A Small Place in the Woods

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Mystery and Crime  |  House: Review Chain
The small place was only one room, a hunter’s cabin built years earlier, with a small foot bridge across a fish pond and porch. It was perfect for robert, he could pay cash for it with the money he saved while in the service and his separation pay.

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Submitted: April 12, 2017

Robert had no family, raised in an orphanage and joined the army as soon as he was eighteen. Four years in Afghanistan left him scarred a... Read Chapter

A Better Arm

Submitted: April 12, 2017

Jane asked, “Bob, have you ever thought about getting an artificial arm and hand? They are doing great things now with limb prostheses.... Read Chapter

The TEA Union

Submitted: April 12, 2017

Word slowly got around the coffee shops in Nashville about a veteran that came in and paid cash for an artificial arm with a stack of hun... Read Chapter

Drop Station

Submitted: April 12, 2017

The FBI wanted to keep P.O. Box 1292 open, and what better way than to take Bob’s place, and his key. They also did not want to involve... Read Chapter

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