his mother was cooling off, and soon she wouldn’t be as mad at him. Now he just had to avoid his dad. She loosened her grip, and opened the car door for him. “Come on, kid.” She half-smiled, still looking exhausted. “Let’s go home.”

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