Shimmering dull

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Submitted: April 30, 2017

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I looked down. Yes, this is what I should've expected. Nothing more than a dead body, nothing less than a dead body. It was a blue face, purple lips and eyes that pleaded for rescue. Why was it so dizzying?

I have done it before. Many and many and many times, so many that even he couldn't even count. Counting wasn't my strong suit, I admit with complete honesty. But I knew with confidence it was a ton more than one hundred times. He didn't like this job so he ran with his tail between his legs.

Nausea was a first. Grabbing the body, I stuffed the mangled corpse into a wardrobe nearby. I had to hold back the tears that pricked my eyes... Why was I stuffing the body in a wardrobe? Why else? We were going to be framed for something that... Okay maybe we did do it but we weren't the only ones and they planned to frame only us.

To be honest I was surprised you didn't about who he was, since you are quite perceptive. Well, I'm on par with you on knowing anything about him. NOBODY does. Not even himself. His job is just to tail us and clean up the aftermath.


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