People Change

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Taylor and Lexie are friends until something happens

Submitted: April 12, 2017

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Submitted: April 12, 2017



Have you ever lost a friend?  Well taylor has but first let's start from the beginning and tell what happen otherwise it wouldn’t be right to skip the beginning and it would be pretty boring.  Anyways Taylor had a best friend named lexie, they been best friends when they were four and still are. Taylor and lexie are in eighth grade and school is almost over.  Taylor always wait for lexie to get to school before going to class because tylor always get to school first.  Taylor watts for lexie about 25 minutes, finally she showed up.

Lexie:hey, sorry i”m late again, you know how brothers can be.

But taylor really didn’t. Taylor has two sisters, no brothers.


When the two girls were walking they ran into the three most popular girls in the school.  Taylor and lexi tried not to mind the, they just kept walking and walking until they got into the school.  The three mean girls trip them and made them fall on their face, everyone laugh they thought it was funny but not taylor and lexi.  They wanted to cry but they didn’t instead they got up and went to class.  Taylor and lexi had every class together but they also had it with Jade, Rachel, and cat (the three mean girls).  So school wasn’t good at all because they got bullied, by Cat, Rachel, and Jade.  taylor and lexi always walked to class together but it wasn’t easy, the mean girls were always mean to them at school.  Taylor and lexi was always happy to catch the bus because that meant the girls wouldn’t see them til school. When they got to school they didn’t see the mean girls  so they hurried and walk to first class before they came and hurt them. They didn't make it inside the classroom because Jade, Rachel, and Cat were all standing by the door and blocking the way so Taylor and Lexi would be late for class but before the class rang Mr. T told the mean girls to step away from the door so Taylor and Lexi can get though. When you are late for class you will have to stay after school for an hour.  The girls rush and sat down before the bell rang so they wouldn have to stay after school again.  The mean girls never stayed after school no matter what they did.  Taylor hated the girls so much.  Lexie didn't like them but she also didn´t hate them either.  Lexie wasn't a hate person as much.  Lexie was nice, in fact too nice .  Taylor was nice but she can be mean like when someone say something to her she will say something back.  Lexie is so lucky to have Taylor,  if Taylor wasn't Lexie friend everyone would walk all over her.



Taylor and Lexi started walking to school.

Lexie: Do you like anyone?

Taylor: No, do you?

Lexie didn't say anything all she did was nod her head.  Taylor was so shocked Lexie never liked anyone before or have she? Maybe she was afraid to tell me thought  Taylor. “I have to leave early”, taylor said. Lexie didn’t say anything but she did have a sad face.  “Everything is going to be fine”, said Taylor.  Lexie was still sad she didn’t want to face the mean girls all by herself.  She didn’t know how to stand up them and she didn’t want to get hurt or in trouble.  When the three girls came to Lexie , Lexie was worry.  Why couldn’t Taylor have stay and help me face the mean chicks thought Lexie.  Lexie blink and there were the mean chicks right there in her face.  Lexie ran because she didn’t know what to do and she pantic.  The chicks followed Lexie throughout the school.  Lexie ran to the bathroom and call Taylr but they found her. Taylor answers “Hello”?  The mean females are out to get me, what should I do, I need help”, said Lexie.  “Well, tell a teacher, till I get there tomorrow”, Taylor reply.  Lexie hung up the phone and started crying then she heard someone coming so she shut up.  Lexie looked at the shoes and tried to think what shoes were the mean girls wearing.  Jade had on blue heels, Rachel had on green heels, and Cat had on purple ones.  “ Thank Goodness that wasn’t them”. Lexie thought to herself.



The next day Lexie woke up and thought wow, I had a crazy day yesterday.  When Lexie got to school, she had saw Taylor.  TAYLOR,TAYLOR,TAYLOR, yelled Lezie but Taylor didn’t answer.  Lexie try to catch up to her but she got closer to her Taylor would just go away.  Lexie was starting to feel worry, Taylor never been mad at me before, thought Lexie.  “Maybe i should asked her. No wait i'll just leave her alone, thought, Lexie. “Ugh I don’t know what to do then”. Lexie faint it in the hallway, everyone rush right thereto see if she was okay expect the mean females, but they were looking over to see what is happening.  The mean girls tells everyone Lexie was faking, but Lexie wasn’t.  Lexie stayed there for about 10 minutes before the nurse came and called 911.  The nurse pick Lexie up and took her in the nurse’s office on the bed.  Taylor heard the news about :exie and headed straight to the nurse’s office.  When  Taylor got there, she had asked the nurse what happened to Lexie.  The nurse replied by saying “well I actually don't know, all I know is I saw a lot of students in a circle so I figured I’ll go over there and that’s when I found Lexie lying on the ground unconscious”, said the nurse.  “Is she okay now”?, asked Taylor,  “She’s not okay now but she should be fine”, said nurse.  Lexie is the only friend that Taylor have.  Taylor is worry about Lexie.  At the end of the day Taylor dash to the nurse’s office to see how Lexie is going.  Lexie is fine but not herself.  Lexie is mean she even wants to tryout for cheerleader but Taylor tries out to so Lexie doesn’t get her.  

During cheerleading tryouts Taylor decides to go first then Lexie.  Taylor tries her best and Lexie but the mean girls (the captions/jude's) told Taylor that she did not make it. Lexie did ,make it.  Taylor knew the girls were gonna use Lexie but Lexie did not care.  “Don't worry we won't hurt your friend besides we love her but we hate you Taylor so get out of Lexie’s life”, said the mean chicks.  Taylor look at Lexie but Lexie turn away and said, “I can’t believe I was best friends with you, Taylor”.  Taylor didn’t know what to do so she just walk away.  Lexie and the mean girls made Taylor cry by calling her ugly as a snake.  The mean girls knock Taylor books out of her hand.  When she pick them up, Jade had kicked her.  Taylor’s eyes got watery and she burst into tears.  Lexie look at her and called her a cry baby.  Taylor wants to say something back but didn't.  Lexie flick Taylor off and left with the mean girls.  The mean girls and lexie started talking about Taylor behind her back and then started to laugh.  Taylor walk over there and told them to stop laughing, It’s rude to laugh loudly..  The girls look at Taylor and laugh even louder.  Taylor got soo mad that when she got into the classroom she threw a desk at one of the mean girl’s head and she got caught and had to stay after school for an hour.  Taylor hated the mean girls new best friend because Lexie was her best friend first.  She couldn’t believe why would Lexie want to be friends with the meanest girls in school..  After school Taylor tried calling Lexie’s cell, but she didn’t answer.  So Taylor tried calling the house phone and Lexie’s mom answered it.

Lexie’s mom: Hello

Taylor: hi, this is Taylor Lexie’s friend, is Lexie there?

Lexie’s mom: No, sorry is there anything else you need?

Lexie’s mom: hello? Taylor are you still there?

Taylor: Yes, and I don't need anything else

Lexie’s mom hung up the phone, Taylor thought Lexie’s mom was still on the phone “hello”? But no one answer. Huh she must of hung up the phone Taylor thought to herself.  Taylor tries calling Lexie all night  she feel to sleep.  The next morning Taylor pretend she was sick because she didn't want to go to school and see Lexie, the person that hasn't been answering her calls.  Taylor cried and cried then she went in the bathroom and she was gone.


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