Mr. Internet Freak

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Mystery and Crime  |  House: Booksie Classic
Plot: It’s about a person called Cameron Dylan. He is 17 years old and he is famous for using too much social media. Not just using it, but living it. He was called “Mr. Internet freak.” He finds some truths and secrets that are not to be discovered. He has a crush that makes him want to be a detective. Do you think he’s going to achieve his goal and his crush? Let’s read it all together.

Submitted: April 12, 2017

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Submitted: April 12, 2017




You are invited to attend the story ceremony with the famous Mr. Internet freak and you will hear this story. No, actually you’ll hear Mr. Internet freak’s story Where should we start from.. Once upon a time? Hmm! No, that's too old. Yes, found one.

Mr. Internet freak just woke up and started using their phone and didn’t realize that everyone was done with breakfast and perhaps, there was no more left. He got up dressed and went downstairs and heard someone giggling and I knew who it was. It was Jacqueline making fun of me cause I still had my phone in my hand. My mom arrived and she always hated me for having my phone in my hand all the time. She said, “ Ahh! Hi! Son, you’re always busy using your phone. Would you mind putting it away or you’re going to eat your phone for breakfast.” I was embarrassed and I had no choice other than to put my phone away.  

Later that day, I was now on my computer and I was daydreaming about being a famous YouTuber and I was once again caught by my dear crush Jacqueline. She smirked and said, “ Aha! Look who's daydreaming again!” I furiously replied, “ No, I’m not daydreaming and you’ll soon see me as a celebrity.” She smirked again and said, “ Ahaha! LOL! Celebrity or an internet freak.” and she left the room before I even replied I knew she hated me, but I liked her and she knew it.

I was still thinking about what she said. I was talking to myself and I got a brilliant idea that day and the idea was that I will try hacking some people on social media. Then I’ll make my own youtube channel and tell other people how to hack accounts. That way I will earn some money and tell Jackie that I am not a loser. I started working on it day and night and I knew I was tired, but the aim was not to give up. I spent one day, two days, three days, and a week and I was tired because I haven’t slept.  I kept thinking of the ways to hack even at nights. I was the type of person that never ever had sleepless nights. I wanted to be the detective or policemen so badly because of the fire that was lighted by the person I loved the most.

One day I was sitting and still thinking when an idea popped into my mind like a light bulb. I was now officially trying to hack my best friend Hadden Dabi who I grew up with. I got to his account and I was really happy because of that. I was now going to go through his account and see how many girlfriends he has because he is really hot.  The next thing I see is my mom peering through the window. She looks at me inquiringly and asks, “ Son! Have I raised to go through people’s privacy?”  I felt humiliated, “ No mom! I wasn’t doing it for fun and I have a whole new goal to myself. I’m just trying my best. One day you’ll be proud of me hacking. There’s a story to it.” My mom was now more emotional, “ Camei! I just realized you grew up because there never was a time when my hide something from me.” I replied hurriedly, “ No, Mom! It’s not the case.” I told the whole story and my mom was quietly, but carefully listening when I was done she said, “ I’m ok with this if you want it this way, but remember you’re the only son I have.”  He started hacking people all over the world. First, he hacked his friends then friends of friends until, he hacked someone named Julian Patterson.  Cameron went through DM’s and the chat with Pearl Samba was like psychopathical. Then I realized that was a crime about to happen  Cameron found the way to just achieve his goal. He went straight to the police office to show the policeman were serious but then they looked at me suspiciously and asked, “ If it’s a joke then you might get penalty. If not then we’ll start the inquiry. The news spread through the media in week; I was famous, the boy who wasn’t known before was now a famous spy. A month passed and the inquiry still took the place. Jacqueline came up to me and said, “ You were right. Should’ve believed you and not broke your heart.” “ Oh god! It’s never too late.” She said blushing, “ So, today Jacqueline peters asks you to go out with her. What do you say?” “ Yes, As I said it's never too late. What time should I come pick you up.” She replied, “ 8:00 sharp.” and she left the room. I was just as excited I was about to win an Oscar, but Jacqueline was the only Oscar I wanted.


I put hair gel in my hair, Took a perfume shower and wore the heroic clothes. I was going to enter the restaurant when a car came and snatched me inside. There I see 2 men around me with guns in their hand. I reach a certain place where they put me in and I see a beautiful lady with cowboy dress and gun in her hand coming. She say, “ Pearl Samba is ma name, Darling! So you were the one who complaint to the police. Ayee! You’re gonna get it back.” I furiously reply, “ Ah! Criminals like you can’t do nothing.” “ Aha! DON’T BE FUNNY SILLY BOY.” It was now a month I stayed there thinking about Jacqueline made me feel really bad.  Pearl came to meet me everyday and everyday she became nicer and looked like she started to like me. After two days she came and opened the ropes that I was tied with and release me. I wthanked her and just I was about to get out I see a guy coming. I try to run but, he shoots and the bullet go pass my heart. While I see Pearl Samba shocked and tearing up and there I was DEAD. Cameron’s body next day was found in the road. There once was another news about Cameron Dylan but, this time he was dead. Jacqueline decided she won't leave the criminal like that around. She will possibly try to catch them, but not the way Cameron tried.


AFTER 12 YEARS, Jacqueline is officially a lawyer. She opens up the case of Cameron Dylan she also gets shot, but luckily she was saved by her fellow Aria Baker. She gets admitted in the hospital. She decided not to give up and she won’t give up until that criminal is sentenced to death. Finally, After a month the case was solved and Julian Paterson was sentenced to death While Pearl Samba also wanted justice and fought against her own crime partner because “ Power of love is the powerful of them all.”


Keeping In Mind I'll Write A New Volumn About The After 12 Years. 


© Copyright 2018 Rida Azhar. All rights reserved.

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